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Naruto was pissed and rightly so, but even though he knew the blonde had every right to be so enraged, Acheron knew he had to calm him down, it was either that or kill the boy. So with a nod at his subordinates who nodded back before darting over towards Sarutobi to keep him from going after them when Acheron took off into the surrounding forest, with Naruto in tow.

Sarutobi made to follow them but stopped short when Subaru cut him off. "No disrespect but you cannot handle what's going to happen right now, Sarutobi." Subaru's voice was hard. In hindsight such a voice would be intimidating against a normal man but not one who had led a village for nearly 50 years.

Sarutobi paused before striking out with a hard right, while he jumped back launching some shuriken before going through a quick hand seal sequence. "Ninpo: Shuriken Kage Bushin!" the small barrage of shuriken became a wall of almost countless lethal projectiles right before Subaru's eyes. A split second later Rogue appeared and all the shuriken disappeared.

"Hokage-sama I really don't want to hurt you, or your ninja, leave Naruto to Ash," Rogue said settling into his stance. "If Kyuubi's power is drawn from the source then he is one of the few beings who can suppress Kyuubi's influence on the boy. Believe me I'm as attached to the kid myself from training him, but I trust Ash to do what is necessary,"

Meanwhile Acheron was trying to get as far away from the village as possible before the Kyuubi's power grew too great to suppress. He knew how Konoha had treated the boy he knew what would happen should Kyuubi's power be sensed by the ninja populace here.

A few miles from the village Acheron stopped in a clearing and dropped the barrio he had on Naruto, letting the demonic energy wash over the area and settle into a fox like cloak around his body. "Naruto I know your there, somewhere in all that rage, and I know it hurts, I know you feel betrayed by both your father Minato but also by Sarutobi. But you cannot let Kyuubi take control, your anger will lead to the destruction of the village if you don't get a hold of yourself."

Naruto charged at Acheron, only to find his target gone in a flash of light as he reached him and less than a second later pressed into the dirt. "Let him go Kyuubi, save your anger for Madara at this rate you will kill him and the seal will kill you." An explosion of chakra had Acheron blasted across the clearing. Stopping his collision course with a tree he lowered himself to the ground with his powers and looked at the crater around Naruto from the excess chakra.

"Acheron," Instantly he knew it was Kyuubi speaking through the boy, "Stryker walks with Madara, if the Kit is ever to have a chance he must master every facet of his power. Thrice blessed, Once by birth, Once by Fate, and Once by what seems like a Curse." Acheron cursed. "Atlantian I can help him master my power however I must have a body. The foxes can help with that tell him to call the foxes."

Before Acheron could ask him what Kyuubi meant he spoke again "I will not be free from the seal that is impossible however I will be able to help him harness the power of a Source Demon, and you know of another who can help as well. Allow the Malachi to help him." The power disappeared in an explosive shockwave leaving Naruto to collapse in the crater.

Acheron flashed to him slung the boy over his shoulder and then flashed back to the top of the Hokage monument. He looked immediately to Sarutobi, "You've got a big problem." he paused then grimaced. "Subaru, Rogue, gather Sundown, Talon, Zarek, and a couple of the Dogs of War. We've got a big problem then set them to patrols around the village."

The two disappeared without a word and Sarutobi and Acheron looked to each other nodded and disappeared.

In the trees a ninja sat before disappearing as well, he needed to report back to Danzo what had happened immediately.

In Sarutobi's office the aged leader immediately dismissed his anbu from the room and activated the privacy seals around the room. Acheron cast his own barrio around the room and filled in Sarutobi on what had happened when he took Naruto away from the village. Needless to say Sarutobi wasn't pleased.

"So Kyuubi was manipulated into attacking the village," Sarutobi asked to which Acheron nodded, then both of them looked at the blonde laying on the couch along the wall. "And Kyuubi wants to help Naruto master his power," another nod from Acheron. "and there may be Daimons in my village?"

