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A World For Us All

Normal POV:

Shibuya, Tokyo. It is one of the most decorative and busiest city in all of Japan. The towers reach up to seven hundred feet and the streets are filled with thousands of people. According to most people, this highly populated metropolis is known as Tokyo's finest city. Tourist traveled far and wide to visit such a place.

Not only that, Shibuya is also famous because it has Tokyo's busiest railway stations. Since the roads are normally crowded with hundreds of civilians, it's no wonder a lot of people take the train. Then again, Shibuya is known as one of the best fashion centers of Japan. Many young people proclaimed that this treasured city is home to the wildest nightlife area.

Every day seems like a normal day for the people of Shibuya. However, only a handful of kids remember that fateful day a couple of years ago, when their city was almost destroyed. A powerful Digimon named Lucemon came so close to accomplishing his ultimate goal in taking over the Human World and the Digital World. Both worlds would cease to exist.

But six children came together, discovered the powers of the ten Legendary Spirits and stopped the ruthless Digimon, just before he could succeed. Now this group of unsung heroes have become the closest of friends, even after their adventures together in the Digital World. Neither will forget the incredible journey they had and the special bonds they've created with each other.

And it all started with a text message.

*Two Years Ago*

It was Shinya Kanbara's birthday. His mom was on the phone with her husband, talking about who knows what. The birthday boy was being as nuisance, as always. For example, he asks for a forklift on his birthday. What kind of kid makes a stupid request like that? He could've wished for something more practical. Instead, he wants a large truck that lifts things.

Our hero, Takuya Kanbara, was just sitting on the table, waiting for his dad to come to home. The summer had gone by pretty fast, and it has been uneventful to say the least. Throughout the entire summer, all Takuya did was stay home, play video games with his little brother and watch TV whenever he got bored. That was about twenty percent of what he did throughout his summer vacation. The other eighty percent was eating and/or sleeping.

"Man, I'm bored. My whole life is boring." He complained. Takuya looked at his cell phone. "Bored, boring."

Suddenly, his mobile device started beeping.

"Huh? Incoming message?" He wondered. "No name. Weird."

He gazed at the message.

"Do you want to start?"

Many would assume that someone was trying to pull off a practical joke. Even Takuya realized that something smelled fishy. He could've deleted the message, ignored it and forget about the whole thing. But based on the way his tedious day has been going, what does he have to lose? After all, there's no harm in just checking it out, right?

"Well, it's bound to be better than being bored." Takuya concluded as he pressed the blue button on his phone, confirming to whoever sent him the message that he's in. (Whatever they were doing.)

"Takuya Kanbara!" Someone said, which took him by surprise. "It's time to decide your future, Takuya."

"Hey!" The boy gasped. He picked up his phone.

"Wait a minute. Who is this? What do you mean my future?"

Now things were getting a little odd. So many questions popped in Takuya's mind. Who was this woman? How'd she know hos name? Heck, how the heck did she know his number? And what does she mean by 'deciding his future?' Was this a game... or something bigger?

"Your destiny is calling. Take the 5:45 outbound train." The voice ordered.

"This is way better than being bored." Takuya nodded "My destiny? That's downright cool." He then looked at the clock to see what time it was.


Takuya had only eight minutes to catch the train.

"I'll never make it." He thought to himself. "But that has never stopped me before."

Takuya grabbed his brown hat and goggles before rushing out the door.

Little did he know was that voice on his phone turned out be Ophanimon, one of the three Celestial Digimon. She and bunch of other strange creatures played a huge role in the adventure that awaited Takuya Kanbara and a few other kids just like him. Many children have received the same message Ophanimon had sent, but only a handful of them answered the call and headed toward the train station as quick as they could.

Elsewhere, Takuya arrived at the train station with one minute to spare. He went up to one of the booths to get his ticket... when he just realized that he was all out of money.

"I knew I should've asked for more allowance!" complained the penniless boy.

He banged his head against the machine in frustration. Suddenly, as if they were fate was expecting him, a red ticket appears out of the slots. Takuya was grateful for this little fortunate event, but he didn't have time to ask questions, especially when his train leaves in about thirty seconds. The goggle-head ran as fast as he could and boarded the train just as the doors closed behind him.

Takuya couldn't believe he made it. He sat on the ground and tried to catch his breath. That's when he heard his phone ringing again. But when he went to for his device, he realized that no one was calling him because there was no vibration. Takuya looked around to see whose phone was beeping. In front of him, a boy his age took his cell out of his pocket. He then looked back at Takuya straight in the eyes. Not wanting to make him uncomfortable, he turned his attention somewhere else. Although, he couldn't help but wonder.

"Wait a minute. Did he get a message too?" He thought.

Takuya looked at his phone once more and noticed there was another message on it.

"Transfer to the 6:00 westbound train." The voice said. He looked around to see what time it was. Standing just across the aisle, a man in a black suit was wearing a watch. Takuya looked at the small clock as hard as he could and it read 17:54. The boy was so frustrated, he grabbed his head with both hands and screamed from the top of his lungs.


He quickly got off at the next stop. Takuya then looked up, wondering what he was supposed to do next. Moments later, a boy with long black hair tied in a ponytail walked passed him and disappeared into the crowd.

"Maybe he knows." Takuya thought.

He ran as fast as his legs could carry him, just to catch up to the boy he saw earlier. Unfortunately, Takuya had lost sight of him when he reached the lobby. He looked all over the crowded area, but he couldn't find him. Then the twelve year old boy looked towards the elevators, and sure enough, there he was. The pony tailed boy walked in and pushed one of the buttons.

