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Chapter 6

Jake was surprised to see the skeleton and asked surprised, "Jack?" Jack couldn't believe what he was seeing and whispered, "Jake, what are you doing here?" Jake looked around and asked quietly, "Could we talk somewhere else?" Jack looked and saw the crowd murmuring. Jack said with a bony toothy grin, "Don't worry my friends. They are my friends as well and I will offer them a drink." The crowd roared with joy and Jake saw Rachel in the crowd and said as he pulled her to his side, "Come on."

Jake asked as he brought his blonde to his side, "Rachel, what are you doing here?" Rachel said seriously, "I wanted to come with you." Jake said seriously, "No. You need to stay at the castle with Zak." Rachel said with a smile, "He's with Cheshire and I think he and Zak will hold down the fort." Jake sighed as he rubbed the back of his neck and looked out to see the ghost boy. Jake turned to look at his blonde and said seriously, "If I tell you to hide, you hide." Rachel kissed her fiancé and Jake kissed back with eagerness.

The kiss was interrupted when a voice said, "That's something to watch." Jake and Rachel yelled in surprised and saw the ghost boy phased through the wall. The boy laughed and said with a smile, "I gotta say that's the fourth time I scared anyone." Jake laughed and said with a smile, "You're doing a great job of it, too." The boy had a glowing white circle around him and the couple saw after the circle transformed him. He had raven hair and light blue eyes. He was wearing a white and red t-shirt with blue jean, also wearing red sneakers.

The boy chuckled and said with a smile, "My name is Danny Phantom. I'm a Taboo as you can see." Jake said seriously, "Danny you need go back to your father." Danny sighed and said seriously, "I can't. I have responsibilities now, here in Halloween Town." Jake said seriously, "You're gonna have a little new little brother on the way." Danny was surprised to hear this and said with a sigh, "Even if I wanted to go, I can't leave the people of Halloween Town without someone in charge."

Mushu said with a smile, "You can leave Halloween Town to me." Jake chuckled and said with a smile, "You couldn't handle a few monsters out there." Mushu pouted and Jack said with a bony toothy grin, "Well, I guess I could stay here in Halloween Town until you return." Jake said with a grin, "Okay, that settles it. Now off to find Zuko."

Danny chuckled and said with a smirk as he wrapped an arm around Rachel, "I could always protect the damsel in distress." Rachel put Danny's arm off of her and said with a smirk, "Find your own damsel and save her. I already have my knight in shining armor."

Danny said with a smirk, "Ah, you just don't want to try giving a ghost a chance." Iago asked as he landed on Jake's shoulder, "So where is this Zuko?" Danny said as he rubbed the back of his neck, "Last time I checked he was in Atlantis and I think he was doing research on some gods I think." Jack said with a smile, "But before you and your group head off to Atlantis. I think a party is in order." All of the monsters started to play the music.

Danny started to sing with unease as he looked at the crowd.

~I hardly think I'm qualified~

~To come across all sanctified~

~I just don't cut it with the cherubim~

Jake elbowed Danny and asked excited, "Danny, what are you talking about?" Jake then started to sing with a smile.

~There again on their on~

~their knees~

~Being worshipped is a breeze~

~Which rather suits us in~

~the interim~

Danny started to sing along with Jake.

~Interim, Interim, it's me and him~

~Oh my God~

Mushu was make effects with his fire breathing.

~It's tough to be a God~

Danny started to dance with Rachel by making Jake jealous.

~Tread where mortals have not trod~

~Be deified when really you're a sham~

~Be an object of devotion~

~Be the subject of psalms~

Jake pulled his fiancée and danced with her as Rachel smiled.

~It's a rather touching notion~

~All those prayers and those salaams~

Danny then posed to make himself amazing in front of the crowd.

~And who am I to bridle if I'm forced to be an idol~

~If they say that I'm a God, that's what I am~

Danny then whispered to Jake as Iago and Thumbelina danced together in the crowd.

~What's more, if we don't comply~

~With the locals' wishes~

~I can see us being sacrificed or stuffed~

Monsters started to scare and eat candy that had red raspberry goo.

Jake said with a smile, "You have a good point. That's very a good point." Jake wrapped his arm around Rachel.

~So let's be Gods, the perks are great~

Danny said with a smile, "Yeah."

~Halloween Town on a plate~

Danny grabbed a chocolate bar and said as he started to eat it, "Thank You."

~Local feelings should not be rebuffed~

Danny started to sing as Jake started to eat the candy as the rest of the group.

~Never rebuff, never rebuff a local feeling, no my friend~

The monsters started to use the lights and roared with cheer.

~It's tough to be a God~

~But if you get the people's nod~

~Count your blessings, keep them sweet, that's our advice~

Danny said with a smile, "It's great advice."

~Be a symbol of perfection~

~Be a legend, be a cult~

Rachel kissed her fiancé and danced with Jake to show off her moves.

~Take their praise, take a collection~

~As the multitudes exalt~

Iago and Mushu were drinking the fruit punch to their hearts content.

~Don a supernatural habit~

~We'd be crazy not to grab it~

Danny said with agreement, "You got it."

The two of them sang the big finale as all of the monsters danced the night away.

~So sign up two new Gods for paradise~


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