"Unfortunately yes there may be." Acheron replied, "Except they aren't like normal ones. These most likely have fed on a Sumarian Gallu demon to gain its powers and the ability to walk during the day before killing it to keep they're free will. Once they have the power of a Gallu they are harder to kill, beheading is the only sure way, and the body must be burned. Also any bite must be cauterized otherwise the victim will become a Gallu with no choice but to follow the orders of the one that bit them."

"My ninja should be able to handle that," an idea the Acheron shot down almost instantly. "It would be better if you didn't involve your ninja beyond simple cleanup. Alerting your whole ninja force is only going to let whoever Stryker has in the village relay the information to him or add to their numbers. Daimons are originally being created to be better than humans at least that's what Apollo wanted to happen. He's since then cursed them and in order to avoid part of the curse they take the souls of humans to prolong their life."

"Some of my most elite ninja need to know," Sarutobi pressed, "They stand the most chance of anyone in the village of being able to kill one as opposed to the other ninja," Acheron nodded agreeing with the Hokage. "With Jiraiya wandering the nations and Tsunade avoiding Konoha we can't afford to be weak."

"Oh and to avoid any conflicts with your ninja my men will need Konoha headbands." Acheron said before pulling one from a pocket of his coat. "I've been a registered ninja for Konoha since the Shodaime." Acheron explained when Sarutobi raised an eyebrow. "In Konoha's eyes I'm the descendant of a family that joined soon after Konoha was founded, but in truth I'm one of the founding members of Konoha. Check the Shodaime's journal for everything."

Sarutobi sighed, seems there was more going on that revolved in some way around Naruto and to be honest he wasn't sure if he wanted to know everything that happened revolving around the founding clans of Konoha. He released the privacy seals while Acheron released his barrier and called his secretary while the Atlantian excused himself.

"Summon Kakashi, Gai, Asuma, and Yamato to my office immediately." There was a lot of information that need to be processed and there were very few ninja that were trusted by Sarutobi. "Anko and Ibiki as well," the Hokage added, they were among the elite of the shinobi under his control, and were loyal to Konoha to a fault. He had a feeling that the coming days were going to be intense.

Naruto awoke to find himself in his apartment with Acheron standing off to the side in a corner of the room, flipping through a manga.

"Welcome back to the waking world, Kitsune." Acheron said, without looking up from his manga. "did you have a nice chat with your tenant?"

Naruto's eyes narrowed, "How long have you known," Acheron sighed looking up just in time to see Naruto's eyes change from their vibrant blue to Dark-Hunter black.

"I was there the day your father the Kyuubi in you." Acheron admitted, "We tried to find other options but we were rushed for time, and I can only interfere so much." The Atlantian paused then added, "It might not mean much to you but I did want to take you away from this place when I saw that they had no intention of acknowledging or honoring Minato's sacrifice." He paused, "If he knows how Konoha has treated you then he's probably giving the Shinigami hell."

"Why didn't you tell me two years ago?" Naruto then asked, "I mean the villagers killed me, I was about to accept Artemis' offer, I would have razed Konoha to the ground if you hadn't offered me this deal. If you hadn't shown up then my father's sacrifice would have been in vain."

"There is so much more going on here," and so Acheron filled Naruto in on what he missed, and to say the blonde was astonished would have been an understatement. "So how many hunters are here?" he asked the Atlantian when he was finished.

"Sundown and then whichever of the Dogs Subaru and Rogue brought." Acheron answered. "Zarek, and Talon used to be Hunters until they met their wives and I bartered with Artemis to have their souls returned." Naruto blanched when Acheron mentioned Artemis. While he was sleep Kyuubi had tutored him on the world he had entered. Including part of Acheron's past and how much he sacrificed and continues to sacrifice with each day.

"Acheron what the hell have you unleashed now?" a voice asked in a snide tone a second before he appeared. "Oh wonderful, a kid. Atlantian you are amazing, absofuckinglutly amazing."

Acheron's eyes narrowed slightly, "Nick," his voice was cold. "It would do you well in the future that the Kyuubi is one of the few that can kill you." Acheron's left hand dropped to his waist where the hilt of a dagger could been seen, Nick's eyes flicked towards the movement and sneered when he saw the hilt. The dagger was Atlantian and was one of the few things that could kill either one of them. "However since you're here you might as well stay, and teach Naruto here a few powers."