"Hey, wait!" Takuya screamed.

The doors were almost shut. Almost running out of time, Takuya picked up the pace and sprinted as fast as he could toward the elevator. Once when he was close enough, he dove in like a professional swimmer and crashed his head into the opposite wall. Takuya may have suffered a minor headache upon impact, but he just barely made it. He looked up at the boy and smiled.

This was Koji Minamoto, the lone wolf of the group. He was about the same age as Takuya. Besides his unique hairstyle, this boy also wore a blue jacket, a yellow t-shirt, black pants, blue socks and white shoes. Little did Takuya realize that he and this boy, along with three other kids just like him, were about to embark on adventure that will change their lives completely.

Back to the story, Takuya saw Koji staring at his phone, wondering if he got the same message like before. But when he tried talking to him, Koji ignored the goggle-head like he was invisible to him. Not a good way to make a first impression, but Takuya decided to let it go.

More importantly, the two boys noticed that there was something awfully peculiar about this elevator they were in. Once they reached the basement level, the elevator kept on descending, like there was an actual floor underneath. It was completely weird, and it shocked Takuya. Koji, on the other hand, showed little to no emotions. But neither didn't ask any questions.

Moments later, they reached their destination. When the elevator doors opened, Takuya was shocked at what was before him. There were a bunch of different colored trains all in one place with over a hundred kids standing around, waiting for instructions. This was unlike any train station Takuya Kanbara has ever seen before in his life.

But it turns out that these so-called locomotives have a name: Trailmon. While their role seemed pretty small, these guys helped Takuya and the others on their little adventure, carrying them from one part of the Digital World to another. Strange, but it sure beats walking.

Anyway, remember that mysterious voice earlier? She then told Takuya and Koji to choose a train. And perfect timing too, because all of the locomotives were ready to leave. The goggle-head ran as fast as he could towards the red train. He sprinted like crazy and his heart pounded rapidly. But Takuya didn't care. Nothing was going to stop him from getting on. He jumped on board the train and walked inside. Takuya looked around and saw nothing but rows of empty seats.

Fortunately, he wasn't alone.

Three other kids, just like him also got the same message. One of them was an eight year old boy, the youngest of the group. His name was Tommy Himi. He wore a white t-shirt, baggy brown pants and an orange, strange looking baseball hat that covered almost all of his chocolate hair. Poor kid was scared half to death. He didn't even want to be there in the first place. But when this whole journey began, Takuya decided to look after little Tommy like a big brother. After all, he won't be seeing Shinya anytime soon.

There was another boy who was also part of the group. He had short, spiky, brown hair. He wore a bluish, baggy jumpsuit with yellowish pockets to go with it. This was J.P. Shibayama. While he was the oldest of the group, he sometimes doesn't act his age. Even Tommy and Takuya were way more mature than him. He may be the biggest, but his size helped the others out, even in the most precarious of spots.

And finally, there was Zoe Orimoto. She had gorgeous blond hair, emerald eyes and with a cute lavender beanie covering her head. She also wore blue and white striped short-sleeve shirt and a sleeve-less lavender jacket, as well as a lavender skirt. She had long, dark, purple socks with white and light lavender colored strap-on shoes. What Takuya doesn't realize was that he and this girl will share a special bond that will eventually draw them closer to each other.

For now, it was just Takuya, Zoe, J.P., and Tommy. For a moment, they were all trying to get to know each other. But that's when the lights of the Trailmon just turned off. The train began to shake, causing the four kids to fall on their backs. Then suddenly, all of their cell phones started glowing and transformed into weird devices known as D-Tectors. But before any of the humans could ask any questions about what's going on, they had just arrived at the Digital World.

The Digital World was a marvelous place where variety of strange creatures reside and live peacefully with one another. These creatures were also known as Digimon, or Digital Monsters. The Digital World was divided up into ten regions, each region representing one of the ten elements: Fire, Wind, Light, Ice, Thunder, Earth, Wood, Water, Steel and Darkness. The most distinguishing feature of this Digital World was the existence of the Fractal Code or the main source for the data that forms the Digital World, possessed by everything, from individual Digimon to masses of land.

When the four arrived at the Digital World, they ran into two other Digimon. One was a mutant-like Digimon wearing a pink waistband. Another was a yellow rabbit wearing red pants. They were Bokomon and Neemon. Bokomon was the intelligent one of the group. He knew a lot about the Digital World and was very helpful to the humans. Takuya and the others would be going around in circles if it wasn't for Bokomon's guidance. As for Neemon? Well, let's just say he made the adventure more interesting with his nuttiness.

Anyway, when they got off at the Flame Terminal, the humans came across a dangerous dog-like Digimon known as Cerberumon. He was not only destroying everything in his path, but he was also absorbing the Fractal Code in the terminal. With such an intimidating monster wrecking havoc, many Digimon and most of the humans ran for their lives.

But not Takuya.

He felt like he had to, but how? What can he do in his current level of strength? Suddenly, his D-Tector started glowing and it lead him to some part underneath the Flame Terminal. Before Takuya's eyes, he could see the Spirit of Fire. The Spirit came into his device and the goggle-head was ready to fight. By combining the Spirits of Flame with a small ring of Fractal Code, the puny human slowly transformed into Agunimon, the Legendary Warrior of Flame.

