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The shadows are always hiding something, there is always an enemy lurking in the shadows waiting for that one moment of weakness that one second of hesitation that could spell the death of you. For my kind weakness can quite literally mean your destruction. But at the same time, for my kind strength can bring honor… This is what it means to be a creature of the night.

Naruto Uzumaki, container of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, was dead. There was no doubt about that. His heart had stopped nearly an hour ago yet no color had left his face, his body was still as warm and even blood from the multiple stab wounds to his body flowed with the crimson proof of his life. Many had wondered if it was the demons power keeping him alive, as there had been previous attacks like this one, attacks that made even the strongest of medical personnel cringe when they saw the extinct of his wounds.

If not for the fox Naruto would have more scars than even the most seasoned ninja in the village. As it was he still had quite a few. The Hokage stared down at the body of the boy who kept their village from being destroyed with every breath he had taken and silently cursed his village for their naiveté.

"I figured they would squander their 'saviors' sacrifice when he made the contract with the shinigami." A voice that sent chills down the spine of the Hokage was the only warning that the legendary ninja received when 'He' appeared. His very presence was power, more power that ten years ago Hiruzen would have thought impossible to possess, at least if he were mortal.

"I remember you saying as much ten years ago when you first came to me Acheron," Sarutobi Hiruzen said his eyes never straying from Naruto's corpse. "I told you the village would overcome their prejudice that they would see them as a hero because of my successor's final words to the masses but they have let both me and Naruto down."

"And yet he will have redemption." Acheron replied emotionlessly, "He is granted power by both what he holds, and by legacy." Acheron paused before he knelt by the body and touched Naruto's wrist. "Now he will be granted power by the Final Fate of All." As Acheron spoke Naruto's eyes open, they were glazed over and unfocused but there was no denying the life in those shimmering deep ocean blue eyes.

"As leader of your village I hold you and those who are placed in command of him responsible for his life." Acheron said as he continued to heal Naruto, "He is no longer simply one of your ninja, he is one of my warriors, he is my sword here in your country and I will not allow you or anyone in this village to abuse the sacrifices he and his parents made."

On Naruto's wrist a mark appeared of what looked like a sun pierced by three lightning bolts. "Remember my words Sarutobi I will be back if they are not heeded. Oh and by the way his trainers will be here sometime in the next couple of days."

The following day:

Hiruzen was looking out over the village when an anbu appeared behind him.

"Report," the order was clipped with agitation over what had happened the previous days with Naruto, things had changed for the better for Naruto but the village as a whole who treated him as the demon he held at bay was sadly mistaken if they thought it was something that would be taken lightly anymore.

"There are two individuals at the gate who bares the mark you told us to be on the lookout for," the anbu reported, "Shall they be escorted here?"

"Neko," Another anbu female this time appeared in a blur of motion, "Please escort Naruto Uzumaki here."

The second anbu disappeared as fast as she had appeared, "Escort our visitors here and return to your duties," the first anbu disappeared and once again Sarutobi was alone in his office for the moment. "And so it begins."

One month later:

Naruto panted as Rogue and Subaru finally let up, he was drenched in sweat and was sure that the blows he had taken from both of his new trainers would leave him sore and very bruised. Still there was a part of him that was very grateful for what was being done for him. He had only met Acheron the previous week and he could say without a doubt that he was looking forward to finding out more of what he would be doing as one of his Warriors.

"You're doing better Neophyte," Subaru said the ever present smirk on his face lifting just a little. "Not as hopeless as you were a month ago, at least with what we've been teaching you." And it was true; a month ago Naruto's hand to hand combat had been so horrible, that Subaru had to restrain himself from nearly killing him from all the holes he spotted in an instant in his style. Though to be fair the Academy style of taijutsu was far from equipped to defend a full assault from Subaru's personal style of martial arts. Still even with an ill match up it was sad to see how pathetic his skill level was.

To be honest Naruto was learning a combination of Subaru's and Rogue's styles, and learning them at a rate that impressed the both of them to no end. 'To think he learned the first 5 stances from both styles within a day and from there proceeded to learn a kata a day from each style before we let him start using his kage bushins to perfect them. A jutsu he had been requested by Acheron to learn when he had last seen him. I see why Acheron chose him to be one of us, his potential is amazing.

