This is taking place after the battle of Hogwarts where Fred and Voldemort are ghosts. This is also thanks to Dirty Little Half-Blood and her ideas.

I has your nose!

Fred POV

"Hello Voldemort we meet again." I called in my 'James Bond Villain-ish' voice, while pretending to stroke a cat.

He rolled his eyes at me and sneered through his none existent nose, he hadn't changed since he got killed by my good old friend Harry.

"What do you want Weasel?" He grumbled. I smiled my trade mark crooked smile.

"Nothing Voldy but guess what."

"If you say that one more time I am going to strike you down with the power of a thousand trolls and I will get my pet giant to eat you."He screamed at me like a little girl to her daddy, I kept smiling.

"You forget something Voldy, I am already dead." With that I started skipping towards him, giggling like a fool.

A huge grin plastered across my face I stopped directly in front of him about an inch between us. I swept my hand across his face turned on my heels and skipped away singing,

"I has Voldy's Nose, I has Voldy's Nose!" Over and over and over and over again.

"That's it! I have had enough of this! You may have my nose….But I has your brother's ear! So…..Joke's on you Biatch!"

I stopped dead and turned back to face him.

"Oh and another thing Weasel, I has your belt." He smiled a wicked smile as I looked down.

"Oh well, Snakeface…At least I wore boxers today!" And with that I turned and skipped away with my jeans clinging to my ankles.