Tommy thought he saw Takuya become a superhero, J.P. thought he was dreaming. Zoe thought she was in love. As for Takuya, he felt invincible, especially during the fight against Cerberumon. After a couple good "Pyro Punches" and a "Pyro Tornado" to finish, the Warrior of Flame absorbed the evil creature's Fractal Code and restored the terminal back to normal. But even after all that, the humans were still confused about what had just happened.

Takuya and Zoe decided to continue their journey while Tommy and J.P. chose to go home. Somehow, the two boys got ambushed by a pack of Pagumon. They chased the poor humans into an underground sewer. That's where they were saved by their new friend, Koji Minamoto. The lone wolf was able to fend off the mischievous Rookies... until they Digivolved to Raremon. This fowl Digimon pushed Koji down a bottomless pit. But that's where he found his Spirit and became Lobomon, the Legendary Warrior of Light. With his Lobo Kendos and Howling Laser, he was able to send Raremon back to the dumpster. When the fight was over, all five children were united.

But Koji decided to go his own way, instead of staying with the group.

Tommy was the next to get his Spirit. It all started when the kids got a message to go to the Forest Terminal. Along the way, they came across a small valley where the tracks break. On the valley walls, they discovered the ten symbols of the Legendary Warriors. As Bokomon retold the story of the Digital World's past, they were ambushed by a group of Candlemon. Takuya Spirit Evolved to fight back, but there was just too many of them. Tommy remembered how courageous his friend was for standing up to those bullies, and he was inspired to do the same. That's when his own Legendary Spirit came to him. The once pathetic crybaby has transformed into Kumamon, the Warrior of Ice. Thanks to his bravery, he and his friends were able to get out in one piece.

Even Zoe, the only girl in group, found her own Legendary Spirit. She and J.P. were taking a stroll until they came across the once luscious and popular garden, known as Breezy Village. From there, Zoe met a group of Floramon, who eagerly treat their guest with some... lunch. Wanting to help her new friends restore the village to its former beauty, the girl helped out by planting some trees, growing flowers and decorating the village. That's when the Mushroomon brothers attacked and started wrecking the whole place. But then, the Spirit of Wind came into Zoe's D-Tector. The blonde transformed into Kazemon and easily defeated the Mushroomon brothers and brought back peace and harmony among the two Digimon.

That left J.P. the only one without a Spirit. He said that he didn't care. But on the inside, he was hurt and very depressed. One day, J.P. and the rest discovered a hut full of Kokuwamon, where were being forced to work in a Wind Factory as slaves. As long as Snimon and his henchmen of Goblimon were there, the poor workers couldn't fight back or escape. Takuya, Zoe and Tommy volunteered to help them fight, while J.P. stayed behind and led the others to safety. But then he realized that everyone has changed while he has remained the same. Not wanting to run away any longer, the eldest human rushed back in to help the others. It turns out that his own Spirit was hidden in the walls of the factory. J.P. Spirit Evolved to Beetlemon, defeated the slave drivers and saved the day.

Many figured that with their own Legendary Spirits on their side, it would be smooth sailing from here. Unfortunately for the Chosen Children, there were a few bumps on the road.

Some of them included the four other Legendary Warriors: Grumblemon, Arbormon, Ranamon, and Mercurymon. They attacked one of the Celestial Digimon, known as Seraphimon. Not only they defeated him, but they've also stolen Seraphimon's Fractal Code, transforming back into a Digi-Egg. Also, these Warriors of Earth, Wood, Water and Steel were after all of the children's Spirits. It took teamwork, as well as their newly discovered Beast Spirits, to defeat and restore these evil Legendary Warriors.

There was also a fifth Legendary Warrior who was on the side of evil: Duskmon. He was probably the strongest of the five evil Warriors. Who this Digimon was, nobody knows. But for some reason, every time Duskmon saw Koji, it was like some lost memory sparked in his mind. Realizing that something wasn't right, Koji investigated this strange Legendary Warrior. It turns out that Duskmon was actually Koji's twin brother, Koichi. Thanks to the evil Cherubimon, Koichi's heart was taken over by the darkness. It wasn't until Koji helped his brother saw the light. Koichi overcame the darkness inside by his heart, which then revealed the true form of the Spirits of Darkness.

The six children were reunited with each other once again. They traveled to the Rose Morning Star, where Ophanimon was being held captive. They've managed to free the Celestial Digimon just before Cherubimon could attack. Ophanimon sacrificed herself and gave Takuya and Koji a new burst of energy, before she was gone. Thanks to her, the two of them combined the twenty Legendary Spirits to become EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon. Thanks to this new power and the support of their friends, Cherubimon was finally defeated. After that, all was well. Takuya, Koji, Zoe and the others thought that peace would be restored and the Digital World would return to normal.

Boy, were they wrong.

Two new Mega level Digimon appeared after Cherubimon was beaten. They were Dynasmon and Crusadermon, faithful servants to Lucemon and also known as the Royal Knights. They were on a mission to retrieve the Fractal Code and offer them to their master so that he can be revived. These two were very tough to beat because every time Takuya and Koji face them, they were no match for them. Zoe and the others tried to protect the Fractal Code from those dastardly Royal Knights. But it was no use.

Before long, all the Fractal Code was gone and the Digital World was nothing but a dark void. It was a terrible sight. Nothing but emptiness blanketed what was left of the Digital World. Feeling like they had nothing to lose, Koji and Takuya fought the Royal Knights one last time. This time, they were able to get the upper hand, and eventually defeat them. When they saw a ring of Fractal Code surrounding their bodies, it was their chance to finish them off once and for all. But before they can do anything, Lucemon absorbed their data and his revival was complete.