Nick snorted but looked Naruto over, "Kid you've got a lot to learn and unfortunately there's only so much that I can teach you." Quick as lightning Nick shot a hand out towards Naruto's chest only for the blonde to disappear in a puff of smoke upon contact, a second later Nick felt the point of a blade at his neck and a dark voice in his ear. "Don't fuck with me. I've been above attacks like that since I was eight. Either come at me with the intent to kill or don't attack at all."

"Damn good moves kid," Nick said as Naruto pulled the kunai away from his neck. "I wasn't expecting that. What was that anyway?"

Naruto smirked, "Kage Bushin. It's basically a solid double, capable of taking a hit or two as well as being useful for recon and trap execution among other things. Technically it's a Jounin level technique but then I have bigger chakra reserves than the Hokage, and that's before you add Kyuubi's chakra to it as well."

Nick frowned, thinking of the power that he could feel welling deep within Naruto. If he had to be honest he was amazed at the kids potential, hell from the small contact that he had had with the blonde he could tell that he had seen a lot of darkness, that there was so much in his life that had been dark he was surprised that Naruto wasn't as dark as the life he had had thus far. "It's never enough to brag about your power." Nick finally said, "You have to be able to harness it, and then once you've mastered that you have to be able to wield it."

Naruto dropped his smile and took on a serious face, "Then let's get training."

Acheron looked over at Nick as he appeared on the rooftop beside him. The air between them was instantly charged as they stared at one another, anger and hatred so thick it was almost manifested in a physical form between the two higher beings.

"You still playing like you're a Dark-Hunter?" Nick asked even as he looked at the Dark-Hunter mark on his forearm. "Though it seems as though you've started creating your own little soldiers."

"Artemis' hunters can't walk during the day," was Acheron's reply, "Mine can. I give them a rational choice to serve me. I've integrated several into the Dark-Hunter ranks already, as Artemis already knows."

"It's only after you fuck up my life that you decide to make your own move finally." Nick snapped, his eyes blazing a blood red as he kept his eyes on Acheron. "Though I have to say you do know how to pick them."

"Someone is messing around with the balance," Acheron's eyes flashed as red as Nick's in anger. "and whoever it is has targeted specific people. Two have died and the last three are all my new Hunters."

"Why target them?" Nick asked, "Seems like a lot of work to me."

"Like I know the answer to that," Acheron replied, "Since I'm involved people I'm close to can be draw into this as well, and you know I can't see the future of those I care about."

"Of course not," Nick replied, "that would be simple and we both know that nothing about Acheron Parthenopeaus is anything but simple." He sighed looking at his former best friend. "I guess I can't hold a grudge forever, even Artemis is trying to make amends for the things she's done. Though for the life of me she won't tell me anything that happened from when you two were…close."

"My life isn't something that most would be able to stomach," Acheron replied cryptically, 'though I'm sure Naruto would have done so and more.' Acheron added in his head. Nick said nothing instead he looked up at the moon. Whatever was going on was big, that much was for sure. Acheron here with Subaru and Rogue, as well as calling in Talon, Zarek, and Sundown, let alone Blitzkrieg and Oda, seven of the most powerful Hunters in the world, and all of them in one place. Someone was making a huge power play and even with all the experience and power they held here in this village there was no guarantee that they would be successful in stopping them.

Nick sighed, and looked over at Acheron, "You know had I known exactly what Si…" Acheron stopped him. "It's not necessary to explain Nick," he started. "There is a lot about me that almost nobody knows, and those who do are long dead or continue to say nothing. There's no need to keep dwelling in the past, if anyone should be apologizing it's me. I know my powers I know how they work, and I know better than to say things in anger." Acheron flashed away before Nick could respond.

Nick hesitated, thinking of tracking Acheron with his powers but decided against it, it wouldn't do any good to go after the Atlantian right now. More than likely it would piss him off.

