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Challenge Topic #4: Look Out (although it barely fits)

POV: Jazz

Whew! Finally, we've gotten all of the luggage inside. It took a long time to get our suitcases and Timmy's stuff unpacked and put away. But it's worth having my little brother back home.

Mom and Dad were making a big fuss over him, probably to make up for all those lost years. Danny kept teasing Timmy about his bucked teeth and pink hat, but Timmy only laughed. Apparently he was teased about it before and he was used to it, or it just didn't bother him at all. Timmy held his fishbowl with his three goldfish close to his chest the entire time. I could've sworn that they were all wearing tiny golden crowns, but it's theoretically impossible for any fish to be able to wear any article of clothing because it would not be able to wear any article of clothing because it would not be able to stay on for the fish to swim.

Suddenly, a small blue wisp came out of Danny's mouth. We both groaned simultaneously; Skulker had just come a few hours ago, which ghost was it now?

Danny ran off somewhere to "go ghost" and Timmy was about to run after him but I grabbed his arm just in time. He probably shouldn't learn Danny's secret the same way I did.

"Jazz, what's going on?" Timmy asked demandingly. The expression on his face told me that he was serious. It was pretty harsh, but after finding one life-long secret about his family, he probably didn't like the fact that his older sibling were hiding something from him as well.

"Well," I replied, unsure of what I was going to say. "Actually, I-"


I immediately jolted outside, and Timmy followed. I didn't bother telling him to stay back; this ghost wasn't dangerous at, just annoying.

I opened the door, and to my surprise, the Box Ghost had already left and someone I've never seen before was fighting Danny. The suit that person was wearing looked like Mom's but red, so I assumed that it was a girl. She had a black mask covering her face to conceal her identity, and she was using some sort of hoverboard to help her catch up with him in flight. Whoever she was she seemed to be a much better fighter than Dad and had almost the same moves as Mom, although I'm not sure if she's on the same side as us.

"You're going down, ghost boy!" the ghost fighter yelled to Danny while firing missiles at him. I noticed that her aim was also a lot better than our parents'.

"Oh come on! It was an accident, alright? Let it go already." Danny shouted back at her while just barely dodging the missiles. Unfortunately, one of them hit and sent him falling to the ground.

I was about to send Timmy back inside for his safety and try to help Danny, but then I noticed he wasn't standing beside me anymore. I turned back to Danny, and I saw Timmy was trying to to help him bet back up.

"Hey kid," the girl said to Timmy. "Get out of the way! Can't you see we're in the middle of something here?"

Timmy turned around to face her. "Why are you even doing this to him?" he asked. "What has he ever done to you?"

"He ruined my life!" she practically screamed. "Him and that stupid dog of his."

Since when did Danny get a dog?

"That's not my dog, and it wasn't my fault," Danny tried to convince her, but it didn't seem to be working. She aimed her weapon at him again, and Timmy cried out "STOP!" before it could finish warming up.

"Look, I'm not choosing sides on this, nor do I exactly care." He said, and didn't notice when Danny gave him an annoyed glare. "But I do believe that this ghost is a hero. He saved me from that other ghost who tried to capture me earlier today. I at least owe him one from that, so if you want him, you're gonna have to go through me!"

To be honest, I was very surprised be what Timmy had just said. He was much braver than I expected, and more mature too. He was also very kind-hearted, which is something I don't see in many young children his age.

Apparently the other girl was surprised as well, for she put her blaster away and flew off somewhere without saying another word. After I was sure that she was gone, I walked towards my brothers to make sure that they were alright.

"Are you okay?" I asked them.

"I'm fine Jazz," Timmy replied with a smile. His expression soon became filled with concern when he turned to Danny and asked "What about you? That girl didn't hurt you too badly, did she?"

Danny smiled and tussled Timmy's hair playfully. "Yes, I'm fine. I get beat like that quite a lot. But I have to admit, that was a pretty brae thing you did defending me. Most people wouldn't really do the same."

"I know, but I also know from experience that the life of a hero isn't easy. Someone needs to look out for them too, so I'll try to help you whenever I can, okay?" Timmy explained which surprised me in many ways. It was very touching though, since he did sound a lot like Danny when he said that. But what did he mean when he said he knew from experience?

"Alright," Danny said, breaking me out of my thoughts. "But you have to be careful. The ghosts won't fly away like that other girl did. They'll go after you too, like Skulker did. I don't want a little kid like you getting hurt-"

That's okay, I'm used to this kind of stuff by now," Timmy interrupted, which surprised both Danny and myself. "And since my parents hint ghosts, they can teach me how to use the equipment. " I could tell he was eager to help by the tone of his voice and the look in his eyes. It made me laugh a little, since I was a bit like that when I started helping Danny fight ghosts.

"Well, okay then. But you have to be careful that they don't see you with me. People will probably get suspicious, and that could lead to someā€¦trouble." Danny shuddered at the thought of what kind of 'trouble' could happen. With parents that are obsessed with ghost hunting, hundreds of evil ghost enemies, and other ghost hunters such as the Guys in White and whoever that girl was, things weren't always easy for Danny.

"I think I get the idea. Anyway, you should go before my parents find you." Timmy said. "See ya later, Danny!"

Danny winked at me before flying off somewhere. Timmy kept watching even after Danny went out of sight. I turned around to go back inside, and I was wondering if Timmy should know about the secret.

"Jazz?" Timmy asked, his eyes still weren't leaving that spot. I moved back beside him.

"Yes Timmy?"

Timmy faced me with a devious smirk on his face, and I had a bad feeling in my gut that grew bigger after he asked me his question.

"Why did our brother, Danny Fenton, disappear right before Danny Phantom arrived?"

Terrible, isn't it? Well, see ya whenever!