A Fallen Angel Digimon stood before the humans. But he was ruthless, terrifying and most of all, very powerful. The humans tried to stop him, but he easily defeated them without breaking a sweat. Lucemon then used this strange attack by combining the energies of light and darkness. That move was so strong and the pain was intense. Neither one of the Legendary Warriors could withstand such a devastating attack. They all transformed back to their human forms, leaving them completely defenseless. Just when things were looking hopeless, Koichi sacrificed himself and gave his Spirits of Darkness to Koji. That's when Lucemon scanned his data. Koichi transformed into a spirit and disappeared from his friends.

Just then, a dimensional rift leading to the Human World opened up. Lucemon changed into his real form and headed toward the portal, seeking to conquer both the Digital World and the Human World. After motivating his friends to never give up and keep on fighting, Takuya and the others combined all twenty Legendary Spirits and transformed into Susanomon. With the strength of the three Celestial Digimon and the combined powers of the Legendary Warriors on their side, they were able to defeat Lucemon for good. Both the Digital World and Human World were saved.

After that, Takuya, Zoe, Koji, Tommy and J.P. returned the Fractal Code back to where it belongs and restored peace, harmony and prosperity to the Digital World. Too bad happy endings don't last long. Since the evil had already been vanquished, there was no point for the humans to stay. As much as they wanted to remain in the Digital World, they had to go back. It's where they belong. Takuya and the others returned to the Human World and search for Koichi, who had been taken to a nearby hospital because of an unfortunate accident. The group found Koichi in the emergency room. He appears to be unconscious, and was fading fast. Koji had never felt so powerless in his life. He and his friends wished with all their might that Koichi would make it.

As if as they heard their prayers, the D-Tectors then started to glow, giving energy to their fallen friend. Before long, Koichi rose up and Koji gave his brother a great big hug. The rest joined the siblings in a warm embrace, which symbolize the strength of their friendship. Unbeknownst to the Chosen Children, their D-Tectors transformed back to their original cell phones again. But that didn't matter. Koichi was alive and they all had each other.

Takuya's POV:

*Present Day*

Yep, that's our adventure in the Digital World. Ever since then, the six of us have been close friends. Is it just me or do I have the most incredible friends a guy could ask for? Once when the gate to the Digital World had closed, the rest of us pretty much returned to our normal lives. Sure we all miss Bokomon, Neemon and the other Digimon that helped us on our journey. Plus, I'm starting to forget what it's like being a Legendary Warrior. But after the wonderful adventures my friends and I had and all of the many life lessons learned, we all changed into better human beings. We all seemed to learn something about ourselves.

I learned the importance of family and how they mean so much to me. Shinya, for instance, will always be my younger brother, and that will never change. Yes, there will be times where he and I will fight and not talk to each other for days, but that's all part of the fun of being an older brother. He may be annoying, noisy and one of the biggest pests in the house, but I still love him. When we celebrated his birthday, I've never seen him so happy in all my life.

From that point on, we had never been closer. We play video games with each other and I even taught him how to play soccer. Although he won't be as good as me, I still love competing against him. I also introduced him to my good friend, Tommy. Since then, those two have become the best of friends. Every week, Tommy would visit our house and the three of us would do something together. Either that, or I just let those two go have fun with each other.

Speaking of Tommy, that kid has changed a lot too. He used to being bullied by kids older than him. Every day they would pick on him and he would cry home to his mommy. The poor little guy... But now he's the one who's sticking up for himself and for others too. As long as he's here, no bully is going get the best of him anymore. And to think, it was all because he had found the Spirits of Ice. Since then, the Tommy that's always running away from danger is now willing to face it head on. He's gotten so much braver and he wouldn't hesitate to fight for what he believes in or for the people he cares about.

Just look at him. The kid's grown up a lot. He's made so many friends along the way. Recently, he told me that he went to the amusement park with his friends and they went on the fastest, tallest and scariest roller coaster in the park. Not only he had so much fun, but he told me that he was the only one who didn't pee in his pants or threw up during the ride. Okay, not what I was expecting to hear from Tommy, but he's no wimp any more. As a matter of fact, Tommy is probably one of the bravest kids I know. As a matter of fact, I believe he's very close to become braver than me.

And let's not forget good old J.P. Shibayama! When he returned to the Human World, he too had success in making friends. And there were lots of them, especially since J.P. is such a great person to be around with. I mean, come on. Before we met, this guy was having trouble making friends. He was desperate, though. J.P. did impress others with magic tricks and chocolate bars.

But how long did that last? J.P. could perform the greatest trick of all time and have a year supply of chocolate bars. In the end, that's not how to make friends. Good thing J.P. is a smart guy. After our adventure in the Digital World, he was able to make friends with his entire school. And this time, he didn't use a single chocolate bar or his famous magic tricks to do it. In fact he didn't even need them. J.P. realized that being yourself is all it takes to make everlasting friendships.

And what do you know? You'd be surprised how many friends this guy has after our awesome adventures in the Digital World. I guess you can thank his first set of friends and the Spirits of Thunder for his change of behavior. Before, this guy chickens out and finds a place to hide when it comes to fighting the bad guys. But now, he realize that all of us will always be behind him, no matter what the obstacle. J.P.'s a really nice person, if you get to know him. I'm glad he's on our side.

