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Foxes, Snakes, and Roasted Daimons

Team seven was shaken out of their shock at their knowledge of the Oto shinobi when their fellow rookies Sakura and Ino glomped on Sasuke from behind.

"Sasuke-kun!" they both squealed wrapping their arms around him, Ino's around his waist Sakura's around his neck. "How've you been?"

Sasuke disentangled himself from the two girls and gave them a glare that told them to back off, they did if a little grudgingly. Casting their gaze around they saw that most of the applicants for the chuunin exams were from Konoha, all of whom were older by at least a few years. Sasuke spotted their fellow rookies showing coming to join them and was surprised that the others had been recommended by their senseis.

"Well it looks like all of the rookie nine are here," Shikamaru said as he nodded to them all in greeting.

"And making a lot of racket as well," another Konoha genin said as he approached. He had silver hair that was pulled back into a ponytail and wore glasses, his outfit was purple "It would be best if you guys didn't attract too much attention to yourselves. A lot of these guys have attempted the exam before and are a little on edge, don't want to make yourselves a target for someone in a later phase of the exam do you?"

Sasuke shrugged, Hinata arched an eyebrow and Naruto just smirked. "and you are?" he asked never losing his smirk. The genin adjusted his glasses as he answered. "Kabuto," Sakura started to introduce herself but Kabuto stopped her. "I know who all of you are, not hard to spot the Konoha nine, the nin rookies who's instructors all figured you could hack the exams."

"Who know," Naruto said looking around the room at large his eyes pausing specifically on the Oto contingent. "We may surprise you, since it's our first exam we're an unknown. Enigmas are the worst to come up against in combat situations."

"Experience also plays a factor," Kabuto countered, Naruto only smirked showing Kabuto his fangs.

"Oh there will be a lot of new experiences for many here," Naruto's voice was frosty, his words cryptic.

"I like you kid," Kabuto said after a moment, "How about I share some info with you, I've got info on almost everyone in the exams including you guys." Naruto and his teammates exchanged a quick glance at one another that no one else noticed before Naruto nodded.

"Cool cool," he said in a relaxed manner, "just as a little test to see how good your info is, why don't you show us our teams' information?"

Kabuto pulled a deck of cards from his pocket and picked out three of them before setting them on the floor in front of him. "Since I don't want anyone stealing the information on these cards I have them coded to only reveal information when infused with my chakra. Well let's start with Uchiha Sasuke." Sasuke merely shrugged as if to say "I have nothing to hide".

Spinning the card with a finger there was a puff of smoke a second later before he gave turned the card over and started reading the information. "Uchiha Sasuke, sole survivor of the Uchiha clan after his elder brother committed genocide on his own family. Skills: he's well rounded in most of the shinobi arts save sealing and genjutsu, excels at fire jutsu. Teammates: Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto Missions: 40D ranked 1C turned A ranked, and whoa 18 other A ranked!" several of those that were eavesdropping were stunned by that. Most were already making plans to stay clear of his team but then Kabuto began reading Hinata's card.

"Hyuuga Hinata: Heiress of the Hyuuga clan well versed in her family's taijutsu style Jyuuken. Skills: her strengths lie in taijutsu and genjutsu; she has basic knowledge in healing and toxology. Missions: same as Sasuke." Those who hadn't started making plans to avoid them were starting to reevaluate their willingness to lay into Konoha's rookies.

"And last but not least Uzumaki Naruto: Named in honor of the Red Death of Konoha Uzumaki Kushina, who died in the attack of the Kyuubi and was the last of the Uzumaki clan that survived Whirlpools destruction during the second shinobi war. Currently unknown if he has any relations to Kushina. Skills: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Fuinjutsu, and Kenjutsu. Teammates: Uchiha Sasuke and Hyuuga Hinata. : Missions same as his teammates but whoa check this 3…" at this point the cards on Naruto and his teammates burst into flames.

