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It has been a week since Sara and the others was abducted.

Both the Vongola and Cavallone have been working their bones off trying to search for them. Yet still to no avail. All they were able to find out was that the plot directed to bring the Cavallone famiglia down rather than the mighty Vongola.

But that was all the lead they have. And somehow it wasn't really much of a help.

"Romario, have you found any leads on the enemy yet?" Dino asked Romario. Although he may have sounded calm to most people, Romario knew better.

Romario could see through his facade easily, seeing the worry and concern that his boss was trying to hide. It would take a lot more than that to fool him.

"No Boss. We have investigated every single potential rival famiglia that have the motive to bring the Cavallone famiglia down. But they have been quiet for the past few months. They have shown no signs of any illegal activities."

"Then search harder! There must be something!" Dino was starting to raise his voice. He tried to get up from his seat, but was blocked by Romario who pulled Dino's hand back, in such a way that Dino was once again sitting on his black leather armchair.

"Please calm down Boss."

"How am I supposed to calm down when anything could happen to her while we stay here? You remember what she has experienced don't you!"

"I know Boss. But we can't afford to let you out at this moment. The enemy could be hiding in the shadows just waiting to ambush you as soon as you let your guard down."

"But Romari-"

"Boss please think about the family too. If the boss gets hurt, the whole family will be in chaos. And that is something we would like to avoid."

Dino didn't utter a single word.

What Romario said was true. As much as he wanted to save Sara, he can't risk his men's lives. It would be irresponsible of him to do such, especially since they trusted him that much. Being a boss means being entrusted with the lives of your subordinates, no matter what happens.

If you are unable to protect them, it would mean that you have failed your duty as a boss.

Having the truth thrown straight to your face was not something very pleasant. And knowing that you can't do anything about it made it even more frustrating.

Dino slammed both his hands on the brown mahogany table on front of him. Laughing ironically to his own helplessness.

He raked his blonde hair before slumping back on the armchair. 'What kind of a boss am I? I can't even protect her.'

'And even when I promised to protect her.' Dino cursed mentally.

At the thought of this, memories of Sara started to surface in Dino's mind.

The state when he first found her.

Her voice that called out his name.

The first time she showed her smile solely for him.

It was pure torture not being able to do anything.

How could he just be sitting here? Doing nothing?

He was a Mafia Boss for God's sake!

An urgent yell from Ivan brought him out of his stupor. Dino looked up to one of his most trusted subordinate running towards him while waving a stack of paper in his left hand.

"Boss! We've found her! We've found her whereabouts and the family that has taken her hostage!" he shouted.

Dino's eyes widened in disbelief before standing up and rushing towards Ivan and snatched the stack of paper.

"It was the Draco famiglia," Ivan began to explain. "They are a new famiglia that's growing pretty rapidly recently. They also seemed to be the one behind the attacks on our famiglia." Ivan elaborated while wiping a sweat off his face.

Dino's facial expression darkened as he skimmed through the paper, his face getting grimer by the second.

Draco Famiglia

Boss: Unknown

Famiglia strength: 1500 members

Recent Activities:

Weapon trafficking(refer to pg 3). Experiments on animals & Humans (refer to pg 6). Attacks on other famiglias(refer to pg 13). Human trafficking (Refer to page 15)

*Rumour has it that the Draco famiglia had gotten hold of a precious specimen and are on their way to Tenroujima island. (Anyone knows where I got this from ? ;))

Dino gripped on the paper tightly, making the sides of it all crumpled. His subordinates had crowded around him and shot him with worried glances.

Finally after a minute or so he glanced up, with determination.

"Romario, take all our men and prepare the jet right away! We're leaving in 15 mins!" Dino ordered.

"Yes Boss!" Romario, with the rest of the men answered. Nobody dared to questions his orders as they had noticed that this Dino meant business.

Every one hustled and bustled through the door getting all their weaponry, guns, ammunition, bullet-proof vest and all other things that may help them in this 'invasion'.

Dino on the other hand just stand rooted where he was, his right hand gripping on the locket he picked up.