Of course, there are the twins: Koji and Koichi. Man, they look so much alike, it's kind of freaky. But I mean it in a cool way. I believe it's great to have a twin brother. Sheesh, why did mom curse me with Shinya instead of giving me a twin who'll probably more cool than the little squirt? Anyway, these guys have been two of my best friends since we've returned from the Digital World and ever since Koichi got out of the hospital. We always kept in with each other, updating what we doing each day and if we want to hang out with each other.

It's amazing how much Koji has changed since we first met. When his mother died, he told me he was having trouble warming up to his stepmother. That's why he didn't socialize with me and the others much when we were at the Digital World. The four of us traveled as a group, while Koji went alone, wondering off without anyone of us knowing. But when he was reunited with his brother, he warmed up to all of us a little bit.

Now, he's finally become more acceptant with his stepmother. Not only that, but he and his brother have never been closer. I swear, you won't see one without the other. I guess it's a twin thing. At least, that's what Koji keeps telling me. I guess twins have some kind of connection I'll never understand.

Koichi Kimura, or the Legendary Warrior of Darkness. He had short black hair and he was wearing a green jacket, a maroon t-shirt, white pants and black shoes. I'm still having trouble believing that such a kindhearted boy was consumed by darkness. Because of this, he nearly killed his twin brother. But thanks to Koji, these two were finally reunited with one another. After our adventure in the Digital World, Koichi frequently visits the rest of his family.

As I said before, ever since then, Koichi and Koji spend a lot of time with each other. I saw them sitting next to each other at the movies. Recently, I watch these two brothers playing basketball with each other. It was a typical one-on-one game and that time, and Koji won, but only by two points. Koichi keeps telling me that one of the cool things about being a twin is that they're always helping each other get better. It was a great game though and I wouldn't be surprised if Koichi took the next round. He's is an awesome guy and I'm glad I've got to know him.

They told me about their little family reunion and how great it went. Koji isn't as antisocial as we all thought and Koichi is glad that the whole family is back together again. Many people don't understand how important a family is in their lives. It is something that will always be a part of you, no matter where you go. The best families are the ones that keep their arms open for the ones they love.

Well, that's everybody... right?

Nah, I'm just kidding. Of course I was forgetting someone. In fact, how can I forget her? In my opinion, I believed she was the reason why I had so much fun in the Digital World. I'm talking about the only girl in our group. Emerald eyes, blonde hair that reflects the radiant sunlight, and her one-of-a-kind smile that made her special. She's known as the Legendary Warrior of Wind and my best friend, Zoe Orimoto.

When I first met her, we never really got along.

My first impression on her was annoying. When we were at the Digital World, she loves to make fun of me and the stupid decisions I make. A good example of this would be when we were searching for the Forest Terminal. We came to a fork in the road. I wanted to go right, when Zoe wanted to go left. We argued, as usual, about who's right and who's wrong. She wasn't going to give up, and neither was I. That's one thing I noticed about Zoe. She and I are so stubborn.

Unfortunately for me, she was right. The path I chose nearly got me and Tommy killed. When we joined up with Zoe and J.P., she bragged about how I was wrong, although I didn't want to admit it. On the outside, I was just playing dumb, but on the inside, I felt humiliated. That was the first time I ever lost to Zoe. And after having so many countless arguments, it won't be the last.

Not only Zoe was annoying, but she would not hesitate slapping people in the face if they deserve it. Believe me, I would know. She's hit me more times than I can count. I don't know if it was something I said, or if she just loves getting on my nerves. I have no idea what her problem was, but once she's offended, her first course of action is to hit something. In this case, it's usually me. Why is it I'm always the victim of Zoe's beatdowns? A good example I can think of is right after we left the Flame Terminal. Tommy and J.P. got separate from the two of us, and we spent the entire time searching for them.


Zoe and I walk through the forest looking and searching for Tommy and J.P. We shouted their names as loud as we could, but so far, nothing. Zoe tried luring the boys out with some chocolate J.P. gave her earlier, but even that wasn't working. I tried using my stupid D-Tector, but even I couldn't get this dumb thing to work. Oh well, I guess we should keep looking.

"Where could they have gotten off to?" I asked, walking with Zoe by my side.

"Poor Tommy. He's such a little guy. He didn't even want to be here in the first place." Zoe said.

"Yeah, you're right." I said. "He really shouldn't be out without his parents. I guess I'm gonna have to keep my eye on him." I honestly thought I impressed Zoe showing her how responsible I can be. And then I heard her giggle. Why the heck was she laughing at a time like this?

"Look at you pretending to be all mature. How adorable!" she said, still giggling.

"Hey! What do you mean pretending?" I asked. "I am in the sixth grade!"

Of course I'm not pretending. I am a responsible person. Back home, mom and dad always came home late from work, so it was my responsibility to take care of my little brother, Shinya. Sure, we argue with each other a lot, but he's my responsibility. No matter how many times we fight, he is still my little brother and it is my job to make sure nothing bad happens to him. Like Zoe would know anything about responsibility. I bet she doesn't even have younger brothers or sisters to take care of.

Then again, she called me adorable. No one's ever called me adorable before and she did. I guess, because of that, I wasn't too upset at her. My cheeks flushed for only a split second. Good thing she was too busy to even notice. Then again, I'm actually glad she called me adorable, whether she was joking or not. She's actually the first girl ever to call me that.

"Really? You're in the same grade as I am?" She asked as she slowly walked away from me. She stopped after a few feet, just to tease me, I guess.