"But you still have a long way to go," Rogue said as he settled on a rock looking at his and Subaru's shared pupil. "If your training hadn't been sabotaged you would be beyond most if not all your classmates easily. Your potential for growth is amazing and until now has been mostly untapped," Rogue paused as if puzzled by something. "Why is it that a majority of this village of yours seems to despise you? We weren't briefed by Acheron."

Naruto sighed, before standing, "I don't know," the blonde admitted. "I just know that as far back as I remember I've either been ignored or beaten by the villagers."

Subaru nodded making a mental note to find out in the near future. "We'll breaks over kid let me see the 14th set." Naruto snapped into his stance and without hesitation ran through the kata starting with a quick set of kicks powerful enough to make a much larger man hesitate before going after the Uzumaki again. His movements were akin to water as he moved through the kata, the power in his strikes were easily felt and Subaru could find no flaw in his technique, all in all it looked like yet another kata mastered.

"Set 4 followed by 15," Rogue barked, while picking up a couple of small stone before launching them at the blonde at a lightning fast speed.

Meanwhile Sarutobi sat in his office watching Naruto's training from his crystal ball, "Good to see you're flourishing Naruto." And he was truly glad to see it. He wished he could do more for the kid but anything he could do, he knew, would be blocked by the counsel.

"He looks like he's doing well under my soldiers, teachings," a flash of light and his voice was the only warning the aged Hokage received as Acheron flashed into his office. "Unfortunately I need them for other matters, they will return in two years to see where he is. In the meantime I may occasionally have the odd job for him myself."

"I see," Sarutobi answered warily, he was still unsure of Acheron's intentions but could see that he genuinely wanted to help Naruto. "I will make sure he is safe and that his training is continued."

"Another thing you should know," Acheron began, "Is that the events surrounding his parent's deaths are not what they appeared to be. Light will be shed soon; unfortunately I'm not sure how things will turn out." Before Sarutobi could ask what Acheron meant he was gone and when he looked back to his crystal ball he could see him there talking with Subaru and Rogue before all three vanished in a flash of light.

Two years lather:

Nearly two years have passed since Rogue and Subaru have left Naruto to his own devices for his training and in that time he had perfected what he learned from the two of them and expounded on it going so far as to blending the two style together to create his own, it was far from perfect but it was workable and even in its beginning stages it seemed good enough to give him an edge in battle. Occasionally he received scrolls or books with the next stages of either style from Acheron when he stopped by.

He had also worked on his ninjutsu and chakra control at the behest of Acheron who had told him to ask Sarutobi for any exercises he could do in order to improve his control. Over the course of the last couple of months he had drilled in nothing but chakra control exercises until he could hardly stand every day after the academy. Tree walking, water walking, and kunai balancing to the point where he could balance a kunai on each finger and rotate them.

Naruto woke before his alarm which was the norm these days, getting ready for the academy he decided that it was time for a change. During the last two years he had kept up a façade and made it seem like he was still the dead last. In truth he could have easily been one of the top in his class but he wanted to keep what he knew hidden. Subaru and Rogue had taught him well and one of the things they had drilled was to always have an ace up your sleeve, and in this case he would have a huge ace when the gennin exams rolled around next week.

Pulling on a black pain for cargo pants and a tee shirt he grabbed his jacket also black with Acheron's emblem stitched into the back of it. He had changed his wardrobe shortly after his training with Subaru and rogue began but he had yet to wear this jacket which they had given him right before they left. He had wanted to save it for a special occasion.

"Well what better way than the day I drop the act." Naruto said aloud before leaving his apartment while pulling on the jacket.

Naruto walked into class silently but could feel all eyes on him as the normal chatter came to a halt. Looking around the room he looked and saw a spot by Uchiha Sasuke the silent brooding and sole surviving member of the Uchiha clan in Konoha, there was also an open spot by Nara Shikamaru and one by Hyuuga Hinata. He didn't think much on where he wanted to sit before heading up to sit next to Shikamaru. There was nothing said as Shikamaru being the lazy person that he is thought it too troublesome to ask why Naruto had changed his wardrobe. No one else got the chance either as Haruno Sakura and Yamanaka Ino burst into the room and began arguing over who got there first and who would get to sit next to Sasuke.

