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A/N: Wasn't Merlin awesome! *shrieks in giddiness and grins broadly* I can't wait for the next episode! Since this is a tag to the episode, there are obviously spoilers. So, enjoy!

Merlin's hands were always doing something. They were busy cleaning or carrying, binding wounds or writing speeches. They also had a tendency to do things they shouldn't like pull him out of the way of flying knives and fire. They were always putting Merlin in harm.

The screams were getting closer as Merlin and Arthur sat in the dark and the cold. He rose to his feet when a hand pushed him aside. The same hands that had saved him all those years ago. An expected hand that had darted out and pulled him out of the way of that knife. Now, Merlin rushed forward toward the living dead. It happened too fast. Merlin was flung across the passageway and into a wall, his body slumping to the ground.

Arthur stared stunned in shock. He stumbled toward his servant with knights following closely behind and used his hands to pull Merlin over. He looked down into the frozen face and gasped.

For nothing mattered anymore, his friend was dead.

His hands would never move again.