"Who'd have thought? I was sure you were two or three years younger, at least." She turned around with her hands on her hips and a huge grin on her face.

"Wait a minute." I said. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"When's your birthday?"

"In August."

"Ha! I knew it. I am older. I was born in May. That makes me a grand total of THREE months older than you." She said while holding three fingers at my face. I was kind of surprised she's older than me by three months, but instead, I gritted my teeth and walked past her.

"That doesn't mean anything." I huffed.

"Whatever." She said, still giggling. Man that giggle's starting to annoy me.

We continued our search for J.P. and Tommy and still we couldn't find them. I looked at the ground and I noticed a white and green D-Tector. I got down to one knee and picked it up.

"Hey, check it out." I said. Zoe turned her head, saw the small Digivice and let out a small, feint gasp.

"That belongs to Tommy." She said.

She walked towards me to take a better look. However, she lost her balance. She wrapped her arms around my neck as the two of us fell down a hole. We both screamed, waiting to reach the bottom of the hole. Unfortunately, that took like about five seconds. Thankfully, if it wasn't for the pile of leaves to cushion our fall, both of us would've had a concussion. But we still landed on our head. It was very painful for the two us. Zoe finally stood up, still embracing me.

"I'm alive! I'm alive!" She said. "I can just kiss you!"

"Um..." I said. I knew I should've said something else. If not, at least do something.

We were staring at each other for a few seconds, but for me, it felt like an eternity. I saw her green eyes sparkle when I gazed into them. She had both hands on my shoulders. It was a warm sensation that only she could bring to me. And, boy, did she smell good. It was an unusual scent that captivated me, caused me to release all of the tension within my body.

Unfortunately, Zoe had interesting ways of snapping people back to reality. She shrieked and slapped my face four times before pushing me to the ground.

"Get away from me!" she yelled.

"What? Girl, you're the one who grabbed me in the first place!" I argued. I've noticed her face was turning red. Was she embarrassed for saying she would kiss me or something else? I have no idea, but she was definitely getting defensive.

"My name is not girl! It's Zoe! And keep your hands to yourself in the future, little boy!" she yelled.

"Uh..." Man, this girl has got some serious issues. I saved her life (twice) and yet she still treats me like dirt. "So, are all mature girls this crazy?" I wondered.

"That is so like a child. Sitting here, yapping away, when we should be looking for Tommy!" She said to me with that tone of voice of hers.

"Fine, let's go." I finally said, ending the pointless argument.

*End of Flashback*

It didn't stop there just so you know. When we were at Breezy Village, Zoe told me that she just gotten her Spirit. I could've said how amazing she was or just commented her on a job well done. But what did I do instead? I laughed at her because I thought she was joking. I mean, really. Her? Zoe got a Spirit? Of course, I was just kidding, but apparently, Zoe didn't like it. She wrapped me and Tommy up in a stranglehold and nearly squeezed the life out of us. Now I knew how strong Zoe really is, even when she's not a Digimon.

Another time she beat the snot out of me happened at Toucanmon's Paradise. The boys and I were having the time of our lives, swimming on the beach and relaxing in the sun. Little did we realize that it was all a trap set up by the Toucanmon to steal our D-Tectors for Ranamon, the Warrior of Water. The guys and I heard screaming coming out of the locker rooms and we knew it had to be Zoe. J.P. and I rushed over to see if she's alright.

The good news was she was okay and no harm was done to her. The bad news was... well... she was partially naked, right before me and J.P. She threw a bunch of clothes and buckets at us, ordering us to get out. Okay, so I deserved getting hit like that. But even so, I still cared for her safety. In fact, what if she was attacked and I didn't show up to protect her? What kind of friend would I be?

Those were the things I didn't like about Zoe during the trip. She turns her aggression on me and she constantly makes fun of me every chance she gets.

On the other hand, Zoe did make the adventure more fun and, to me, a lot more meaningful. Zoe has become my best friend ever since our adventures in the Digital World. She was a strong person, a brave individual and a great girl to be around with. Not only that, she can also be very inspirational.

Back when we were on Toucanmon's Island, we wanted to get to the Autumn Leaf Fair, where the Toucanmon were heading with our D-Tectors. However, in order to get to the other side, we had to cross the ocean filled with dangerous whirlpools. There were Gomamon around the area and they convinced almost all of us that it was impossible to get to the other side of the ocean because of all of those whirlpools. It's sad because the Gomamon had family and friends waiting for them and they may never see them again. The guys and I voted that we explore the island and look for a flying Digimon that can help us get across.

And then, it was Zoe's turn to speak.


"Come on!" she yelled.

"Huh?" asked the Gomamon clan.

"Are you trying to tell me you're not even a little sad, watching all your friends from afar, not even being able to talk to them? Well, I don't buy it! Everyone gets sad without their friends!" Zoe said.

I've never heard her talk like this before. There was a look of determination on her emerald eyes. Her voice was not too loud, yet not too soft. Her tone was firm and very persuading, might I add. Zoe's pep talk can be overdramatic sometimes... but also very poetic.

"Yeah, we just try to ignore that, 'cause otherwise we get all depressed." The Gomamon respond.

"Listen, guys." She said, "I think I have a quick and simple solution to your problem. You're all going to come with us."

"Although I appreciate the sentiment, don't you think it might be a tad dangerous?" Bokomon asked.

"Come on, guys. We have to try." Zoe said, this time her voice dropping a little bit. She sounded desperate, like she really needed our help. I wanted to volunteer for her, but...