'Do they have to be that loud?' Naruto thought to himself before as he set his head down and started to tune them out. 'I swear every morning it's the same thing, they race each other to get here then argue about who gets to sit next to him before Iruka finally gets here and gets them to shut up.'

A few minutes later Iruka and Mizuki walked into the classroom, both hesitated slightly seeing Naruto's new look. "Well it's definitely an improvement on the orange." Naruto sent a small smile in Iruka's direction and set his head down. Ignoring the stares he got from everyone he raised his head enough to look at his class instructors. "Are we going to get started or are we going to stare at Naruto until he suddenly decides to tell you where the change of wardrobe came from?" he gave a cheeky smile before adding. "By the way I ain't telling."

As he set his head back down he heard Inuzuka Kiba snickering slightly while Shikamaru smirked and muttered "Troublesome." A few other people giggled or laughed a bit before Iruka and Mizuki got the class under control and started the first lesson.

After lunch Iruka and Mizuki took their class outside for sparring. "Alright class you know the drill, pure taijutsu, you go until one of you either gives up for is knocked out." At the classes confirmation they started to match everyone up. Naruto didn't care much for the pairings for his fellow classmates until he heard that he was matched up against Sasuke.

The Uchiha was as usual stood off from the rest of the class brooding with his hands in his pockets. Naruto looked over at him feeling a wave of determination sweep over him. 'Well what better way to see how far I've come in the past two years than against the "Genius" of the class'. Sasuke looked over to see Naruto looking at him and smirked. "Gonna bring your best today Dobe?" Sasuke's voice wasn't taunting as usual it was actually inquisitive, something that didn't slip by Naruto.

"Teme you're gonna be in for a real surprise." Naruto replied several people turned to watched the two of them some smirking thinking that Naruto was crazy, some genuinely seeing that there was something there that they weren't seeing clearly.

"Well since Sasuke and Naruto are so eager why don't we let them go first Iruka?" Mizuki asked wanting to see the Uchiha crush the blonde.

Iruka agreed and directed the two boys into the ring. Both bowed showing respect to each other before taking their stances. Instantly Sasuke and Iruka started at the stance Naruto took. Usually he took a slightly bastardized version of the basic academy stance now he settled into a stance that none present had ever seen him take before. He grinned sensing everyone's confusion. "Ready Sasuke?"

Sasuke nodded and both boys blurred into motion when prompted by Iruka. Sasuke being slightly faster threw the first punch, and was surprised to see Naruto block it before pressing on trying not to give Naruto an opening. Naruto for his part was much better than anyone had expected him to be and was keeping up with Sasuke's speed. Suddenly the two broke apart and smirked at each other. "Take the kid gloves off Naruto," Sasuke said glaring at the blonde enigma. In response Naruto shifted his stance. "Fine,"

Naruto rushed in drawing a fist back, "kachu tenshin amaguriken!" His fist flew forward in a blur of motion that caught the Uchiha completely off guard. Crossing his arms across his body Sasuke managed to block the first few blows but in under a second he felt Naruto break through and pain exploded into his side from the kick that Naruto had thrown in almost instantly.

Mizuki stepped onto the mat, "That's a foul Naruto, no techniques only taijutsu." Naruto growled glaring at Mizuki.

"That was taijutsu, the only technique in my style that is pure taijutsu, to be more precise." Iruka intervened before Mizuki could say anything else. "Is that from the Saotome school techniques Naruto?"

Naruto shrugged he was never really told the name of Rogues personal style but remembered every technique he had learned under Rogues teachings. "I don't know my masters never told me the names of their styles just the techniques." He paused. "Hokage-sama might know but I doubt he'd tell you."

Mizuki growled, but before he could go any farther a familiar voice caused Naruto to whirl around and kneel almost instantly. "It seems that you've mastered what we taught you quite well Naruto," Subaru said as he walked around a corner with Rogue dropping down from the roof right beside him.

