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Chapter 1

Jake looked out from his window and sighed. Silver came upstairs and said with a smile, "Well if it isn't the future king of Atlantica." Silver chuckled and saw that his great-grandson frowning and Silver knew what he was thinking. Silver said as he patted Jake's back, "Jake, you'll see your friends, soon." Jake asked curiously, "You think so?" Silver said with a grin, "If I know anything about friendship. It'll last forever."

Jake sighed and looked at the picture of Rachel and asked curiously, "What about love?" Silver chuckled and said, "Now, that is a lifetime." Jake sighed and asked worried as Silver left, "I wonder what you are doing right now?" Ariel came upstairs and asked, "Jake? Are you ready?" Jake sighed and closed his suitcase and said with a small smile, "I'm ready."

Ariel asked and saw her son with worry, "Now what's wrong, Jake?" Jake sighed and said worried, "I don't think I'll be a great king." Ariel said with an honest smile, "Now, you listen to me, Jacob Pleiades Hawkins." Ariel continued with a smile, "I know that being the new king will be a lot of responsibility, but, you have friends that will stay with you to the end." Jake said with a smile, "Okay, mom. I'll remember those words."

Jake came down the stairs and everyone yelled, "Surprise! Happy Birthday!" Jake saw his friends and asked with a smile, "What are you doing here?" Gilbert said with a smile, "It's your birthday." May said with a smile as she gave her gift to Jake, "After all, to think you gave your professional career up so you can learn how to be a king." Jake said with a smile, "Well, I still have a long way to go." Rachel rushed over to Jake and said as she hugged him, "Happy Birthday, Jake."

Jake returned the hug and Jim said with a smile, "Thanks, Rachel." Rachel asked with a smile, "Could we talk outside?" Jake said with a nervous smile, "Sure." Jake followed Rachel outside and Rachel asked honestly, "Do you think that will see each other again?" Jake asked after he chuckled, "What do you mean?" Rachel explained, "Well, you're going to be learning on how to be a king and I'll still be in Anima High." Jake then wrapped his arms around his blonde's waist and said with a smile, "Well, you can come with me."

Rachel asked curiously, "How?" Jake said with a smirk, "Well, every king needs a queen." Rachel blushed furiously and said asked shyly, "You do know what you're asking right?" Jake said with the smirk still on his face, "Yes and will you?" Rachel said with a smile, "Yes, of course."

Jake then kissed his blonde with care and love as Rachel returned the kiss with fervor. Jim smiled at his son and Ariel walked towards her husband and said with a smile, "He's so much like you, Jim." Jim chuckled and said with a smile, "I think he has some of your loving qualities as well." Ariel laughed and wrapped her arm around her husband's arm as she said, "Jim, you really are amazing." Jim said before he kissed his wife, "Ariel, you are such an angel." Ariel broke the kiss and sighed with a smile.

Ariel yelled for the two teenagers, "Okay, you two. Come inside for the birthday cake." Jake sighed and said with a small smile as he wrapped his arm around Rachel's waist, "Time for going away presents." Rachel shook her head with a smile and said, "I'm not going anywhere." Jake and his blonde went in for the birthday cake. Jake blew out the candles and everyone gave Jake presents. Rapunzel walked towards Ariel and said with a smile, "It's been a while since I seen her smile."

Ariel asked with curiosity, "Does she have the Yellow Lily's power?" Rapunzel said with a smile, "Little by little she is learning her power and she starting to learn how to play the violin." Ariel laughed and said with a smile, "Jake won the SSRL and told the media he was retiring for important reasons." Rapunzel chuckled and said with a smile, "It's a good thing that the media doesn't know about us." Ariel sighed and asked seriously, "Can you imagine the panic if the Outsiders knew about us?"

Rapunzel said seriously, "It would cause so much confusion and chaos. Not to mention frighten the people we love and care about." Ariel sighed and said with a smile, "Let's enjoy the party for now." Rapunzel smiled and said with a smile, "You're right. Today is a day of celebration." Jim looked at his wife and smiled at her. Jim then went towards his wife and asked with a smirk, "What are you two ladies talking about?" Ariel laughed and said with a smile, "Nothing serious, my love."

Jim chuckled and asked with the smirk still on his face, "Do you mind if I steal my wife away from you?" Rapunzel giggled and said with a smile, "Not at all." Jim put his arm around his wife's waist and Eugene walked towards his wife and said, "You really have changed." Rapunzel giggled and said as she wrapped her arms around her husband's waist, "Not as much as you." Eugene chuckled and said as he rubbed his wife's back with his hands, "You're so beautiful." Rapunzel said with a smile as she blushed, "Thank you, my love."

Cale saw Cody in his form, his form was Copper as well but he was a puppy. Cale chuckled and said with a smile, "Cody, you look good in your form. Cody transformed in his human form and asked with a smile, "You really think so, dad?" Cale said with a smile, "Yeah, but you can't beat your old man." Cody laughed and said as he and his father rough played, "I betcha I can." Kayley laughed and said with a smile as Alice was walking at her side, "Mind your father, Cody."

Cody said with a smile, "Yes, mom." Alice giggled and asked with a smile, "Mother, will Cody get to have the right of passage?" Kayley said with a smile, "Only if he focuses on his studies." Cody moaned in embarrassment and said, "Mom." Kayley chuckled and said with a smile, "I've seen you're grades, mister. You are going to study extra hard this year." Alice asked with a smile, "Is it true I'm going to Anima High this year?" Cale said with a smile, "Yes, Alice. You'll have great teachers and have fun."

Alice frowned and Kayley said with a smile as she hugged her daughter, "Oh, Alice you'll have your form soon." Alice asked worried, "What if I don't get a form? What if I'm an Outsider?" Cale said with a smile, "Alice Tucker, you listen to me. You'll have that form before your little brother will get his adult form." Alice said with a smile, "Okay, father I'll try to be more paetiant." Cody saw the candy and said as he started to run, "Candy is here. See ya." Alice said as she chased after her, "Cody, that's not fair getting a head start." Kayley laughed and said as she wrapped her arm around her husband's waist, "I swear Cody is acting more like you everyday."

Cale chuckled and said with a smile, "Alice is starting to be a very polite little girl." Kayley smiled and said, "I hope this will last forever." Cale chuckled and said with an honest smile, "Children have to grow up someday, Kayley." Kayley sighed and said with a smile, "Still our children will always be our children if they grow up."

Jake went upstairs to get his bags and Jane sighed and went towards her great-grandson. Jane asked worried, "Will you be alright?" Jake sighed said seriously, "I don't know. I know learning how to be the new king will be difficult. But I can't shake the feeling something will happen." Jane placed her hands on his shoulders and said with a hopeful smile, "Jake, you must always remember no matter what happens…your friends and family will be with you no matter what."

Jake smiled and said, "Thanks, grandma." Jane chuckled and said as she picked up his bags, "Come on, everyone is waiting for you." Jake looked around in his room and sighed. Morph cooed and licked Jake's cheek. Jake said with a honest smile, "Come on, buddy. Let's go."

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