Four days have passed since the arrival of Nick, Talon, Sundown, Blitzkrieg, Oda, and Zarek, and Naruto was dead tired. On the one hand he was pretty sure that no one was going to outscore him in the practical exams. He had been drilled in control by Blitzkrieg to the point that he could now use several jutsu some of them without hand seals. Sundown took over after Blitzkrieg was done with him, and Sundown didn't mess around. His lessons with Sundown included learning how to control his psychic powers, Pyrokinesis, Manifestation, and Empathy.

After his lessons with Blitzkrieg he had lessons in hand to hand combat with Zarek, Rogue and Subaru, now he was learning the more advanced forms of the two styles he already knew and was being beaten all sorts of bloody by Zarek as he worked on getting Naruto to focus. It was working slowly it was at least to the point that Naruto was creating increasingly more complicated strategies before and during sparring sessions.

Lastly Oda was slowly teaching him the art of the sword, he had yet to be given his own real sword to work with but then it was a good thing as Oda didn't pull his punches. Every stroke of the wooden practice sword that they worked with was precise and powerful, and blindingly swift. More often than not Naruto would feel the harsh sting of wood against his body as opposed to managing a block. Though lately he was starting to see that while it seemed that Oda wasn't holding back he could see there were several gaping holes in his technique, something that Naruto knew a master swordsman would never have.

Currently Naruto was with Sundown, dodging bullets as he tried to focus on summoning fire to his hand like Nick had told him. In Naruto's mind he hated Nick with a passion. 'The bastard shows me once and tells me to feel it out' Naruto growled in his head while still concentrating on his hand. He dodged behind a bolder and shouted in surprise as flames engulfed his hand.

'Calm down kit," a voice ran though his head, 'concentrate make the fire into a ball above your hand, the rest will come naturally. Don't let your anger cloud you anymore let it help you," Naruto didn't hesitate as he heard the sound of Sundown loading his weapon again. Thinking quickly he brought his hands together willing the fire to encompass both of his hands before creating a clone, with a quick nod both ran out from behind the bolder with both of his hands wrapped in fire, trusting his clone to cover him he stated gathering chakra for a wind jutsu, meanwhile his clone launched an array of shuriken at Sundown each projectile wrapped in flames.

Sundown growled before deflecting some of the projectiles with the butt of his shotgun only to be launched back when the flaming weapon exploded. Naruto acted quickly "Futon: Daitoppa!" the clone glanced back to see the wind attack coming at him before creating a flaming circle in the air before kneeling while Naruto directed the bulk of his jutsu at the ring of fire. The wind enhanced flames turned from crimson to a blinding white.

Just before he would have been consumed by the flames Sundown managed to recover from the blast of the exploding shuriken and dived out of the way. Naruto was already there flaming hand microns from Sundown's chest the intense heat making him sweat, even though Naruto seemed to not feel anything from the flames.

"Good job Naruto," Nick said materializing to Naruto's right. "you've managed your first lower level power," 'and if this is the rate you learn at you will become by far more valuable to the world than this simple village.' "you have a lot to learn but you'll get there eventually."

Naruto felt both proud and slightly diminished, sure he had managed to manifest and control the flames, and even as he extinguished them with but a slight thought, he knew that there was so much more to learn. Wielding the power of one of the most powerful demons in existence was both a gift and a curse he would have to live with and he was damned sure he would master that power. However he couldn't shake the feeling that something big was coming and that the Dark-Hunters would play a huge part in the coming days.

Sure he had his fair share of Daimon kills but that was to be expected, he knew there were several in Konoha, usually they kept out of the way not killing people but definitely surviving. But if that was the case how were they getting souls how were they keeping themselves 'fed'? These were questions he knew were going to be answered but Naruto also knew that he wasn't sure he wanted to really hear the answer.

"Alright no more training today," Subaru said as he and Rogue walked onto the training ground. "Naruto need time to recuperate, we've been running him into the ground but we do have something for you to work on in your own time Naruto." The others left after congratulating Naruto on mastering his first demonic power.

