Hello Everyone!

This is just one giant Authors Note for every one of my stories, and I know some people still follow my stories suprisingly. Hahah. But I haven't been on fanficiton in YEARS, and I'm just now looking back at my old works. Hahah. I'm sorry for the low quality of my writings. Please understand that everything that's on this account was from when I was in middle school (So I was around... 12-13) and I'm now 19 so I deffinetly have learned how to write alot better (although, my spelling can be horrid without using spell check. And I'm not using spell check on this so I appologize for any spelling mistakes.)

But If you're seeing this, then I wanted you to know that I'm actually going to begin rewriting EVERYTHING that's on my account! I'll be going chapter by chapter, fixing up any mary sue characters I may have made, fixing plots, and all together just fixing the atrocity that was my writing 6-7 years ago. Hahah. If you want updates, look at my profile. I plan to maybe be posting how the progress of different fanfictions are coming along.