Hey Everybody, FantasyWriter93 here again.

I came up with a lot of ideas for YGO Yaoi's stories lately and here is the first one I have wanted to start, after a poll I started on DeviantArt, this was the most popular *at least so far*.

Ahem anyway, I do not own YuGiOh, only my new OC, Calliope "Calli" Kafieri.


"Muse of the Heart"

MP: Seto X Joey

SP: Yugi X Yami; Bakura X Ryou; Malik X Marik

After a big argument with his lover and boyfriend, Seto Kaiba, Joey goes to live with his Greek friend Calliope Kafieri. But some big news causes him to run away with the help of Calli, only hoping that no one will find him in time, so that things can return to normal.

What is Joey hiding?

Who is Calli really?

And what will Seto and the gang do to get Joey back?

WARNINGS: Lemons, MPREG, violence and much discord.

Well that's the summary, if you like it or want to read more - fav and even review if you like the idea a lot.

I'm currently writing the first chapter now, but I'm having a little trouble with their argument, everything else is fine so until then, this may take a little while or it will be out later this evening.