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I know I shifted my glance towards the door, only to see swing to open to reveal a man who looked liked was in his mid-thirties. He had jet black hair with mustache and all. A pair of black-rimmed glasses rested on his nose. Of course, he was wearing that same black suit.

'I'm starting to think that these people are really involved in the Mafia'

"Romario" Dino called out. 'Romario? Where have I heard that name before? Now that you mention it, Dino's name seems familiar too.'

As though sensing my confusion, he gestured me towards the man, presumably named Romario.

"Sara-chan, meet Romario, my right-hand man," he said. I looked up to stare at Romario. He gave me a grin and while bowing, said "Nice to meet you Sara-san. I am Romario"

I was about to reply to his words but decided against it. It wasn't because I remembered that I couldn't speak at the moment, it was more due to the fact that Romario's smile had turned into a frown.

"Boss," he started "we found something."

Hearing that Dino's face turned serious too. I heard him mumbling incoherent things before approaching Romario at the door. Both of them started talking in a language I recognized as Italian. Not that I know much of the language, I just heard my parents conversing in the language a couple of times on the phone before.

Nevertheless, I could make out a few words that they were saying such as knives, murder, mafia, reveng- wait what? 'Mafia?'

I was too lost in my own thoughts that I didn't notice Dino had finished his conversation. He tapped me on the shoulder but I flinched at the sudden contact, slapping his hand away at the same time. I was still scared for my life and trembled in fear, frankly speaking, Dino' sudden contact didn't help at all. I began to relax as I recognized that it was just Dino.

Dino sat down beside me again. I was looking at his every move until he broke me out of my daze.

"Nee Sara-chan, do you think you can tell what happened now? Dino asked me again.

My face turned solemn and I nodded quietly as if to indicate that I was more willing now. I took a piece of paper from its pile and began writing the tragedy that happened in a place I called home. I started to pen down about how I arrived at home and seeing my parents in a pool of blood. I grimaced at the mental picture yet Dino just looked at me with worry in his brown orbs.

Every time I passed him a paper, he would read silently without asking a single question. Heck, he was as silent as a stone. For which I was happy with. Halfway through, I felt little droplets of water fall onto my hands. Noticing that it was my own tears, I felt so embarrassed that I was showing a stranger the weak side of me for the SECOND time!

I wiped my tears away furiously. Dino, however, still did not utter a single word. He chose to rub my back gently instead as if trying to soothe me, and also indicating that he was there with me. I was thankful for his gesture and I continued with my writing.

At the end of it, however, Dino still doesn't seem to be satisfied. Yet, he had a very serious face. 'Is he mad at me?' was all I could think of at the moment.

"Sara-chan," he called out in a voice that was serious yet still with hints of gentleness in it "Did you find anything strange when you went into the house earlier?"

I shook my head in disapproval. Dino sighed for the umpteenth time today.

"Then, Sara-chan let me ask you this. Do you know anything about your parents' jobs?"

I shook my head in disapproval again.

"Nothing? Nothing at all?"

I was seriously getting irritated by his question but still shook my head once again.

"I guess I should tell you about it then" Dino said this while looking down, his bangs covering his eyes.

'Huh?' I tugged on the sleeve of his coat asking him to continue. I really wanted to know if my parents' jobs had something to do with their deaths. From the start, I had a feeling that it wasn't just a case of robbery or, dare I say it, murder. I knew that this tragedy had some other deeper meaning, after my parents were the nicest people you can find.

"Do you really want to know? Even if this might hurt you and put you in danger? Even if this path may be full of blood and sin? Once you hear this, your life will change completely and there will be no going back. Do you have the resolve to leave all your loved ones, be it your friends or relatives, behind and sacrifice all the peace that you still have with you now? If not, I would rather you don't hear it."

I stayed silent, pondering all the questions that had been thrown at me. "Do you really want to know?". Yes. "Even if this might hurt you and put you in danger?". Danger? Come on, how bad can it be? "Do you have the resolve to leave all your loved ones…" I don't even have one anymore. "…peace that you still have with you now" The only peace I had is the time I spent with my parents. And with them gone, doesn't that mean all peace are gone too?

Dino still stared at me, looking for any signs for him to continue or stop. He was probably expecting me to actually say no. But I had to know the truth behind all this, so I gave Dino my sincerest smile and expected him to continue. Dino was stunned, that's for sure, but nonetheless began speaking.

"Well, I guessed you made your decision. Can you promise me that you won't judge your parents after hearing what I have to say?" I nodded "Good. Let me be blunt….. You're parents are informants….." Informants? That's all? What's so weird about being an informant? It's not dangerous or illegal, is it?

But Dino just had to prove me wrong when he uttered his next sentence, "…for the Mafia. To be exact, the Cavallone famiglia. And let me introduce myself again. I am Dino Cavallone, the 10th generation boss of the Cavallone famiglia."

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