"Thank you Subaru-sensei," Naruto responded trying and failing to suppress the smile that the compliment gave him. "However," and here Naruto's smile fell, "You still have a lot to learn, but that's neither here nor there. Acheron wants to see you at the usual place after your done here." Without waiting for Naruto's Subaru disappeared, Rogue looked over at Mizuki.

"Hey you with the white hair," Mizuki focused on Rogue, "what makes you think that that my technique should rate a foul, it's nothing more than taijutsu, no chakra enhancement no hand seals just pure speed."

"There's no way an academy student can make a punch that fast in succession like that." Mizuki insisted. "It's impossible without using chakra."

Smirking Rogue's held up his left hand, "Did you sense any chakra when I took this from you," In his hand was Mizuki's headband. "I'm pretty sure I didn't since I don't meld chakra." Rogue looked at the headband before throwing it back to Mizuki. "but if you don't believe me then why don't we have a bit of a wager, my style versus yours, no restrictions."

Meanwhile in the Hokage's office Sarutobi was more than a little nervous being in Acheron's presence once again. While normally that wouldn't be a problem he was more than willing to let Acheron take the lead when it came to Naruto since he technically carried more authority since Naruto bore his mark. However it was that Acheron wanted to break protocols that were in place for no other reason than to keep Naruto alive.

"It's not that I don't want to tell Naruto about his parents but I have the village to think about, if word got out that he was the son of the Yondaime then Iwa would be willing to storm the walls of Konoha simply to kill the him. Also he holds the Kyuubi, the demon the Yondaime died to stop. The village isn't going to simply stop hating him just because he's the Yondaime's heir."

"That was never my intention," Acheron replied coolly. "I would think you of all people would know that was the furthest thing on my mind, knowing what I am." Acheron removed his ever-present sunglasses revealing his swirling silver eyes to Sarutobi, eyes that flashed red for the barest of moments, "I am the shadow that keeps the world safe from those who would see it destroyed. It would do you well to remember that while you have an obligation to your village that I have chosen to have an obligation to the world. Things are getting intense and there is nothing that can be said for those of us who have taken the watch to keep the balance in check."

Acheron replaced his sunglasses and sighed letting his anger fade as quickly as it had flared. "Naruto deserves to know who his family is and I plan on telling him regardless of what you say here today. He has lived his entire life with very few people to acknowledge his existence and in the two years it has been since he became one of my warriors, he has flourished, so much so that he has earned the respect of both of them. They see him as an equal." Acheron turned walked towards the door. "I told you my intentions with the hope that you will be there you know more about his father than anyone else, save for one of your students."

Sarutobi mulled over Acheron's words, before sighing, "Your right, Naruto needs to know about his heritage, he deserves it more than anything." Acheron turned at the door before leaving and nodded, "I will be meeting him on top of his father's head, shortly after he is done at the academy." With that Acheron left.

Back at the academy Naruto and Sasuke backed off from the arena and allowed Rogue and Mizuki to take their spots. Naruto standing beside Subaru, who like Naruto wore a black jacket with a golden sun pierced by three lightning bolts on the back of it. "So Naruto," a quick glance beside him showed that Shikamaru was the one talking to him. "Who do you think is gonna win."

"Rogue-sensei of course," the blonde replied with a cheeky smile, "I only used the first offensive technique in the style against Sasuke and you saw how effective it was."

"Yeah about that," Shikamaru paused, "just how many punches did you throw in that one second?"

Naruto started to answer but Subaru cut him off. "about half as many as Rogue can throw in the same about of time, which can average about 200."

Looking towards the ring if what this Subaru character was saying then then there was no way that Mizuki could win, that technique was easily jounin level if not higher, if Rogue was this strong then why wasn't he being watched, from what he could tell neither Subaru or Rogue were affiliated with the village being as strong as they were the Hokage should have anbu tailing them both so that they weren't a threat.

