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Chapter 2

Jake sighed and Morph cooed as he licked his cheek to cheer him up. Jake smiled at the pink blob and Morph went into his pocket. Merlin asked honestly, "Are you sure you want to do this?" Jake nodded his head and looked back to his family and friends. Rachel went towards Jake and wrapped her arms around his arm. Merlin used his light magic and a white marble door appeared in front of them.

The door opened for them and Jake and Rachel went into the door as a bright white light blinded them. Jake opened his eyes and saw Atlantica for the first time. Jake was amazed to see so many people chatting, working, and playing. Jake said sadly, "You know Rachel, when my mother came here it was lifeless and the people of Atlantica were nothing but glass statues."

Rachel asked with a smile, "Now what do you see?" Jake chuckled and said with a smile, "I see hope and a bright future." Jake then heard a familiar voice, "Jake!" Jake looked up to see a red parrot with blue feather tips and his tail purple. Jake said with a smile as he saw the bird coming in for a landing, "Iago!" Iago landed on Jake's shoulder and asked with curiosity, "What are you doing here?" Rachel said with a smile, "Jake's gonna learn how to be a king." Iago chuckled and said, "I can't believe you gave up your freedom for this."

Jake said as he and the others walked towards the town, "Iago, the reason I wanted to be king is because I want to protect the people I care about." Iago said annoyed, "If you ask me it's giving up freedom." Jake sighed and smiled at Rachel who was smiling back at him. When the trio entered in the town, everyone stared at Jake in awe. Jake said with a slight smile, "I didn't know I was that popular."

Jake heard footsteps running towards him and Jake saw grappling claw and jumped as he grabbed the claw and pulled the person down. Jake saw it was a twelve year old boy with black and white hair. He wore and orange black long sleeved shit and light tan pants along with black tennis shoes. The shirt had a strange huge S on the front of his shirt. Jake asked with a smirk, "Kind of dangerous for a kid your age?"

The kid said defensively, "I missed one time on a perfect shot and no it's not dangerous." Rachel asked with a warm smile, "What's your name?" The boy blushed lightly and said stubbornly as he pouted, "Zak Saturday." Jake asked as he examined his grappler, "Where are your parents?" Zak grabbed his grappler out of Jake's hands and said stubbornly, "I don't have any parents. I don't know where they are."

Rachel frowned and said sadly, "Oh you poor boy…" The blonde hugged Zak and Zak hugged Rachel back. Jake sighed and said with a smile, "Come on, we'll bring him to the castle." Rachel smiled and held Zak in her arms as she said, "Thank you, Jake." Jake said with a smile, "Anything for you, my soon to be queen." Iago said as he was about to take off, "Jake, I gotta go. I'll meet you up in the castle." Jake saw the guards and it was none other than Tulio and Miguel. Miguel said with a smile, "Tulio, look who it is." Tulio said with a smirk, "Well if it isn't Jake, the new king."

The duo laughed and saw Rachel with a kid and Tulio teased, "Jake, you didn't tell us you and Rachel were busy." Jake chuckled and said, "Ah, knock it off you guys. You're always teasing me." Miguel said with a smile, "Oh that reminds me. King Derek and the Royal advisor are waiting for you." Jake said with a smile, "Okay, thanks Miguel." The trio went into the Throne room where Derek and his two royal advisors: Jack Skellington and Clopin.

Jack couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Jake for the fires time and said with a smile, "He looks like his father and mother." Clopin chuckled and said as he saw the trio walked towards them, "I can't believe how much they've grown." Derek smiled and said, "Welcome to Atlantica, Jake." Jake bowed and so did Rachel. Derek saw Zak and asked with a smile, "And who is this young one?" Rachel said with a smile, "This is Zak Saturday."

Zak asked with a smirk, "Do I get my own room?" Derek chuckled and said with a smile, "Of course. Jack could you show young Zak to his room?" Jack chuckled and said with a smile, "Come with me. I'll show you to your room." Clopin said with a smile, "I'll tell the kitchen to whip up a feast." Jake asked curiously, "A feast?" A young blue haired woman came down the stairs and said with a smile, "Yes, after all you rare to be the new king."

Jake looked up and asked curiously, "Who are you?" The woman giggled said with a smile, "My name is Coraline and I have the power of the Blue Carnation." King Derek said with a smile, "Coraline will show you to your room." Jake and Rachel fallowed the blue haired woman to their room. Coraline explained, "Now King Derek wants you two to freshen up before the feast." She opened the door and showed the room with two beds and an enormous bathtub.

Coraline said as she closed the door behind her, "I'll leave you two alone then." As soon as Coraline closed the door Rachel kissed Jake with passion and desire that caught him off guard. Jake said with a smile and in between the kiss, "Easy, love." Rachel pouted and said with a cute pout, "No. We've been separated for a year and I'm not letting go." Jake kissed his blonde with love and care and Rachel kissed back.

Jake broke the kiss and said with a smirk, "I'll have time in the world after the feast." Rachel asked with a warm smile, "Promise?" Jake said before he kissed his blonde again, "I promise." Rachel blushed a bright pink as Jake kissed her with love and care than before.

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