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After a couple of days Sam got a call from Bobby about a new case in Missouri. Dean and Sam were in the Impala heading to their next hunt.

"So what's the case?" Asked Dean.

"People are dying by the dozens in Springfield, Missouri." Said Sam. Right when Dean was about to reply, but a new voice interrupted them.

"You do realize that this is a trap made by Lucifer?" Said the currently emotionless Master of Death.

"Holy Shit! Dude don't just pop into my baby!" Screamed Dean as he almost drove the car into a ditch.

"Right I am incredibly sorry." Said a smirking Harry.

"Wait what do you mean this hunt is a trap? How do you even know?" Asked a shocked Sam.

"Lucifer ordered a bunch of his disgusting creations to kill humans to gain your attention." Harry patiently explained. "Obviously this worked." He said sarcastically. "He plans to use the humans including your brother to make you say yes." He spoke directly to Sam.

"I know all this because reapers were reporting to me." He stated.

"You must swear an oath that you will not share the information that I will disclose to you and anything about me, that includes gossiping to your angel." Said Harry. Sam and Dean hesitated for a few moments but swore the oaths and Harry began his explanation.

Harry hesitated at first but started explaining. "I also have a boss that always knows everything, because of her ancestry it is impossible for her not to know what events will occur."

"Who is your boss?" Asked Dean.

"I am Harry's boss." Answered a new feminine voice.

"What is it with everyone and popping into the Impala?" Demanded an annoyed Dean. He looked over at Sam who was staring at the backseat of the Impala with a look of awe. Dean stopped the car and turned around to look at the new addition to their group. He has never seen such a perfect woman.

Their new member looks to be around 18-25 years old with long silver hair, eyes that change colors, high cheek bones, long black eyelashes, plump lips, mesmerizing tattoos that mark her pale skin, and a body to die for.

"Are you two done ogling me?" Asked the beautiful woman.

Dean finally snapped out of his shock and started asking questions.

"So what's your name babe?

The woman's eyes changed into a red color to express her annoyance at Dean's flirting. "My name is Trinity Vardis." She said in a chilling but still musical voice.

"So what is your parentage?" Asked a curious Sam.

"My father is the son of Mother Chaos and Father Order and my mother is the daughter of Lady Death and the Lord of Time. I was born thousands of years before your God even existed. I became both Lady Death and Time because my mother did not want to be responsible for anything. I rule over the land of the dead, time, and a world that holds true demons that aren't abominations like the ones you have in this place. Everyone here believes that the Horseman of Death is the actual Death, but he is actually one of my creations. My father became order and his twin brother became chaos. I always want to spread chaos and order because of my ancestry. I rarely venture to the Earth because I don't particularly like the creatures that live here."

The Winchester brothers were staring at her with awe and shock.

"Why would you want to help us if you don't like the creatures here?" Asked Sam.

"I do have friends that inhabit this world and it is amusing to observe this God's creations. " Answered Trinity.

"Is Harry one of your friends?" Sam asked as he stared between Harry and Trinity. "Yes, I gave him the position to influence life and death, and he is immortal like me." Said the powerful being.

"So what do we do about the trap that Lucifer's going to spring on us?" Asked Dean.

"We go and fight Lucifer's minions." Answered Trinity and Harry in perfect harmony.

"I like that answer." Said Dean as he grins and starts the car.