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Angel's POV

When we got out of Alex's room. We saw two other adults in the Zephyr. When I toke a closer look I saw it was my parents. "MOM, DAD", I yelled and ran to them. They hugged me and then my mom said," Angelica your alright". My replied was just hugging them. "You gave us a fright sweetie", said my dad, Hesuko. My mom, Takkai walked up to Alex's mom and said," Thank you for taking care of our daughter". "Your welcome", she replied. While they were talking I looked out the window and saw a sandstorm that look like a….face? "Hey guys look at that storm", I said pointing out the window. "Oh no mom, dad Imhotep's back", Alex said with a panic look. "He's not alone", my mom said. When I look closer I saw Shimarisu. Shimarisu was a solider of the underworld. He's strong just like Anubis himself. He looks like a centaur but a half Minotaur half scorpion. He controls lightning and fire. "We know you are in there", yelled Shimarisu. We walked out of the balloon so it won't get roasted. "Well it isn't the Shikiyoris with new friends but no matter I shall still kill you", Shimarisu roared. I looked at my parents. They still kept a straight face. "No the prophecy shall still live on", my mother said with glowing eyes. The O'Connell's looked at us. Me and my parents just look at each other and nodded. "Lightning storm", I yelled. A huge storm of lightning appeared over Shimarisu and strikes. People who think lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place they are wrong. Multiple strikes hit on the chest. "EVERYONE on the Zephyr NOW", yelled my dad. "We can", I didn't finish since something hit me on the stomach. Last thing I knew was Imhotep throwing fire at my family and Alex yelling my name and running to me before I blacked out.

Alex's POV

I saw Angel getting hit by one of Imhotep's attacks. "ANGEL", I yelled as I watch her fall on the ground and blackout. I ran to her and picked her up bride style. I looked at the other creature that Angel attacked. It was lying on the ground fried. Then a big wave of water appeared. I looked up and saw four adults and five kids. One of the adults that was a woman with pink hair had water in her hands. I ran to the Zephyr and the others were already there. My dad ran to the controls and made the balloon go lift of. I saw the four adults and kids flying to the Zephyr. Angel's mom opened the door to let them in. "Takara, Takira, Heruko, Hekaro it's good to see you again", she said. "Hey kids", said Angel's dad to the five kids. I and my parents looked at them. The new comers looked at us. "Oh where are our manners I'm Takara this is my husband, Heruko and our kids Hope and Dan", said the woman with bland hair while pointing to a man with silver hair and two kids with blond hair. "I'm Hekaro and this is my wife, Takira and our kids Kitsune and Amber", said a man with black hair who was pointing to a woman with pink hair and kids with black hair. "It's nice to meet you I'm Evy O'Connell and this is my husband Rick and our son, Alex", introduced my mom. I was going to wave at them when I remember about Angel. "Guys what's wrong with Angel", I said than a kid with white hair came in front of me. "She's going to be alright oh by the way my names Alex too but I'm known as A.J", he said. "Don't tell me you're she's your twin or older sibling", I asked. "Twin and the other kids are our cousins", he replied. We both heard a groan and looked at Angel in my arms. She groans and digged her head further in my chest. I just blushed and held her closer. She opened her eyes and groaned. I just chuckled and said," Rise and shine sleepy head". She just groan and said," don't wanna to lazy and stomach hurts". I kissed her forehead and watch her eyes widen and blushed shown on her cheeks. I just chuckled to myself. "Wh-why did yo-you do that", she asked. "Too wake you up lazy", I replied. While she got up, her cousins ran to her. "Its good to see you", I heard her say. "You are in love with my sister", whispered A.J in my ear. I didn't reply at first. Next, he just pinched my arm. "Owe what was that for", I asked while rubbing my arm. "You didn't answer my question", he said. "Fine maybe I do", I said. "Maybe nope you do", he said with a smile. "You're not going to tell her right", I asked hoping he will say no. "Fine I wont tell her but you better", he said with a smirk. "okay A.J I will", I said. Then Angel and her cousins came over. "What yall talking bout", she asked. "Oh nothing sis", said A.J. "I'm bored where are we going anyway", asked Dan. "We're going to the Medjai Academy", I replied. "Sweet", he said. "So how far is it", asked Amber? "Don't worry its couple minutes away we be there by sunset", I said. "Well that boring so what do we do while we wait", asked Hope. "I know truth or dare", said A.J. "Alright", said all of us well expect me and Angel. "I'll pass thank you", I said. "Aww come on Alex are ya a chicken", said Kitsune. "Who you calling a chicken", I said. "I am", he replied. "You two act like our parents when they were kids", said Amber. "I don't wanna play", said Angel. "Come on please Angle, Alex", whined Hope. We both sigh and gave in. "Fine ", we said.

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