A second later there was a loud crack and everyone turned to see Kabuto being held against the far wall of the room by his shirt by an enraged Naruto. "I don't know how you're getting your information Kabuto, but I plan on finding out." He leaned in closer so those watching couldn't hear and whispered. "You will die before this exam is finished, I guarantee it. Spies have very short life expectancies these days."

Before Kabuto could answer Naruto turned a caught the fist of one of Kabuto's teammates. "Don't do that again." Naruto growled before he let Kabuto go and crossed the room again just as the proctors shushin into the room.

"Alright you maggots shut up and listen. I'm only going to say this once; any more violent contact between teams will get you automatically booted from this exam unless there is a proctor who's sanctioned a fight. Understood." No one said anything as the smoke cleared revealing a man feared for his interrogation abilities across the entirety of the elemental nations. Ibiki Morino.

Dressed in all black he was an imposing figure, one that gave off a "fuck with me and I'll kill you in ways you can't even begin to imagine" aura. Naruto grinned when he pointed at him and he caught sight of the spider web tattoo between his thumb and forefinger.

"You specifically Uzumaki, I don't want to see you as an instigator of whatever the hell that was earlier."

Naruto at least managed to look chastised, "of course not Ibiki-sensei." Many paled at the suffix Naruto used. If Ibiki was training him in anything it was sure to lead to pain in some way in form. Teams would definitely try to actively avoid Konoha's Team 7 in the future.

"Alright now take your seats," They were all separated from their teammates and placed at random places around the room. The majority of the group that arrived with Ibiki took places by chairs that had been placed around the edge of the room. Once everyone was situated Ibiki began with his explanation.

"Alright this is how it's going to work, and listen closely because I'm only going to say this once, This is a written exam. However unlike a normal exam you start off with a perfect score of 10 points. For every question you get wrong you lose one point, every time you're caught cheating you lose two points. The ninja you see around the room are chuunin with sharp eyes, you cheat they will catch you."

At that point a chuunin across from one of the Oto shinobi pointed at him. "I got my eye on you," the Oto genin blanched.

Ibiki continued like nothing had happened. "Get caught cheating 5 times and not only do you fail but your teammates do as well. Don't get any questions right at all and you fail and drag your teammates out the door with you. You will have 45 minutes to answer the first 9 questions and during the last 15 I will give the final question." Ibiki paused and gave a sadistic smile. "Anyone caught cheating doesn't deserve to be chuunin, you all think you're ready to advance well then show us you have what it take."

At this point there were three more small plumes of smoke that went up and his smile if anything grew more sadistic. The smoke dispersed revealing Shikaku Nara, Shibi Aburame, and Inoichi Yamanaka. Clan heads of their respective clans they were a powerful front to face when already in a stressful environment one that was made all the more stressful as all three took seats next to Ibiki who remained standing.

"You have one hour begin." As one the room of chuunin hopefuls turned over the tests and began.

Naruto read the first question and immediately dismissed it; the second one met the same conclusion. It was only after he read the third question that he realized that these questions were al beyond the level of the average genin. 'hell I doubt Kakashi knows the answer to half of these'. Mentally Naruto began reviewing what Ibiki had said prior to starting the test.

"Anyone caught cheating doesn't deserve to be chuunin, you all think you're ready to advance well then show us you have what it take." Naruto smirked as he caught the true meaning of the test just a fraction before a burst of killing intent washed over the room. 'The hell?' Naruto thought before he realized where it came from, Shibi Aburame. 'Must be another facet of the test' Naruto thought before he closed his eyes and focused his powers. Reaching out with his mind he found Sasuke's and Hinata's minds and found that they too had discovered the true meaning of the test and were now trying to think of where to get the answers from.

Sasuke found another genin hopeful in front of him who seemed to know most of the answers and activated his sharingan before and mimicked the motions of his pencil. Hinata used her Byakugan and used the range of vision it granted her to see through the people around her and directly at their tests. Naruto simply took the answers from the minds of those around him using his Dark-Hunter powers.

