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Telepathic Connection


Hours later the group was ten miles away from Springfield. Dean and Sam simultaneously felt a shiver go down their backs.

"What was that?" Asked Sam as he stared at Trinity's glowing white eyes.

"I have cloaked this vehicle so the demons do not sense our approach. There are at least a dozen of those abominations waiting for your arrival. Harry and I will be helping you annihilate Lucifer's spawns from the shadows." Explained the calm ancient being.

"That explained the burst of power; shouldn't we call backup, maybe get Castiel to help us with the demons?" Asked the older Winchester since he is worried for his brother's safety.

"You should not everything will be alright. Since you are Castiel's charge, the angel will most likely show up. After this battle we will reveal ourselves to the angel who has saved you countless of times." Answered Harry with an air of confidence.

Around noon they finally arrived at their destination. The air around the city was chilling and filled with dread. There were barely any living creatures outside. The people that they do see look like puppets. To say the least Sam and Dean were very shocked at this sight.

"What the hell is going on?" Demanded a horrified Dean.

"The demons that inhabit this city are using a mind control spell is on the humans. These types of spells are usually easy to break, but the Devil's energy is giving the spell an enormous power boost. The only way to break this spell is to kill the demons and for me to shatter Lucifer's connection to the spell." Said a nonchalant Trinity.

"Won't that be revealing yourself and becoming a major target since Satan will show up?" Sam pointed out.

"I do not mind revealing myself because Lucifer won't be able to sense most of my power. Harry will remain in the shadows before and after I reveal myself. I have seen that today is not meant to be the final confrontation between heaven and hell, which is why I will banish Satan and the angels so they do not start a battle before it is meant to occur." Answered Trinity with the utmost belief that nothing will go wrong.

Dean and Sam steeled their nerves and got out of the car followed by the two powerful beings. The hunters watched as Trinity and Harry practically disappear into the shadows. Though they weren't able to see them, the brothers indeed felt their watchful eyes.

"Can you hear us?" Was heard in Dean and Sam's mind.

"What the hell is this?" Thought Dean.

"Harry, Trinity is that you?" Asked Sam through their connection.

"Yes it is us, we made a telepathic connection between the four of us so we are able to contact each other without revealing our locations." Answered one voice in perfect harmony.

Dean and Sam didn't like this but they had to agree that it was a safe way to maintain contact between the four of them. The 'one' voice told them the directions to find the demons that weren't in groups. The hunters soon received a warning from Trinity, as she appeared from seemingly nowhere.

"We will be attacked by a group of demons shortly." Said the currently emotionless woman.

"Well what do we have here three humans that fell into a trap?" Said one of the arrogant demons.

"What makes you believe that it is us that has fallen into a trap?" Said the silver-haired woman with the chilling smile. As a beautiful gun appeared in each of her hands. That was all the warning the demons had before the table was turned on them. In minutes all the demons were destroyed. Trinity's eyes started to glow a menacing red as she let loose a small portion of pure chaotic energy that broke the mind control spell. Soon the cold power of the Devil and the pure energy of the angels were felt by the group.

"Now how was it possible for three humans to break my spell?" Asked Lucifer with annoyance as his plan to get Sam to say yes was practically ruined.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Taunted Dean.

"You do realize I can still use you two as leverage?" Lucifer asked with arrogance in his voice. Lucifer thought that the exotic woman was weak so he appeared next to her and was about to grab her. The emotionless woman quickly punched Lucifer that sent him flying through two walls and knocking him unconscious.

"You are so sure of your power and yet you were not able to sense that I an not human, you cretin." Said the woman with currently burning gold eyes.

Suddenly a group of angels that want the apocalypse to occur appeared, and soon after Castiel arrived.

"Dean it is your destiny to be Michael's sword. Just say yes and the foretold battle may begin." Said an unknown angel.

"Dean keep them occupied." Commanded Trinity.

"Fuck no, I'm not going to be a condom for Michael to use. There is nothing that you can do to make me say yes to the dick. I'm not going to be forced to kill my brother because of a bunch of dicks with wings that are in a middle of a family feud. So why don't you fuck off and tell Michael to go find someone else." Said an annoyed Dean.

The angel became enraged and was about to attack the group when suddenly a blinding gold light threw them and Satan out of this world.

After the light died down there was complete silence for a while, which was broken by Castiel. "Who are you and what did you do to my brothers?" Demanded Castiel.

"This is Trinity Vardis and this is Harry Potter Black." Sam said as Harry appeared by Trinity's side.

"I have banished them since the battle is not meant to occur. They were not harmed during this." Explained Trinity.

Castiel was relieved by this information but he was still on edge. Harry and Trinity got Castiel to swear the same oath as Dean and Sam, and was informed about their plans and the things that they went through so far. After the whole explanation Castiel couldn't do anything but stare at the two powerful beings. "You knocked the Devil out?" Castiel asked Trinity.

"Yes, I had to put that fool in his place." Answered the amused woman.

Castiel's and Trinity's conversation was rudely interrupted by a worn out Dean. "Can we continue this conversation some other time?"

"Of course." Answered the three supernatural beings. The five of them got into the Impala and drove to the nearest motel.