If I could have-

If I had-

Oh God, if-

If I could reach you

If I could drag you down

To the hard ground

Make you fall

Come back down to us

To me

And rip at you

And claw at you

Nails scrubbing skin

Hands twisting sinew

Rend you

Pull you apart

If I could lay you down

Among the other dead

Ripped from heaven

And bought down to my hell

Open your ribcage up

Fish through the gore

Find the sharpness in your heart

The sharpness of your heart

And tear it from you

Would it be enough?

Enough pain to break time?

Enough shame to erase this?

Just, enough?

To bring you back?

Surely the Universe

Must fold, cower

Turn its back in disgust

This impossible thing

This unthinkable thing

If this can happen-

If this-


I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Cas

I'm just so damn sorry.