They finished soon after one another ignoring the surprises that were going catching everyone off guard. All of the jounin up front and a few of the chuunin around the room continued to flood the room with their killing intent at random intervals. While at some point Shibi had started releasing insects into the room and having them land on someone's test, or simply buzz around their heads trying to distract them.

It was about 15 minutes into the test that the first person was tossed from the room. Naruto had just finished his and was laying his head down when a kunai whipped passed his face sinking into the desk of the examinee directly behind him. "Number 41 fail." The chuunin watching that row said. Then added "number 81 and 17 fail. Leave." The rest of the test proceeded in silence save for the hum of insects or a chuunin calling out the numbers of those who failed to cheat in a discrete way.

Finally Ibiki garnered the attention of the room once again. "Before I give the tenth question I have more rules to explain." Several of the genin groaned, "SHUTUP!" Ibiki roared before all four of the jounin up front let their bloodlust engulf the room again.

Naruto couldn't help laughing as one of the remaining genin in front of him whimpered, actually whimpered. The jounin focused their killing intent on him which of course Naruto focused immediately on them completely sobered but by no means cowed by their efforts.

"Something that you find funny Uzumaki?" Ibiki asked Naruto when he made eye contact with the blond. "If so please share it with the rest of us."

"No, No." Naruto said waving a hand dismissively, "I'm pretty sure if we did that someone is likely to piss themselves running from this room in fear." His eyes drifted down to the genin he had heard whimper. The other jounin looked at him and he whimpered loud enough for most of the room to hear it.

Ibiki smirked then turned away. "Well if that's all the rules are the same for the tenth question as they were for the other nine however... However before I give you the question I'll give anyone who feels that things are getting too tough for them the chance to back out now." Ibiki paused. "Because if you wish to continue but get the question wrong… YOU WILL BE BARRED FROM TAKING THE CHUUNIN EXAMS EVER AGAIN!" the room predictably exploded into protests. One voice, the voice of the female Suna genin, rang out above the others.

"That's not fair there are plenty of people here who have taken the exam before!" she exclaimed. Ibiki looked at her focusing his killing intent on her, she trembled slightly but didn't back down.

The genin who had whimpered earlier forced his courage and spoke up, "That's right there, hell how would you keep us from participating in the next chuunin exam?" Over his should Naruto looked at Ibiki pleadingly, Ibiki kept eye contact with him but gave Naruto a slight nod.

Naruto focused his killing intent on the genin and watched as he froze instantly. "Quit your complaining." Naruto snapped. "If you are afraid then leave, if you think you have the courage to face this question head on then stay. It's that simple hell everything Ibiki-sensei has said has been simple if you were smart enough to listen." The genin turned to look at Naruto who glared back with dark eyes. "Please continue Ibiki-sensei,"

"if you stay and take the question," Ibiki continued, "and get it wrong you'll be barred from participating in the chuunin exams ever again. You pukes got very fucked when I was picked to proctor this exam your bad luck. Now if you get this question wrong obviously you're getting an automatic zero, I don't care if you've got every other question right, and of course if you fail then your teammates fail. You have five minutes to decide whether or not you want to quit. Choose wisely." Ibiki's cold grin was only slightly more creepy with the insects now buzzing wildly around the room.

The room slowly emptied until a third of the original number of applicants remained. Those remaining in Ibiki's eyes had nerves of steel and refused to give up. Ibiki looked around the room until his eyes settled on Naruto's. His eyes were cold and emotionless, it was like looking at a pair of icebergs, and it unnerved Ibiki to no end.

Alright well I guess you lot are the brave ones so I guess it's about time we continue, he paused. "You all pass the first exam." Naruto smirked as the room predictably exploded into questions. Naruto set his head down and only half listened to Ibiki's explanation on why it was important for a chuunin to be able to keep their cool, to be able to make hard decisions and to be able to decide what is better the mission or ones teammates. The chuunin around the room shushined from the room and a split second later the window shattered, showering the remaining genin in the first three rows in glass. At the same time the room temperature dropped more than what should have been possible for just a window being broken as a mirror of ice formed directly behind Ibiki before melting.

