I'm a Bishounen trainer, with a twist

Blah = thoughts

-Blah- = telepathy (you'll see later)

Blah = dex

The whole forest was privy to the sound of a girl screaming bloody murder. "Why in the name of all the Kami did that fucking link have to drop me in a tree!" The girl was scared as hell clinging to a tree branch some good 70 feet in the air. Her day had started simple enough, go to school, come home, and check her mail. The only thing that wasn't normal was the mysterious Bishiworld email. She knew about the site from reading the stories, after finding it she checked in with her best friends to see if they got the email too. They all clicked the "make me a trainer" button at the same time, but they obviously wound up in different places seeing as the poor girl in the tree was alone.

This girl is Higurashi Ranko, yes that is her real name, both her parents are part Japanese (this is not who I am… it's just a character I use). The strange thing about Ranko though is that she looks like a green eyed version of Saotome Ranma's female form. Her parents are also strange, her mother has a bit of psychic abilities and her father a martial artist. Ranko's father isn't her birth father; she doesn't know who the man is because her mom won't say. Ranko assumes he died because of the pained look her mom always got when he was mentioned. Now another odd thing about Ranko's family is that they believe in polygamy (yes it is an excuse to do what I want with bishi pairings). Other than that they don't really have a religion.

Normally Ranko wouldn't have a problem with heights or getting down from the tree, she is a martial artist, but the branches around her aren't thick enough for her to make her way down from. It's a wonder that the branch she is clinging to is supporting her weight at all. Never mind… said branch just cracked. "KUSO!" The nineteen year old started scrambling to grab a sturdy branch to allow her to hop down the tree. Something black swooped out of the air and caught her in their arms, judging from the musculature her rescuer was a male. Blinking stupidly at the feathery chest she was pressed against, all Ranko could register was that she wasn't falling anymore.

Looking up at the face of her rescuer reveled who it was "I must ask madam, why where you sky diving without a parachute or magic to break you fall?" Scowling at the wizard Ranko replied hotly, "I didn't mean to land in a 70 foot tree, Howl, all I did was click the damn 'make me a trainer' button." The bird-like wizard grinned at her response before flying down to the ground. "My deer I found who was screaming," Howl began to change back as soon as their feet touched the ground. "How many times do I have to tell you to stop attempting to flirt with me? Because I will tell Sophie." A girl who looked about two years older than Ranko stepped out of the tree line. Her hair was dark blue, Ranko knew it had to be dyed but it looked so natural, with black eyes and a lithe body structure. Maybe Howl helps her magically dye her hair, Ranko thought. Howl's eyes widened slightly and he thankfully kept his mouth shut and didn't attempt to flirt with the already irate red head.

The bluenette rolled her eyes and held out her hand to Ranko. She looks like Abby from NCIS, except with blue hair. "I'm Abby, yes I know I look like her you don't have to mention it," the newly dubbed Abby said with a grin. Ranko laughed and shook Abby's hand, "I'm Ranko, yes it is my real name, and I think you can tell I have some Asian in me." Both trainer and Bishi nodded. Abby returned Howl to his ball, "Come on I'll take you to Epoch City. How much do you know about this already?" "Anything that can be found in stories written by the trainers that are here," Ranko replied. "Then you must know a lot." Ranko nodded as they started walking.

"You know I could have got down on my own if I managed to snag a thick branch," Ranko told Abby. "I don't only look like Ranma; I'm a pretty good martial artist too." Abby looked impressed, "That's pretty cool." Ranko nodded placing her hands behind her head. "I can't pull off all those really cool Ki attacks but I can do a lot of the physical stuff. I was hoping I could learn the Ki moves from my Bishis." Abby grinned saying, "It'd b awesome to be able to shoot energy, but I'm not any good at that stuff. The most exercise I get is walking all over Bishiworld." Ranko shrugged as they made it to Epoch. "Just look for the brightest colored building in town. I'll b at Akarui Hoshi no Ryokan if you want to exchange dex numbers."

"Sure, I'll meet you there." Ranko waved to her new friend before grinning and jumping to the nearest roof startling Abby. "Hey is that a Ranma bishojou?" someone yelled. "Nope! I'm a trainer!" Ranko yelled out to the crowd before roof hopping to the Orientation Building. Heh this is fun… but if anyone throws a ball at me, I'm breaking some bones. Ranko skidded to a stop and blinked as someone landed on the roof in front of her. "Oh shit…" the young man standing on the roof grinning madly was clad in yellow with a black spotted bandanna tied around his head.