"We can't even help ourselves." Koji interrupted. "I mean, we don't even have our D-Tectors anymore. What good are we?"

He did bring up a valid point though. The Toucanmon stole our D-Tectors. That means, if we were attacked, we can't Spirit Evolve and defend ourselves. That made the rest of us a burden. Zoe was the only one that could fight if there were any danger. But even if she did transform into Kazemon, she can't do it all by herself. As tough as she is, there is only so much Zoe can do alone. All and all, the situation seemed pretty much hopeless.

"That's a great excuse if you want to give up, but I'm not going to." She responds. "Sure it's tough. But I believe we can do whatever we put our minds to." Zoe then turns back to the Gomamon, who started at her with shock and awe. "Come on, guys. Let's get you back to your friends, okay?"

"After that speech, I don't think we could say no even if we wanted to." Gomamon said. And they were right. Zoe's already convinced me. I was moved with her speech. I've noticed some of the Gomamon were bursting into tears. I smiled and looked back at Zoe, determined to help her, no matter how hopeless the situation is.

"I hope it works. If it doesn't we'll make it work." Zoe said.

*End of Flashback*

Because of her, we managed to get across the ocean and helped the Gomamon reunite with their friends and family. It was a sight to see, and it was all thanks to Zoe's determination, courage and motivation. She did hug every single one of us when it was all over. Being hugged by a girl at the time felt strange for a guy like me. I saw the look on Koji's face and he felt extremely uncomfortable.

However, when Zoe wrapped her arm around me, I felt something peculiar. I had no idea what it was, but it had something to do with Zoe. Whenever she talks, giggles, laughs or even smiles, I feel something strange in my chest. What is this feeling? It seems so familiar, yet so new to me. Call me crazy, but I had that same exact feeling...

... when Zoe and I were in Ophanimon's Castle.


Zoe and I walked into the room and stared that large number of books before us. There were like a hundred shelves and each shelf has at least two hundred books. So many places to look, so we started right away. I walk towards one of the shelves to my right and took out one of the books. Big mistake on my part. Suddenly, an avalanche of books toppled on the two of us, knocking us to the ground. I got to my feet first and wondered if Zoe's okay.

"Smooth move, Takuya." I heard her say. I turned around and watch as she removed a book off of her head. The look on her face told me that she wasn't happy. Yeah, she's right. That was a stupid move. So I tried apologizing, which everyone knows I'm terrible at.

"It's like that game. Uh... what's his name? Anyway, I always lose. But it usually doesn't hurt this much." I said rotating my shoulder for a little bit. I looked at Zoe's eyes and noticed it changed. Instead of an annoyed look on her face, I saw a look of concern. Maybe she did care for me, a least for a little bit. Zoe always tend to show concern for others, especially towards me. "Do you think we have to check every book?" I asked.

"Yeah, probably. As J.P. say, 'Nothing's ever easy.'" She then started to yawn. She must be really exhausted. Either because of the fighting or because she's really stressed out. Or maybe it's because neither one of us hasn't slept in a while. I had no idea. All I know is Zoe was on the verge of collapsing. So I decided to help her out.

"Are you tired?" I asked. She opened her eyes and stared into mine.

"How'd you guess?" She replied

"Gee, I don't know." I answered, sarcastically.

"You wanna take a break?

"If I stop looking, I'll start thinking, and I really don't want to do that right now."

Zoe then started to laugh. This is a first. Since when does she laugh at my jokes? Strange, but it was good to hear her laugh again. I really don't like seeing Zoe depressed like that. She looked back at me. So, I gave her the usual smile that made everyone happy, including her.

"Yeah." She said, still laughing. "We can't have you thinking now can we?"

"Well, Neemon thinks I'm good at it." I smiled.

"Yeah..." She said.

It was quiet after that, which was fine. I actually like it when it's quiet. It helps me focus on the upcoming battle I'll be having against the Royal Knights. And with Zoe by my side, it made it even more relaxing. We kept searching through the pile of books for a good five minutes, until I finally decided to break the ice.

"You know Zoe, this could be our last battle. We fought well." I said.

"It hasn't all been fighting, it's the other things I'll remember." She said.

I looked back at Zoe and gazed into her eyes once again as I listened to her talk. I just love listening to her voice. It's so calming and gives me a funny, yet pleasurable feeling inside.

"Sure it's way cool to be a Digimon and kick butt and all, but it wouldn't have been half as much fun without you guys. You're the first real friends I've ever had. I never even knew how to be a friend."

She looks back at me, gazing into my brown eyes.

"And now I understand myself a little better and others too. I don't think I'll ever have trouble making friends again and it's cause I actually like myself now."

"Well, I really like you too, Zoe." I said.

"Yeah?" she asked.

Silence. Awkward silence filled the room. I'm not gonna lie. I remembered actually what I said to her. I admit that I really like her. But did I mean it? Do I really like her as in... well... "like" like her? I mean, I like her as a friend. That's what I was trying to imply, but it got me wondering, do I see Zoe more than just a friend to me?

I feel my face warming up a bit. My heart was beating rapidly, my knees were shaking and my palms were sweating. So many thoughts were racing through my mind. I was so getting dizzy, I couldn't even think straight. I finally had the courage to speak, or at least say something.

"Like, you know, not like-like. Um..." I got up and walked away from Zoe, who was blushing just like me. "Oh, come on. You know what I mean, right?" I asked.

"Right..." Zoe said.