'Just you wait Sara, I'll come and save you now.' He thought to himself. Silently praying that his beloved would be okay, even though a small part of his heart knew that was nearly impossible.

But who could blame him?

"Boss, it's all ready." Romario told him from the door.

"Ngh… Ahh! AAHHH!"

No….. It hurts

"This is great! Just like what we've expected! No.. wait.. The results are even better than we've expected!"

Save me… It hurts…. Anybody !

"She really does have 'that'!"


"Yes, it would seem that she does have the 'Voice of God' after all. Hmm continue with all the experiments and report it to me afterwards"

"Yes Sir!"


"Looks like she passed out. Well, can't help it. Okay guys we'll have a 10 min break! Just leave the girl there, she won't be able to escape anyway" said the guy with the white robes while smirking in mockery.

"You sure are right about that Kusaribe-san! Haha!"retorted another.

As all the people exited the room, Sara managed to regain a bit of her consciousness and tried to hold in her tears. Yet, some of the wet liquid just seemed to stream down her face….once more.

All in all Sara was a complete mess. Her once luscious black hair is now reduced to a dull colour. Her pair of black orbs that could be considered the epitome of innocence has now lost its shine.

Her face had streaks of what seems to be left of the dried tears.

She also seemed to have lost a few pounds.

Although it had only been a week, it felt like years to her. Every day, every hour, minute and second had been pure agony.

They would perform experiments on her and treat her as if she was some kind of rare animals they have gotten their hands on.

At first, it was just the taking of blood samples and they would leave her alone. But, as the days passed, the type and intensity of these experiments would increase.

They would inject her with various chemicals while tying her to the examination bed and attaching different types of machine to her body. No matter how much she struggled, they just wouldn't stop, it only fueled them to do much more.

Although the chemicals running through her vein was painful, she was still able to bear it. Whenever they injected her with those poison, she felt as if her body was on fire. After a few rounds they would stop for a while before continuing it again. Yet, at the end of the torturous day, they would just say that it was a failure

Just what in the world do they want from me?

Was what went through her mind every single day.

Nevertheless all that pain and agony didn't prepare her for the next experiment.

You know how everyone always say 'Save the best for last'?

I would say that this is the perfect situation to make use of it.

It would seem all those researchers save the best for last.

It was something Sara would have never dreamt about.

During the 6th day, the whole routine changed, she was still injected with those drugs, but this time they didn't attach that many machines to her. All they attached to her was two miniscule circular sticker-like things which had cables connected to them.

Those researchers were also more anxious than ever. Some of them kept on fidgeting around whole others were whispering throughout the room.

Before Sara could prepare herself, a surge of electricity ran throughout her entire being and that unlocked a certain something inside her yet the pain was excruciating to the point that she thought her heart would stop.

The monitor of all those machine went haywire. All the readings went over the top and before long the beeping noises echoed through the room. The word 'Danger' was all over the screen warning them of possible mishaps.

The hurried footsteps of the people present echoed throughout the room.

Al of the sudden the door flung open and all the movement seemed to stop. A young boy walked into the room and approached Sara. His face held no emotion whatsoever yet the moment he stood next to Sara the whole deceitful acting began to take motion.

"Nee-san, Stop!" he yelled, tears starting to flow down his cheeks.

"It's me Nee-san! Don't you remember me? Nee-san no otouto Sen dayo! (It's your younger brother, Sen)"

Sara's POV

That voice….

Dare deshou ka? (Who is it, I wonder?)

Sen tte….dare? (Who is Sen?)

Otouto? (Younger brother?)

Watashi hitoriko hazu na no ni… Otouto nante inai hazu….. (I'm an only child…. I shouldn't have a brother)

Demo…. Nandaka… totemo natukashii koe da… (But….. Somehow….. this voice seems really nostalgic)

Narrator's POV (You know you love me hehe *pummeled again* *dead*)

Sara felt her body beginning to relax a bit and noticed that her pain had started to subsidize too. She was more aware of her surroundings once more. Her eyelids fluttered open to see a young boy very near her face.


"Hai Nee-san (Yes, Older sister)"

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