"Alright you shit stains listen up!" came a woman's voice as she came out of a roll after smashing through the window. Most of the males in the room gained slightly lustful looks or blushes at what she's wearing. A mesh bodysuit that left little to the imagination with a short brown skirt and a brown trench coat. The other figure was male and wore all black as opposed to the last time Naruto had seen him. Now donning a long sleeved black shirt and pants both of which had a spider web design his hair was pulled back into a ponytail as opposed to a bun as before.

"Congratulation on making it through the first test but I can tell you now that by the time the second exam is over and done with your number WILL be cut in half, at least." Many people gulped. At Haku's grave tone. "You will follow us to the staging area for the next exam, training ground number forty-four."

"The Forest of Death," the woman said making many of the foreign genin blanch at the name however all of the Konoha genin were inwardly terrified. The forest of Death was a training ground that under normal circumstances was only used by the most elite of the ANBU corps. "By the way I'm Mitarashi Anko and my partner here is Momochi Haku." Naruto gave Haku a grin as he greeted the Theti squire.

"How's the life of an ANBU treating you?" Naruto asked quietly as they dropped back slightly to keep from being overheard.

"Not too bad, the other Hunters across the elemental nations are quite temperamental though," Naruto nodded of course they were, with the exception of himself, the hunters stationed around the elemental nations were all created by Artemis, and had accepted her offer of their souls in exchange for an act of vengeance against the person who killed them.

Naruto spoke quickly and in hushed tones. "There are seven Gallu-Daimons in the exam, the Oto shinobi. Also there's a spy as well, Kabuto of Konoha he has a set of cards on him that has data that he shouldn't be able to get. He had data on our teams down to the number of missions we've done specialties styles hell I wouldn't be surprised if he had our favored jutsu on there as well. We need a tail on him none of the ANBU, if he was able to go unnoticed for god only knows how long and get this information then he's a dangerous adversary, if anything get a Were on him if possible, if not one of the former hunters that are in Konoha." Haku nodded then split off from the group as they arrived at the area around the Forest of Death.

"Alright Brats listen up!" Anko shouted, "This here is the Forest of Death and for the next 5 days it's going to be your battleground." She pulled out a stack of papers and handed them to Haku who went around the area handing them to each team. "However before I go any further I need all of you to sign these waivers so that in the event of your death I or Konoha at large aren't held responsible."

Once all the waivers were signed and given back Anko held up two scrolls one was brown and had the kanji for earth on it, the other was white and had the kanji for heaven on it. "each team will be given either a heaven or earth scroll, the object of this exam is to simulate carrying important document or sensitive information through enemy territory. Whichever Scroll your team is given you will have to find a team that has an opposing scroll and then get to the tower in the middle of the forest. As I stated earlier you have five days to accomplish that. You could get lucky and find a scroll you need with the first team you come across or you could go through 10 or more before you find one."

"What about food?" Chouji asked as he munched of his chips as usual.

"You're shinobi remember your field training and you should be fine." Anko said offhandedly then added, "Just so you know in this forest you are far from top dog. There are creatures that won't hesitate to make you're their next meal if you aren't careful, remember that."

"What about killing?" a shinobi from Iwa asked, Naruto glanced at him to see him glaring at him with a hatred that seemed almost physical.

"You are authorized to kill, though I wouldn't recommend going after Naruto-sama," Haku said appearing behind the Iwa ninja. "after all he did manage to best The Demon of the Bloody Mist," While not entirely true Haku's words had the desired effect, the Iwa genin instantly paled and could only watch as he unsealed Zabuza's sword Kubikiri Houchou. "Zabuza passed his sword onto him with his dying breaths."

