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De wa otanoshimi~

Blood. That was the sight that greeted me as I got home from school. Both of my parents lying in a pool of red liquid, with the sickening smell of iron lingering in the air.

"Okaa-san? Otou-san?...OKAA-SAN! OTOU-SAN!"

My eyes widened at the scene, not only was my parents out cold on the living room floor, the whole house seemed as if it has been hit a tornado. Tears were threatening to fall. I was too shocked to even utter a single word. I tried to approach my parents albeit shakily, and tried to check for a pulse. As I kneeled down beside them and pressed my fingers against their neck, I prayed, that, maybe just maybe, my parents would still be alive. But no, all my hopes shattered as I couldn't feel a single pulse. That was when I knew that both of my parents are dead. Yes. DEAD. It's really funny how your life could change in an instant. One day you're happily living your life, and the next day, you find both of your parents dead. How ironic.

Without me knowing, tears had streamed down my face as I stayed rooted to the ground. Next to my parents' corpse. I felt like screaming my hearts out. But strangely enough, my throat felt as if it was on fire and I couldn't produce a single sound.

The sound of people's footsteps brought me out of my daze. I could make out a few sentences. But I couldn't care less. After all, I have lost everything haven't I? However, curiosity got the better of me as I tried to listen to their conversation.

"HURRY UP ROMARIO! We may still be able to save them! We can't waste any time!", one voice said.

"Yes Boss! Though…. Looking at this place…. I would say that were too late…", another one said.

"DON'T JOKE WITH ME! WE CAN'T GIVE UP YET! THERE MUST STILL BE…a…chance…",the first voice trailed off as he slammed the door, leading to the living room, open. Most probably shocked at the gruesome scene.

I looked up to meet the shocked gaze of a blond man. He was pretty tall, for my standard anyway, and had really soft brown eyes, despite the shocked look. He looked no older than 25 and was wearing a green coat with fur attached to its collar. Behind the said man, stood numerous people wearing black suits. 'like ones I have seen on the movie Godfather' was what I thought.

The 'blond' man seemed to have regained his composure and started spewing orders at what I assumed is his subordinate, seeing as they called him 'boss'. I could only stare at the men moving my parents away, tears having dried a while ago. I don't even seem to have the will to talk nor question them for taking my parents away.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder, I didn't even bother to look up anymore. Frankly speaking, I was actually tempted to say to them to just kill me. But somehow, my mouth seems to disobey me. Noticing that that I didn't turn to look at him, the man, which I recognized to be Mr. Blondie, shifted such that he was staring straight at me. He put a blanket to cover my body and then pulled me up by the hand and led me to one of the 'clean' rooms.

He ended up leading me towards my parents' bedroom where he sat next to me on the bed. He handed me a mug of which I assumed was, hot cocoa. I could feel Mr. Blondie's stares at me but my eyes remain rooted to the mug of cocoa in my blood-tainted hands. I could see that he was not too happy to see my eyes looking empty and seeing the dried tears on my cheeks. Nevertheless, he tried to get me to talk.

"Hey…I know that this is hard for you that I have to interrogate you. As much as I don't want to do this, I need you to cooperate with me. Is that okay with you?" Blondie said while scratching his head, although he did smile, even little kids would know that it was strained.

No response from me. 'Blondie' sighed.

"Ok. So how about an introduction first? My name's Dino Cavallone. I was your parents' bos- err I mean friends yeah friends. What's your name?"

Still no response from me. Dino sighed again while looking the other way. And the I mumbled something., Immediately he spun around.

"What did you say? I didn't quite hear it."

I murmured again, this time a little bit louder. Despite that he seems to be unable to hear what I was saying.

"What? Sorry, could you repeat that but a little bit louder this time?"

I stared at him blankly before mouthed the words 'Please… Just…. Kill…. Me….' with fresh tears starting to fall.

He was stunned by what I just said but regained his composure. What he did next was what shocked me. He hugged me tightly yet gently as he kept murmuring consoling words to my ear. Tears started falling as I hugged him closer, and that was where I broke down but I still didn't make a single sound.

"Shhh… It's okay…. Everything's gonna be alright… Shh…I'm here…." Dino said this repeatedly as if saying a mantra.

This situation carried on until I had calmed down. When I finally calmed down, Dino started to ask me again, this time less demanding, more of a friendly tone.

"Now that we have finally calmed down," I sniffed a little while Dino just flashed me his smile, "Can you tell me your name now?" said Dino with that gentle smile still on his face.

'Sa-' I really wanted to answer his question yet no voice seems to have come out. I tried again still no voice. I tried for the third time but this time it caused me to have a coughing fit. I held my throat as if to soothe the pain while Dino panicked while grabbing his hair in a panic frenzy. Dino gave me a glass of water and my coughing fit subsidized.

"Are you okay now?" he asked with concerned.

I could only nod at him. Seeing as I could not talk at the moment, I tried to find other ways to communicate with him. I glanced around the room only to stop at my parents' desk. On the desk laid some papers and a few ballpoint pens. Taking the papers I showed them to Dino who looked confused at my findings.

Only when I started writing did he understand what I was doing.

I wrote on the paper 'With this, we can communicate even though I can't talk yet'

"That's a good idea uhhh…."

'I'm Mochizuki Sara'

"Yeah Sara-chan. You don't mind if I call you that do you? " Dino questioned.


And thus we continued to talk, until we heard a soft knock on the door.

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