A Wedding

Disclaimer: I do not own Merlin, BBC does.

Warning: This is wishful thinking AU.

It was either a very short engagement or quite a long one, either way it was not unwelcomed and rather expected. So they married, because they did not want to wait not anymore.

After the vows were exchanged, their names signed on an official parchment and wine drunk, the bride and groom were led by their wedding party. In the tavern was their reception, a great one, for the room was filled from the ground upward with people raising their cups and giving out a thunderous cheer at the sight of the newly wedded.

And among these guests, were the king and his queen.

Arthur and Guinevere sat a little way from the acted as the main table, containing Hunith, Merlin and Gaius along with his bride Alice.

"They look so happy."

Arthur looked up from his tankard and to his wife. He then studied the now married couple. He had to agree with Gwen. Gauis and Alice looked years younger and flying on clouds, never taking eyes off of one another.

"They should be. Their betrothal lasted about thirty years."

Gwen light slapped his am and laughed.

It was touching to see Gauis this happy, to see two people together at last and have their happy ending.

Gwen soon got up to join in a dance with Merlin, then Gwaine when Merlin was taken away by a pretty girl, a relation of Alice, if Arthur remembered correctly.

He remembered something else.

He thought of the time when Gauis served his father and worried about Merlin while Alice was off god knows where, evading capture. He did good and she did good, but they were never together. It was the time when Gwen was in rough yellow clothes and thought Arthur as a bully and pigheaded. She was right, of course, and he was too blinded to even notice her.

And now, he earned her love and her respect. She was his queen, dressed in resplendent lavender and by his side.

Gwen, bright-eyed and exhausted, returned to her seat. Once she did that, Arthur gave her a long and deep kiss.

"What was that for?" Gwen asked a moment after it was over, too soon for the both of them, "Not that I minded."

"It's in celebration of better times." Arthur answered.

"May we have another so more can follow?" Gwen leaned closer to her husband.

Arthur replied by taking her lips again, and for much longer time.

That's the end, can't really think of any other proper ending. Hope you liked it.