Inside team seven was dying with laughter as they watched the Iwa ninja pale more and more. Finally breaking out into outright laughter Naruto resealed the giant sword and tossed the scroll to Haku who caught it and pocketed it. "Nice prank Haku, but any more and he's likely to soil himself and faint." He gave the Iwa genin a hard glare. "If you're going to come after me you better make it worth my while, personally I don't really care for the whole bad blood thing going on between Konoha and Iwa, but if you want to try and take some sort of vengeance for what Yondaime-sama did during the last war you're more than welcome to try. Though I doubt you will be successful." With that said Naruto and his team walked off to get their scroll and gate number, before leaving.

The sound teams had successive gates and corroborated with one another. One a tall blond female with crimson eyes and the gleam of a predator in her gaze that unnerved even Stryker at times hissed out orders to avoid the Konoha nine unless they saw an opportunity to attack Uchiha Sasuke.

"Orochimaru wants that poor excuse for a human dead so we will drain him of blood and soul." She said, "We don't need to draw attention to ourselves so we will refrain from converting anyone for now." She added.

"Asis, what if we run into any Dark-Hunters?" another of their number asked, a male also tall also blond also dangerous. "We know that the ones here in Konoha are good. Very good."

"Well that's a stupid question," another snapped. "We'll kill them, remember Dark-Hunters can't stay in close proximity for long and we are Strati, Asis is Illuminati we are the Daimon Elite warriors."

"Well said Uria." Asis said. "Is that enough for everyone?" the others nodded. "Then let's kill,"

At yet another gate the Iwa team was ready and simply waiting for the next phase of the exam to begin. "Tsubaki, are we still going after that blond kid from earlier?" one asked, only to receive a nod from their leader.

"Of course, Takao." Tsubaki replied. "I don't care if any of the information that Konoha idiot revealed before the first exam is accurate or not, their team won't beat us. Just be ready with your genjutsu Ikaku." The last member of the team nodded. "We need to catch them off guard and unawares, they're rookies sooner or later they will slip up."

At their gate Naruto passed the scroll off to Hinata. "hold onto that Hinata, they'd expect one of us to hold it but that would just be too easy."

"How much you want to bet the Iwa team comes after us anyway?" Sasuke asked looking at Naruto, "Wonder why they seemed to have it in for you so badly?" the sarcasm in his voice was almost palpable

Naruto shrugs before looking straight ahead into the depths of the forest. "Who knows I mean I'm only the son of the only man in the elemental nations to receive a SS ranking and a flee on sight order. Though to be fair to Iwa my old man did take out their army single handedly with a combination of Hiraishin and Rasengan, neither of which I can perform." He paused before smirking. "Yet." Both Hinata and Sasuke looked at their black eyed teammate. He had told them months ago about his lineage and they hadn't changed their view of him though they tended to show him just a bit more respect than what they had previously. Of course that conversation had eventually led to why the villagers hated him if he was the son of their greatest hero, which led to the truth about the Kyuubi. Well everything except Naruto was slowly taking the position of Kyuubi away from his prisoner.

Before either of his teammate could say a word in reply their gate swung open and Naruto shot into the darkness of the Forest of Death with Sasuke and Hinata hot on his heels.

"We've got three incoming from our right flank," Hinata said from her spot on Naruto's right, the team shifted their formation around so that Hinata was at point. "They aren't really paying attention to their surrounds though I've got a team following them and from the looks of things they will overtake them before the first team will reach us." It had been little over an hour since the start of the exam. And though they had come close to some teams they had bypassed them in order to advance further into the forest. Now however they had been actively seeking a team.

"Well looks like we can take out two teams for the price of one if we turn back." Sasuke said softly the others nodded in agreement and a quick flash of chakra later had three blurs heading back the way they had come from while three of Naruto's kage Bushin under a henge continued on the way the team had been going originally.

