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This is my take of The Comedian, (please for the love of god read it before you read this. it's pretty funny.)But there will be no time traveling, just a very nice picnic. Well… after the shit before the picnic of course. Well let's go see what Leo is doing now shall we? Now just look at the words, read them, don't touch them that will hurt your screen. if you don't know how to read then you probably should not be here, unless someone is reading it to you, in that case you're a lazy bum and you need to learn how to read (unless your blind), but whatever just read (or listen to) the damn thing. (god i ramble too much..)

He looked at the clock, 1:30AM.

"Time to go." Murmured Leo in a sad picked up the packed backpack. The clothes, water some food and 200$ he'd worked up, were all there. He only had one thing to do now write the note that would probably make her happy. took him 5 minutes to write the note saying he was leaving let a single tear drop, it landed directly on the last few words making them unreadable, just like he wanted it. It was sad that he had to leave, but he knew it was for the best… or so he thought. He opened her door just enough to get in. She was sleeping very deeply and did not notice. He looked at her and smiled a bit. She looked almost peaceful, he wondered what she was dreaming about. He shook his head, chasing away the thoughts, he remembered why he was here and his thoughts dampened again. He looked around her room, he would never see it again the young cat thought. The pink walls with skulls on them, the computer that she wrote her fan fics at. He blinked back tears. Then tip toeing across her room, he left the note next to her computer and placed the other item he was carrying next to the note and stuck the second sticky note on top of it. He looked back one last time to get a quick look at Aeris just before he left. "Goodbye Aeris." He said in a whisper. She moved a little in her sleep after he said that. He shut the door quietly and walked down the hallway looking at everything one last time before he left. He allowed one last tear to fall as he walked out the door. He stood there recollecting the events that happened just the noon before…

"Hey it's a good thing they called that game castle crashers." Leo said teasingly. "Because it crashes so much." He said finishing the joke. "Get it? Castles? Crashing? Crashers!" "LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL" He exclaimed rather loudly. "Oooh I'm so telling the internet that one." He continued "Oh hey here's another joke!" He said. What do you call a 360 that can't play games?" He asked rhetorically. "Yours. Red rings are 100% failure rate with me!" He said teasingly. "It's not like you can't find another one." He said. "There're easy to find. Easy like your mom. REAL EASY! He exclaimed. Aeris was already having a bad day but this was starting to tip it lower even more. "I mean she's no Wii but she sure is cheap!" He explained. "WHAT! I'm just going by what people have told me." He said "People who fucked her." He said in a whisper. "MANY PEOPLE. Get a stamp every time! Twelve and you get Anal! It's like a free sub! He Exclaimed." Only it's Buttsex!" She was at her boiling point, if he said one more thin-"Footl-NO!" Aeris interrupted. "SHUT UP LEO, IM TIRED OF THIS SHIT! ALL OF THE STUFF YOU DO IS RIDICULOUS!" He had a smile at first but it slowly started to fade. "Fuck I've really done it this time…" He thought. "DO YOU KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS? DO YOU?" His smile was completely gone now. She continued. "I FUCKING HATE YOU!" There was a sharp metal blade that came in her tone as she said those last two words. "WHY DON'T YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE? ALL YOU DO IS ACT LIKE AND IDIOT ALL THE TIME AND I'M SICK AND TIRED OF IT! GO FUCK YOUR SELF LEO! NO! ACTUALLY WHY DON'T YOU JUST LEAVE WITH THE LITTLE RESPECT I HAVE FOR YOU! I'M DONE WITH YOU AND YOU IDIOTCY! " She slammed the door as she left. She didn't even touch Leo. Bad sign, she always beat him. But she was extra furious today. Leo now sitting wide eyed on his bed was thinking of what she just said. Slightly shaken up he wondered why she ask him what day it was. He looked at the calenderer, September 14th. "Oh fuck..." Leo murmured. This was the day her mother and father died in a horrible car accident. He buried his head in his hands, he messed up big time this time. He could joke about it on any day but this day. She never knew her parents but she had already asked him not to make fun of his parents on this day. He waited about 15minutes for her to cool down then opened the door to his room and stood at her door for a second, took a deep breath, ran his hands through his hair and opened the door. He saw her sitting at her desk on her computer. She instantly stopped what she was doing. "H-Hey." Leo said scratching the back of his head. "I just wanted to say I'm sorry for what I sai-Stop." She interrupted, turning around in her swivel chair revealed to Leo that she was not cooled down yet. There was something hotter than lava in her eyes, as if Satan had moved to Aeris's eyes and took hell with him. "Leave my room, NOW." Slightly scared he complied. "Ok Aeris." He said as he left her room and shut her door. She would never forgive him for this. All the shit he played on her had now piled up and the pile just fell right on top of him. It was time he left… for her.

This brings us to where we are now with Leo standing in the rain. Leo looked one more time at the blue sedan they owned, and the apartment complex. He turned around and walked down the street towards the road that leads to Montreal, he would hitchhike a ride there. He walked down the street in the pouring rain, away from the home he lived for so long in.

End of Chapter 1/ Pilot

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