Subaru pulled a long slender package from his back looking at rogue who nodded before he took a smaller package from his pocket. "You've been learning sword work and Oda feels you're ready to carry a real sword, he went out of his way to find this sword's resting place and have it restored." Naruto opened the long slender package, revealing a black sheathed katana with twin kodachi strapped to it, tugging on the handle of the Katana he unsheathed it in a practiced motion revealing a blade that shined in the light. Looking over the blade he could feel that it was perfectly balanced for him and that along both sides of the blade was kanji that read Kitsune no Kiba. (Fox fang)

"This blade is amazing," Naruto whispered to himself, as he sheathed the blade and pulled one of the kodachi part way from the scabbard to see the same design as the Katana, except on one side of the blade there was a series of seals along the blade. He couldn't tell what they were for he would have to look into seals later that was for sure. "Why would he give me theses though?"

Rogue and Subaru smiled, they both knew the life Naruto had led and what he contained, "Because you're on the way to becoming one of us," Subaru said looking at the blonde shinobi in the making. "That and we figured that it would give you a sense of how we feel about you. You're going to make a good shinobi but you'll make a better Dark-Hunter."

"The second gift is from us, from seeing how you fight we decided we'd get you a custom made weapon." Naruto took the second package and opened it to find a pair of wicked looking blades. There were no handles just two holes for his fingers. He slid one onto the pinky and ring finger of his left hand the blade ran partially up his forearm when worn that way, with a quick motion he slid his fingers out of the holes and replaced them with his index and middle fingers so that the blade was held like a knife. The fit was a little awkward but not something that would hinder him in combat, though he would most likely be wearing them in a reverse grip, the handle fit his hand better that way.

"The blades channel chakra, more specifically wind and water natured chakra." Rogue informed the blonde watching as Naruto continued to play with the blades. "the blades are also reinforced with seals so that they won't break easily."

Speechless Naruto faced his two teachers and bowed to them showing just how appreciative he was of their gift. Subaru smiled knowing that the daggers were something that Naruto will probably treasure more than he would use in combat. "Now just to see how far you've come with your technique." Naruto looked up and jumped back, depositing his gifts at the edge of the training ground. "Very well Sensei," He slid into his stance in an instant and less than a second later was blocking a kick from Rogue while dodging a punch from Subaru. Naruto smiled at the challenge of facing both his senseis with their own techniques, but knew he would give them one hell of a fight. For the next few minutes there was nothing save the sound of the three of them coming to blows.

Watching from the shadows of a tree Kakashi Hatake smiled seeing the improvements in his sensei's son. He had been prevented from adopting Naruto when he was younger after he was put into anbu and the counsel had taken steps to keep others from adopting the boy as well. He hated what the village had done to two of its greatest heroes, treated one like a leaper and ignored the last wishes of the other, both saved the village with their sacrifices, Yondaime with his death, Naruto with his life.

"The village would be in ruins if Minato could see the way they treated him." A voice to Kakashi's right said sadly. "It's a wonder he's been able to be so happy after all he has been through."

"Yes it is Sarutobi," said a voice to Kakashi's left and now the copy ninja looked to see a man that radiated power less than a foot from him standing on the same branch as he did. "You've done what you could in the two years since he accepted my offer and I thank you for that."

"Hatake," Sarutobi's voice broke him from staring at Acheron who only smirked darkly at him showing fangs that would put an Inuzuka to shame. "Acheron is commander of a special division I'm putting together," the lie flowed smoothly from Sarutobi there was no reason to tell Kakashi of everything that was going on yet, He would in time and when he had to but he wasn't going to push anything on the man yet. "Naruto will be assigned to him as well as your genin cell. I need any order from Acheron treated as though it were an order from any Anbu commander."

Kakashi nodded looking back over at Acheron. "You seem familiar," Acheron raised an eyebrow. "Did you happen to know sensei?"

"I might have." Was the only response Acheron gave. "But that's neither here nor there, more importantly I'm looking for a second in command, someone who's good in the field and a partner for Naruto. Would you have any names to submit?"

"Honestly I can't say for certain, I haven't paid much attention to the academy students," Kakashi answered, "Though if anyone would have a good candidate it would be Iruka Umino," Acheron nodded before he disappeared.