Mizuki thinking that Rogue was all talk attacked heavily pushing Rogue on the defensive, before grabbing him and throwing him over his shoulder. While he was airborne Mizuki pulled off one of the fuuma shuriken on his back and threw it at Rogue at high speed. Everyone watching besides Naruto, Shikamaru, and Subaru thought that that was the end of the fight but then just before the shuriken split him open Rogue disappeared.

Mizuki stood dumbfounded and looked around wildly trying to find his opponent, there was no sign of him, hell he couldn't even sense his chakra. A few seconds passed then he felt a presence behind him. "Still trying to sense me?" Rogue's voice was neutral, none of his usual smugness present. "I told you I don't use chakra." Mizuki moved to turn around and the next second he found himself kneeling over in pain as an elbow found his side. Forcing himself to recover he retook his stance as rogue moved in front of him. His eyes were empty, filled with nothing, cold and calculating and it was almost frightening to Mizuki. It was like staring into the eyes of a demon.

"Kachu tenshin amagureken," Rogue intoned before his body blurred into motion, none of the academy students save for Sasuke and Naruto could see individual punches, but the blows rained down so fast that only Subaru could follow them. "Now do you see? Pure taijutsu." Rogue walked off the mat at Mizuki collapsed, unconscious.

"Naruto," the blonde looked up beside him at Subaru, "Let that be a lesson to you, confidence can go a long way but it is overconfidence that can be your downfall in any battle, pray that it will never be in life or death combat."

"A good lesson for you all," Iruka said while slinging Mizuki over his shoulder. "I'm taking Mizuki to the hospital class dismissed."

It was atop the Hokage monument that Naruto, Subaru, and Rogue found Acheron and Sarutobi after they left the academy. Sarutobi gave Naruto a slight smile that the boy returned before he as well as his trainers faced and knelt before Acheron. "We are your Trident, Wield us as you see fit." Their pledge to him was simple but spoke volumes.

"Naruto your life hasn't been the easiest." Acheron began, "You know nothing of why you are practically an exile in your own home. You know not why you are an orphan, there are things beyond what is said here that have kept these things secret from you, all in an effort to protect you both from enemies within and from without."

Acheron looked at Sarutobi and the aged Hokage spoke up, "Naruto, your parents wanted to keep you from learning of your heritage until you were strong enough to keep yourself safe, however there are things in the works that will keep you in constant danger."

"I understand that Hokage-sama," Naruto was impatient wanting to know the answer to the question that had plagued him for as long as he could remember. "I know that there are things going on that puts, not just me, but the entire village at risk."

"Very well," Sarutobi paused, "The night the Kyuubi attacked the forth couldn't kill the demon unlike what you were told. The Kyuubi like the other tailed beasts can't be kill by conventional means." At Naruto's questioning look Sarutobi knew there was no choice but to tell the boy now. "He sealed it into a baby born that same night, because the child as he grew up would be able to contain the beast as his chakra network developed and adapted to the slow infusion of demonic chakra housed inside of him. Now, that child was selected for one reason and one reason only, the fourth could not ask the village for something that he wasn't willing to sacrifice himself."

Naruto thought about what all this could mean, slowly the others could see the wheels turning in his head as he put the pieces together. "So I'm the one he chose, I was the child born that night." Sarutobi nodded. "you said that he wouldn't ask another villager to sacrifice something that he wasn't willing to himself," again Sarutobi nodded seeing the emotions slowly welling up inside him. "I couldn't be told of my heritage because of Iwa…"Naruto's paused slightly. "I'm the son of Yondaime." For a second the others breathed a little easier it was a tense moment but they could see Naruto relaxing.

And that's when everything went to shit…

With a feral roar Naruto's chakra exploded outward the vibrant blue changing to a dark blood red. Almost instantly the four around him backed off while Acheron held up a hand creating a barrier to hold back that noxious chakra.

"Well," Rogue said looking at Acheron. "I said he would react like this,"

"This is bad," Sarutobi said, "If he continues to draw on the Kyuubi's power it will be able to break the seal."

"Worse," Acheron said. "I can only contain him for so long, the Kyuubi's power is drawn directly from the Source." Subaru and Rogue turned pale.

"I wasn't expecting this when I said that things would be going to shit." Rogue said.