She sounded kinda down after my stupid confession. I made a huge fool of myself in front her. Not only that, but I've embarrassed her, put her in the spotlight, made her emotionally uncomfortable. We stopped talking to each other for a little bit and continue searching through the piles of books. I looked back to see if the tension has died down a bit. But when she turned around, I looked away, pretending that she doesn't exist.

"Can't believe I just said that." I murmured to myself. "Way to go, Takuya. You've really done it now. Look at the mess you made. Not only that, look at Zoe. Look what you've done to her, man. Come on, buddy. You gotta fix this."

I let out a soft sigh.

"Just turn around and tell her how you feel. Tell her everything. Don't sugarcoat it. She'll understand. She is your friend, after all. I mean, come on. What's the worst that can hap..."

"Takuya?" Zoe asked while she turned her head.

"Uh-oh!" I thought. "She's gonna ask me about my feelings towards her. No, man. You can't tell her now, it's too soon. But if I don't tell her now, Zoe will never know how I feel. Doesn't matter! Hurry up and do something! Tell her! No, I can't. Find the exit! No good, Zoe's in front of the exit. Do something!"

So I fell down on a pile of books and pretend to fall asleep. I know it's a stupid idea, but I didn't want to make Zoe any more uncomfortable than what she is feeling right now. At least this will calm things down and help regain my composure for a little bit. I pretend to snore to make it sound convincing.

"Well, that figures." Zoe said. I can hear the frustration in her voice. Did she want to talk to me? Did she have something important to tell ask me? I didn't know. Actually, I was too scared to find out.

"Sleep tight." She finally said. I opened one of my eyes. I watched her walk out the door. I lay on my back for a few minutes, thinking about Zoe, our upcoming battle with the Royal Knights and the fate of the Digital World. It took a while, but I finally got up and walked out of the library. Zoe was waiting for me with that cute smile on her face. I smiled back as we went back to find the others.

*End of Flashback*

When Zoe came back home, she had even more friends than ever before. She told me how she made pasta for her entire class and everyone was so anxious in trying it. I guess Zoe's not the same lonely girl she once was. Now she seems to be one of the more popular girls in school. Everyone wanted to be her friend. Man, has she changed so much, and yet still the same Zoe I've known since we've first met.

It was then I realized that we actually went to the same middle school with each other. What were the odds? She and I hang out a lot with Koji and Koichi. J.P. stuck with us, until he eventually entered high school. Speaking of guys, you have no idea how many boys has asked Zoe to be their girlfriend. While she may be one of most popular girls, it kind of bugged me that she was getting a lot of attention. She's an amazing person, so it makes me wonder she has gone out with any of those good looking boys.

Then again, why does it bother me if Zoe does decide to go steady with someone else? She's my best friend, and I don't want any of those idiots taking advantage of her. If she's gonna go out with someone, it should be someone who knows her. Someone who can make her laugh with his stupid jokes. He doesn't have to be cute or charming like the movies. But it has to be someone who can make her smile, even on her worst day. Given that I can do most of things, but still...

Come to think of it, I have been thinking about Zoe a lot ever since we've returned to the Human World.

I've been thinking about her long, golden hair that dance with the wind like butterflies. I think about those shining, emerald eyes that make me fall into dark devotion. I think about the times I watched her fight. I think of the times she annoyed the heck out of me in the Digital World, the times she laughed or giggled and the times she cried.

But most of all, I think about her smile. Her smile is like a disease, very contagious. I know it sounds corny, but it's the truth. Whenever someone sees that smile on Zoe's face, they return with a smile of their own. Her smile can make the shine on a cloudy day. I, absolutely, love Zoe's smile. Actually, I love everything about Zoe. As a matter of fact...


Why am I spending this much time talking about Zoe? Why am I thinking about her more than anyone else? She's a great person. She's strong, brave, caring, independent, friendly, energetic, and most of all, my best friend. That's what she is to me... right?

So there you go. You're now caught up to speed about what happened to me and my friends. We had so much fun in the Digital World. When we finally defeated Lucemon, we were sent back to the Human World and the gate to the Digital World was shut forever. We've waited patiently for the Digital Gate to reopen. It's been two years already and the gate was still closed. Some of us began to doubt whether it will reopen again. So instead, we all decided to return to our everyday, normal lives.

In fact, I'm still in the middle of my summer vacation, and I plan to enjoy it while it lasts.

Normal POV:

Meanwhile, underneath the city of Shibuya, were the remains of the underground train station that leads into the Digital World. It was dark, dirty, empty and in ruins. Everything inside the tunnels was nothing but pitch black.

Then suddenly, two pairs of eyes appeared out of the tunnel. The two strange creatures walked out of the tunnel and into the abandoned terminal. They noticed an elevator door in front of them. The two creatures walk towards the elevator and pushed the button on the side. It took a few seconds, but the elevator door finally opened. Dark gray clouds of smoke escaped the elevator. And then suddenly, two monsters walked into the elevator.

"We must find the children!" One of the creatures said.

"Right!" The other one agreed.

The door closes in front of them and the elevator carried the two creatures up to Shibuya Train Station. Little did the Digidestined know is that the gate to the Digital World has just reopened. What's waiting for them on the other side are new friends, new enemies and a whole new journey unlike any other.

A new adventure is about to begin.

Author's Notes: So, that's chapter one.

And now, the real story begins. Who are those monsters that came out of the tunnels? And what kind of adventures awaits the Chosen Children? These questions will be answered in the next chapter. Stay tuned to find out what happens on the next Digimon Frontier: Chaos Rising.

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