A clear night sky only ruined by flashes of lightening and the roar of thunder. We see a raven-haired teen with the most shocking green eyes staring into the darkness. His face a mask of sorrow and determination to stop the upcoming storm.

"So the apocalypse has begun." Said the teen with the melodious voice.

A while after the release of Lucifer from his cage Sam and Dean continued to hunt monsters. Presently they are in Cimarron forest in Kansas looking for a werewolf that has been preying on campers.

"Why did we have to leave my baby?" Complained Dean.

"It's impossible to drive the car in this forest, Dean." Said an annoyed Sam.

"Bu- did you hear that?" Asked a startled Dean. The Winchester hunters loaded their guns and prepared to attack. They managed five steps before the werewolves attacked.

It turned out that there wasn't one werewolf but a whole pack. The two brothers were fighting a losing battle; as soon as they take out one werewolf another one takes their place.

"Dean we need to-." A werewolf tackled the younger brother before he managed to finish his sentence. The older hunter managed to shoot the werewolf that was attacking his brother before his gun was thrown out of his hands. The ravenous wolves were closing in on them. A wolf was about to slash Dean with its claws when a green flash of light suddenly hit it. In seconds more flashes of lights took out the rest.

Dean and Sam quickly found their weapons and were on guard.

"Who's there? Show yourself demon!"

"I am much more powerful than those abominations, hunters." Spoke a cold musical voice that echoed in the dark forest. "You should be thankful that I saved your meaningless lives."

"Why you-!" Dean was interrupted by a jab to the ribs. "Ignore my jerk of a brother. We are very grateful for your help. May we speak to you in person so we can thank you." Said Sam.

"Very well." The voice replied. Suddenly a person completely covered in a black cloak appeared. The hunters tensed for a moment before relaxing a bit. The mysterious person removed the hood of the cloak. The two brothers were too shocked to say anything.

The person wasn't ugly; in fact it was quite the opposite. He has a face that was more beautiful than handsome with a slender body build, midnight black hair, long eyelashes, and kissable lips. His most unique feature were his eyes, the color of the green flash of light that was seen minutes before.

Snapping out of his daze Sam asked. "Who and what are you?"

"I am Harry Potter Black, the Master of Death." Answered the inhumanly beautiful boy.

"What is the Master of Death? Asked a curious Sam.

"I control death itself among other things." Harry answered. My title is self -explanatory you dunderhead.

"What was that light show and why did you save us?" Demanded Dean, who just now awakened from his stupor.

"To answer your questions, those 'lights' were the spells that I used to kill the werewolves, the reason I save-." Harry was cut off from his explanation by a gunshot that directly hit his heart.

Sam and Dean were shocked that the teen didn't drop dead. They can see Harry's features darkening with annoyance and a bit of anger. All he did was wave his hand and their weapons disappeared.

"Now, we can have this conversation without anymore interruptions. I am a natural born wizard; the magic comes from myself and not a demon. The reason I saved your sorry hides was because I want to prevent the apocalypse from happening, if you two died it would be harder to stop this mess. Anymore questions?" Said the calm teen.

"Yeah, how come you didn't die when I shot you with the Colt?" Asked a very annoyed Dean.

"I control death, I cannot die. Even if Lucifer wins he will not be able to kill me. I prefer not to be directly involved, but if you two fail to stop him I will have to kill him." Said a bored Harry.

"If you can kill the Devil why don't you do it?" Demanded Dean.

"Believe me I want to but I can't because the angels and demons don't know that I exist, and if this changes every supernatural being will be after me." Said a very annoyed Harry.

"I will be seeing you around Dean and Sam." Harry waved his hand and the brother's weapons appeared. In the next moment Harry disappeared without a sound.

"Well that was interesting." Said a tired Sam.

"Yeah, and how does he know our names?" Asked an equally fatigued Dean.

"I guess we'll find out the next time we meet him. Let's get back to the motel." Said Sam. The brothers started walking back to the path that they came from, not noticing the Master of Death that was in the forest listening in on them.