"Ranma! Prepare to die!" he shouted charging at the soon-to-be trainer. "Ack! I'm not Ranma! Heck I ain't even a bishi!" Ranko ducked under the umbrella. "Whoever the fuck this Ryouga belongs to better come retrieve him!" Why me! Ranko thought as she hopped to another building to avoid the enraged martial artist. "Get back here Ranma!" He's very persistent… trainer please return your bishi! "Itai!" Ranko then proceeded to curse a blue streak when one of Ryouga's bandannas sliced her cheek. "Sorry!" the obviously crazy Ryouga was withdrawn much to Ranko's relief.

Stupid crazy bishi… I don't look that much like Ranma do I? Ranko jumped back down when she reached a giant neon yellow building. Sweat dropping and holding a hand to her still bleeding cheek Ranko walked into the eyesore of a building. Ranko walked up to the receptionist's desk. "Excuse me, I'm a newbie. And I could use a bandage… a crazy Ryouga mistook me for a Ranma-onna." The receptionist blinked at the newbie "You do look remarkably like a female Ranma bishoujou." Ranko rolled her eyes and cleaned her cheek before placing the bandage the pink haired woman handed her over the slice on her cheek.

"Wait over there for Professor Lupe will be with you and the other newbies as soon as the previous group is done." Nodding Ranko walked over to a where she could see a group of confused looking teens. "Does anyone know what's going on?" the only young man in the group of twelve asked. "Yes," Ranko answered simply as she sat down. Rolling her eyes as the group stared at her, she told them to wait for the professor. "Stop staring at me for the love of God, I know I look like Ranma. And I'd appreciate not being stared at the whole time we're here!" Is everyone I meet in this world going to stare at me like I'm a bishi? Ranko was saved from being further stared at by the entrance of a man in a lab coat. "If you'd all follow me," he said before leading the group to what looked like a high school class room.

- (Skipping to more interesting bits) -

After the normal introduction, the group was out of the class room. "We're going to an auditorium where you can meet some bishis that have agreed to become yours. After you and the bishi agree to partner up, not that way," some of the girls in the group blushed at his initial statement, "I'll take you to where you can get your Bishidex and PD spheres." Cool we get to start with the dorm rooms instead of the original balls. Must be because some bishis are ballaphobic. The door to the auditorium was opened and Ranko walked in not noticing that the rest of the newbies were too shocked by all the Bishounen and Bishoujou in the room to follow her.

Looking around Ranko spotted bishis from many different animes, games, movies, TV shows, and books. Dammit there are so many bishis here I don't know where to start. Making her way over to the snack table Ranko looked for a bishi she'd prefer over anyone else. Her eyes widened when she spotted a certain red haired green eyed kitsune hanging around the punch bowl. "Hi… do you prefer Shuuichi or Kurama?" she asked when she reached the demon. "Either is fine…" "Higurashi Ranko, yes I'm human though I really don't look it." He chuckled at her response. "Well then Ranko would you like a drink?" Ranko nodded as she watched the others in the group of rookies finally make their way into the room.

"You seem to be the least shocked with these events," Kurama said handing her a cup. "I read a lot of the stories." "Ah," was his response. The rookies shyly started talking to some of the others, well most of them did one girl squealed and glomped onto a poor Bakura Ryou. "I don't think that Ryou is getting away from that girl." Ranko said. "Neither do I." Kurama said sipping his fruit punch. "I was wondering, Kurama would you be my first bishi?" Ranko looked up at the other red head. The kitsune gave the new trainer a smile and nodded. Grinning widely Ranko gave Kurama a hug, "Thank you." She let go of Kurama blushing lightly.

Shaking his head the demon finished his punch watching the martial artist calm herself down. I must be one of her favorites, he mused. After a bit of time Professor Lupe called them all back, everyone had managed to find a bishi amongst the group in the auditorium. He led them to what looked like a lab explaining that this was where they'd be getting their Bishiballs and Bishidexs. The other eleven girls pushed the boy to the front so he'd have to get the shot first. His Mai Bishoujou rolled her eyes at them as she followed the boy to the machines. Ranko went next, "You girls are a bunch of wimps." She left as soon as she had everything Kurama was still uncaught though.

Programming the dex wasn't as hard as she thought it would be. Name? "Higurashi Ranko." Age? "Nineteen." Property of Higurashi Ranko age nineteen correct? "Yes." Ranko then tossed a ball at Kurama, the dex registering him and giving Ranko info she already knew. Nickname? "Kurama" Minamino Shuuichi stage Sama nickname Kurama correct? "Yes," with that Ranko sent out her first bishi. "It is very sparse in there," he commented. "We'll fill it when I have more money." He nodded and they made their way to Akarui Hoshi no Ryokan.