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As soon as the humans entered the motel room they collapsed into their beds and fell asleep.

Next morning….

When Sam woke up he checked his phone and found that he missed a call from Bobby. He tried calling back and there was no answer, after five more attempts he really started worrying.

"Dean, Dean wake up." Said a semi panicking Sam.

"Wha- it's too early to get up." Mumbled Dean.

"Bobby's not picking up his phone. I think something happened to him Dean. We have to go to Bobby's to make sure that he's fine." Said a worried Sam. That answer definitely woke Dean up and they were ready to head out. The two brothers went to the Impala and left. Thee hours later the Winchester's stopped at the nearest diner to get food. As soon as the brothers entered they noticed Harry sitting at a table. Sam and Dean joined Harry at the table. A waiter came and the brothers ordered their food.

"Where's Cas and Trinity?" Asked Dean.

"Castiel is searching for God and Trinity is helping him since he is growing weaker from losing his grace. They will be joining us when we arrive at Bobby's place." Explained Harry.

"That's good news that Castiel won't be in so much danger." Said a relieved Sam.

With Castiel and Trinity….

"What made you believe God is in South America? This is clearly a trap, we will be attacked by your brethren in some time. " Said an annoyed Trinity.

"There were talks about many strange happenings occurring in this area. I did not realize that this might be a trap set by my brothers." Answered the glum angel. They continued exploring the area because Castiel wanted to face his brothers. A few hours later they were attacked by a large group of angels.

"It is no use searching for Father Castiel he is dead, give up there is no escape." Said one of the angels before they attacked the duo with their heavenly blades.

Castiel and Trinity summoned their own blades and went on offense. It took them an hour before they were able to take out all the angels. The two were both covered in the blood of the angels that they have slain. Castiel dropped his sword and fell to his knees from the wounds inflicted by his brothers. Trinity put down her weapon and quickly healed him before he passed out from the pain. They sat in silence for a few moments until Castiel started talking to distract himself from the loss of his brothers.

"What kind of sword is that?" He asked as he stared at the beautiful sword. It has a pure black stone handle with smooth milky white stones engraved in it. The most astonishing thing is the blade, it looks like it is made out of glass as the red stains of the blood are absorbed right into the handle which caused the stones to turn a blood red color.

"This is a katana that I made many years ago using my powers and various stones that had magical properties. Its name is Cruenta Choreis, which translates to bloody dance in Latin. When the blade absorbs a certain amount of blood I am able to use the energy it gains from it." Explained the proud woman. Trinity noticed that Castiel looked depressed after it got silent and decided to try to give him hope.

"God is not dead Castiel. He will not interfere but He is watching. You have Harry and I helping you and the humans and you should know I will not lose anything I care about because of some spoiled children that want to massacre humans and everone that oppose them." Trinity whispers and kisses Castiel on the forehead.

After this Castiel and Trinity were lost in their own thoughts for many hours when they finally decided to go and find the Winchester's.

Back to the Winchester's group….

Sam, Dean, and Harry finally arrived at Bobby's house. They found Trinity and Castiel waiting outside of the house.

"What has happened?" Asked Castiel.

"Bobby has not been answering his phone. We believe something has happened to him." Answered Harry.

The whole group went inside the house and found some blood on the floor.

"The demon that has taken him is somewhere nearby, it was able to weaken and break through the wards protecting this house. The demon is using Bobby as bait to lure you two into a trap." Explained Trinity.

"Demons sure love to try and trap you guys don't they." Said a sarcastic Harry.

"What should we do?" Asked a worried Sam.

"We fall into the trap and rescue Bobby." Answered Castiel.

An hour later they arrived in an abandoned factory. Trinity's eyes glowed white as she cloaked them from the demon. The group quickly and quitly snuck in and found where the demon and Bobby is. They were listening in on the demon's monologue.

"I will capture those hunters and present them as a gift for father. He will reward me for handing him his and his brothers destined vessels. I will enjoy killing you and the rest of the group." Said the cocky demon.

Team free will attacked the demon. It was caught off guard because he wasn't able to sense the group. Using the demon killing knife Sam made the final blow and killed the demon.

"About time you got here, idjits." Said Bobby. Dean quickly untied Bobby from the chair. The humans walked back to the Impala and drove back to the house in tense silence. When they got back to the house the three supernatural creatures were waiting for them.

"So who and what are you two?" Demanded the paranoid hunter.

"You have to swear an oath not to say anything about what you will hear today." Said Harry. Bobby looked at Dean and Sam, when they nodded he swore the oath of secrecy. After the whole explanation Bobby was left gaping at them and then he burst into hysterical laughter.

"It's about time something good has happened to you two." Said Bobby with relief as the odds of them beating heaven and hell dramatically increased.

"You guys should get some rest." Bobby said to the brothers and then turned to the three nonhumans and said. "I have some spare room if you would like to stay."

"Harry and I will be heading home for tonight." Trinity turned to Castiel and said. "You are welcomed to join us."

"Yes I believe I will." Said Castiel with a small smile.

The three said their goodbye's and left for the night.

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