Sorry for the shortness of the chapter but this only really a filler until I get my mojo back with this story.

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Sapphire eyes blinked blearily awake; to only close once again at the bright white light that blinded them, a hand was raised to block the light until he felt a tug on his right hand.

Seto looked down and saw an IV drip present in his right arm.

He groaned and thought, 'Great I'm in a hospital. I worked myself into exhaustion again. Oh god, Mokie and Joey are going to kill me again.'

The constant beep of the machines allowed the room to not be completely silent as he looked over at the window. A storm was brewing outside, the wind was strong and the rain pelted down to the earth. The lightning and thunder reverberated in the small room, sending shivers down his spine at the intensity of the storm.

"Seto!" a voice cried, bringing him back to the present.

Seto looked over blearily to see his younger brother looking at him happily before running to his side and jumping up onto the bed to hug his older brother.

"Oh Seto. You scared me so much. Why do you keep on driving yourself this hard?" Mokuba cried, tears threatening to fall.

Seto's throat felt so dry that he couldn't really speak. Instead he just wiped away his little brother's tears and hugged him close to his body, showing affection he normally didn't.

"I-I'll be o-okay," he rasped, "W-where's J-Joey?"

"I don't know where Joey is. I've tried calling his cellphone but he's not answering and neither Yugi or Serenity have seen him or heard from him," Mokuba explained, rubbing a hand through his hair in confusion.

Seto closed his eyes as he felt the rush of memories flow through his mind of the things he remembered before blacking out.

Only the intense anger and frustration that had threatened to consume him seemed to loom inside his memories. It was like the winds of chaos had been brewing inside of him until it had been unleashed.

On the amber-eyed one.

Tears leaked from his eyes as he remembered the angry words that he had unleashed on his lover.

'Why? Why did I do that? I never meant any of it! Why?' he thought, hoping someone or something would answer his questions.

Joey wasn't coming back.

The revelation was going to end up killing him.