A few minutes later had the team in the trees watching as the team they had sensed following them turned out to be the Iwa team. They had been blindsided by a team from Ame but were slowly taking them down. Of course from the use of jutsu alone, Naruto knew they would have to make their move quickly. "We move when the Ame team is down to one. Hinata disable the Iwa nin on the left and leave the other two to me and Sasuke. Don't kill them be fast, be silent." Sasuke and Hinata nodded before splitting up to circle around to their chosen targets. Naruto watched as the remaining Ame ninja attempted to keep a defense around their downed teammate only for the Iwa genin to break through their defense with a barrage of Doton jutsu.

The second Ame nin dropped clutching his side that had had a spire of stone lodged in it a second prior. In an instant they struck from three different angles Naruto dropped down from the tree he had hid in and distracted his target from casting a jutsu at him with a barrage of shuriken while he ran forward. The second his feet hit the forest floor he had blurred into motion ducking under his opponent's wild swing with a kunai before planting an elbow into his gut. As the genin doubled over Naruto dropped to his back his foot snapping up and into the Iwa genin's jaw. As he fell beside him Naruto grabbed him into a sleeper hold and waited until he had passed out.

Hinata had darted forward from her location the instant she had seen the second Ame nin go down and had taken out the third and paralyzed the arms of the Iwa genin that attempted attack her from behind. With his arms useless it had been easy for her to knock him out. Then set to checking him for their teams scroll

Sasuke had launched a fireball the second he saw his opening, of course it was a distraction one that the Iwa genin fell for hook line and sinker. He raised a wall of earth to block the fireball not expecting Sasuke to skirt around it as he dashed forward. The jutsu that his opponent attempted to use was interrupted with a quick kick to the jaw before he drew a kunai and brought it down with surprising force on his opponent's neck.

The Iwa team never had a chance. Naruto, Sasuke, and Hinata had moved with brutal efficiency and had taken them down when they were overconfident and gloating at taking out another team. Naruto would have smirked but in truth he couldn't even let himself be bothered by the Iwa team. They had nothing real to offer him unless they were seriously holding back their threats against him were groundless.

"The Ame nin have an earth scroll." Hinata reported as she stood and walked away from the Ame nin's body. "We're good to go we should get to the tower as fast as we can."

"The Iwa nin have an earth scroll as well." Sasuke said holding said scroll up. "want to leave it and give them a chance or take it and make them work harder."

Naruto gave his trademarked prankster smirk before he crossed his fingers and a Kage Bushin appeared right next to him. "How about we do both," the clone and the real Naruto spoke at the same time before glancing at one another and smirking even wider. With another hand seal the clone was obscured by smoke before Naruto knelt down and picked up an earth scroll. "we take their real scroll and leave my disguised Bushin in its place." Sasuke caught the fake scroll and left it with the Iwa genin before they left.

In the trees above them a Kusa genin watched as team seven left the area suppressing their chakra as much as possible as they took to the trees. "Ku ku ku ku," she chuckled darkly before she moved to follow them. "So that's the hunter that walks the daylight, the Kyuubi brat. I guess I had better get to them before those three teams do it would piss Stryker off to no end that I allowed his soldiers to attack an enemy that they know nothing about when it's something like this." She smiled wonder just how 'immortal' the Dark-Hunter was. She bit her thumb before running through a seal sequence and slamming her palm on the branch below her. A white viper appeared. "Find my teams and tell them not to engage their targets things have changed and not in our favor." The snake hissed in reply before disappearing.

"I'll have to handle this myself." She began to give chase.

Stryker let loose a wicked smile as he stared at the woman his men held. Tall with jet black hair that ran down to the small of her back Asian features and of course the coal black eyes that betrayed what she was… a Dark-Hunter. "Now did you really think that you could come to Oto and not be discovered?" Stryker asked, she spit at him in answer. "You've got guts, more than any hunter your age. But you are a few thousand years shy of being able to handle my men." He gestured to the men around the room all of which were blond beautiful and to her felt rife with stolen souls that cried out for release. "Each of these men are at least ten-thousand years old, your few centuries are nothing to us."

One of the men stepped forward, and Stryker gave him a nod. A split second later she screamed as he lunged forward and sunk his fangs into her neck.

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