Sarutobi continued to watch Naruto sparring with Subaru and Rogue, "Teach him well Kakashi, Naruto will end up having a drastic impact on our world." Then Sarutobi was gone as well. Kakashi watched the sparing trio for a bit longer then left as well. He was seriously impressed by the Naruto's improvement over the past two years. 'And to think that the he did almost all of his improvement without those two to help him'

The day of the genin exam had Naruto excited and nervous, he had improved vastly and knew he would pass with flying colors he was more concerned about who would be on the same team as him. 'Acheron's orders were specific,' the blonde thought to himself. 'unless selected for Hunter then they aren't to know about what we do and frankly that's better than watching some hot head going after a Daimon.' Naruto dressed in his now usual outfit of all black with the jacket with Acherons' emblem on the back. Finally Naruto undid the subtle genjutsu that was woven around his wrist revealing Acherons' emblem there as well. 'I will be myself from now on, fully and completely.'

Naruto walked into the classroom and settled into a seat between Hinata and Shikamaru. For once there was no screaming about who got to sit next to Sasuke and there was a general tenseness in all of his classmates save for a few like Shikamaru, Sasuke, or Naruto himself. The three of them were completely relaxed and looked around the room wondering if some students would actually pass.

Naruto was sure there were still a number of his classmates who thought that he wouldn't pass but then he wasn't concerned with him. He could pick out those who would actually make it as genin just from their performances throughout the year. He was still stuck in his musings as Iruka, Mizuki and the Hokage himself appeared at the front of the room. Seconds later the class of genin hopefuls found themselves facing a room full of Chuunin, three Jounin, and the Hokage.

"Welcome to your exam," The Hokage began capturing the attention of the room. "This class has been exceptional, truly one of the best we've seen in years. The potential in you all is astounding and as such we've had to change things from what we've done traditionally. I'm sure a portion of you have prepared to take a paper test and then show some of your practical skills, well this year we've decided to forgo the paper test, and go through a full practical test."

At this point one of the jounin stepped forward, wearing a mask over most of his face, with his left eye being covered by his headband. His hair seemed to defy gravity, sticking up into the air. His posture and demeanor as he regarded the class seemed lazy to most of the students however Naruto could see that he was ready for most anything a normal academy student could pull. 'it's a good thing I'm not a normal academy student then' Naruto thought to himself.

"Since this a practical examination of your skills the chuunin you see around the room will be your judges. You will be divided into teams of three, and pitted against other teams in a simple exercise." Here he paused. "Capture the Flag." The whole class sweat dropped.

"That seems a little childish, don't you think Hatake?" all eyes rounded on Naruto as he stared defiantly at the Jounin. "But then a ninja should always look underneath the underneath," Naruto smirked in satisfaction at seeing several of the chuunin around the room looking rather surprised that Naruto had managed to pick out that there was more to the exam than was being let on.

"Seems you're getting a little ahead," Kakashi replied offhandedly. "But yes the first lesson as a ninja is to look underneath the underneath. Each team will be accompanied by a chuunin that will play the role of a client for a bodyguard mission. Your team has to be able to get your principle from here to the other side of the village, by any means necessary." Here Kakashi looked around the room. "Like with any low ranked bodyguard mission there is always the chance that you will be attacked by bandits or highwaymen. Such roles will be played by others scattered through the village, some of you will be attacked some of you may not, you will be scored on…" Kakashi seemed to think for a moment. "Well I'd rather you not know,"

"Now were going to split you up into teams and assign you a chuunin to guard." Naruto looked around the room and realized that there were enough students for 11 teams, there were more than 20 chuunin in the room.

"So Hatake, I noticed you failed to mention who exactly will be playing the role of aggressors, so I'm going to guess that most of the people in this room as well as some shinobi patrolling the village are involved in this exercise." Naruto smiled at Shikamaru's incite and inwardly cursed as well. He hadn't thought about ninjas besides the ones in the room at the moment being part of this examination, if that was the case then any possible ninja they came across could be acting as an aggressor, that made this exam that much harder.

'I get the feeling that Acheron is involved somehow with the setup of this exam, well if he wants to test me then I guess I had better pass with flying colors, and I intend to do just that.'

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