Seven books in Seven Chapters- Book 5

This is a summary/ parody Harry Potter thingy. You decide which one.

Oh, yeah. I don't own Harry Potter. Once I did... then I woke up.

"I'm skipping school to hunt bits of my enemies soul. Sounds fun, right?"

"Oh, yeah! Hermione and I will come with you, Harry! Sounds wonderful!"

"Thanks Ron. This will be fun!"

—A few months later—

"You know what, Harry? I changed my mind. I'm about to be possessed by this creepy locket we keep wearing for some reason. This Horcrux hunt sucks. I'm leaving."

"Ron's sane. I feel BETRAYED!"

"I know, Harry. This really sucks for me, though. I'm in love with him and he'll never love me if he's actually sane!"

"You'll be fine, Hermione. This is a children's fantasy book, not a young adult tragic romance novel."

"Oh! Hi there, Ron. What amazing timing. You just so happened to be here when the creepy locket was about to kill me… the author must really like me! And now we can destroy Horcruxes!"

—After destroying Gringotts with a dragon in order to obtain a cup—

"Let's go to Hogwarts! How convenient that random vision was!"

"All right!"

—One battle, several deaths, and one kind-of-death later—

"Wow. I just so happen to be the one person who has united the Deathly Hallows and the owner of the Elder wand. Clearly the author likes me."

"Please insert a random epilogue saying that Harry married Ginny and Ron married Hermione that will inspire quite a lot of next generation fanfiction."

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