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The forest was silent when Naruto, Sasuke, and Hinata stopped for the night. Throughout the day they had avoided the other teams as much as possible, or they avoided them. The few teams they had run across besides the two they had encountered shortly after the start of the exam were quick to retreat without incident. It actually lead to the three of them being quite bored.

"So we've already managed to get our scroll, and we're not too far from the tower." Sasuke said as he passed a ration bar over to Hinata who nodded in thanks and took a quick bite. "if we wanted we could get there before nightfall.,"

"But we'd run the risk of coming across the teams who decided to wait until nightfall to stalk down other teams." Naruto replied looking up into the trees above them. "That wouldn't be wise when we don't know their skills and they only know the basics of ours." Naruto drew a kunai flipping the blade with a practiced ease. "I don't like taking shots in the dark," Naruto paused as a fissure of something dark and sinister went through him. At the same moment Hinata and Sasuke sat up straighter. "Besides we've got a team of Daimon's heading right for us."

Naruto grinned and rose to his feet as three blurs rushed into the clearing. "We'll guys guess we finally found them," The lead Daimon said looking at the three teens a hunger burning in his eyes. The gait of the other two Daimons were stalking as they circled the three, surrounding them. "Some Ninja they are," he continued. "Letting the enemy surround you like this is just stupid."

""Preternatural beings always think they are so superior," Sasuke said looking over his shoulder at Naruto as he and Hinata turned to face the other two that circled behind them. "Sure they're stronger and faster and possibly live longer…" he trailed off.

"But they never think about the consequences of their actions or the possible counters to most any move they can make." Hinata continued Sasuke's sentence with hardly a pause.

Naruto snorted. "Down Squires," Naruto said before flashing a pair of razor sharp fangs at the lead Daimon. Who instantly paled.

"YOU!" the Daimon shrieked, "You're the dark-hunter who's been killing our brethren!?" Naruto's grin only widened as he thought about his words. In his reality dark-hunters couldn't walk in daylight not without bursting into flames courtesy of Apollo banning them from his domain as abominations. "You can't exist!" Naruto took a step forward.

"Can't I?" Naruto hissed his eyes turning from cobalt to a deep amethyst with a black and yellow ring around the outside edge. "You're old you know the truth of Acheron's origins you know that he is one of the few gods who's powers do not depend on the people who pay him homage…" Naruto blurred into motion drawing one of his kunai and whirling around the Daimon. "It is by his power that I can go toe to toe with even you Spathi. Demon blood or no," as the Daimon whirled to face him Naruto stepped back under and away from the wild slash the Daimon made as he slid a dagger from the scabbard on his left hip. Naruto moved back to his teammates and settled with them in a tight triangle formation back to back as he raised a hand and flames manifested. "two of you will die here." As his spoke the flames turned a deep blood red.

Sasuke moved first blurring into motion as he drew his kama, the scythe sliced through the air with hardly a sound striking the Daimon in front of him in the chest before the other end, the weighted end, impacted with a resounding crack against the Daimon's head. The leader lunged towards Naruto who sidestepped him as Sasuke and Hinata advanced their targets.

Naruto's kunai sliced through the air as he launched it behind him the blunt end striking the Daimon in the back of the knee forcing him to kneel. Without preamble Naruto whirled around and had his sword point at the back of the leaders neck and whispered just loudly enough for him to hear. "Watch, and learn little Daimon, Spathi, Illuminati it doesn't matter anymore. Demon blood can no longer offer you safe quarter. I am you're Daywalker and it sucks for you because Humanity will not be preyed upon on my watch."

As he spoke both Sasuke and Hinata quickly disarmed and disabled the Daimons before killing them without mercy. They still hated what would come next but knew it must be done. Sasuke ran through a quick handseal sequence before he used a low level fire jutsu to burn the bodies of the dead Daimons and then turned to Naruto who sent a fireball with apparent ease. Kyuubi had been teaching him well the powers he would one day wield to their full capacity.

"You had better run," Naruto whispered darkly. "Before I decide that you aren't worth being a messenger. And if you see your friends…well hope I don't find them."

"HA, you won't beat them all, we are all Spathi, and our leader is Illuminati!" a split second later his face was shoved into the ground. "If you're Spathi I suggest that you tell Stryker to train, that High bred excuse of a Demi-god doesn't stand to me on my worst day not with what I wield. Naruto eyes glowed blood red as he leaned over and whispered in the Daimon's ear. "I am the secret of the source, the burden that is true CHAOS!" and then without a sound Sasuke, Hinata and Naruto himself were gone. The Daimon looked around preying that it wasn't a trick preying that he wasn't about to die any second. The malevolence of Naruto's aura, his killing intent still saturated the air and it was all the Daimon could do to breathe. Slowly he got to his feet and stumbled away back through the forest back the way he and his now two charred teammates had come.

The throne room of Acheron's family now long dead and gone by his mother's hand was rife with power from the four being that stood there. Primal power crackled in an effort to conceal that which held more wrath than they knew how to contain alone. Acheron, Savitar, Seth, and Thorn

A power such as theirs was primal in nature and thwarted by very little if anything at all. And that was individually, as a group they would be hard pressed to be stopped even against true Primal Source gods such as Noir and Asura.

However they weren't standing in Acheron's throne room for that reason, there were present to plan for the future of one Naruto Uzumaki.

"So none of us has any sight when it comes to the Uzumaki brat?" Thorn said and as one the other three nodded. "Well then someone is hiding him from our sigh, someone with considerable power to blind two of the most powerful of the Chthonian one of which is deemed as Final Fate, Seth of the Egyptian pantheon and myself." Of course thorn being the reclusive bastard that he was said nothing about the power he wielded. It wasn't surprising no god wanted their powers known regardless of how many beings could or could not match his power or prowess.

Seth, only recently freed from Noir's was being protected from discovery until his powers returned, something he was unsure of the true depths of. Though by the estimation of the other gods around him they would be about equal in power.

"The question is what do we do about it?" Savitar said his town irritable, of course while he could break ass on even the whole of the ware-hunter ruling council the omegrion, he knew to be wary of a power that could hide anything from his sight. Acheron who was facing him was the same way, they were both more than old enough to know when to not try something and the power that could hide Naruto's future so completely from their sight was a power to be feared.

"Naruto will not be made aware of the treat against him," Acheron said his tone indicating that he would tolerate nothing less, "We really don't have much to tell him anyway." The others nodded in agreement. They knew as Acheron did that there was no real reason for them to tell Naruto of the threat, mainly because they had no idea whether the threat was demonic or deity in nature and that more than anything could make the difference.

Back in the forest Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata had made it to the tower. It was the second day of the exam and after coming across and fighting two more teams they were starting to tire and it showed. They were dirty and had scratches and cuts covering them. However they had not relinquished their scrolls.

They entered the tower and saw a an inscription on the wall that they took to mean that they were supposed to open their scrolls. Sasuke and Naruto took a scroll each and opened it, when they began to sizzle and smoke they threw them across the room and stepped back.

A second later all hell broke loose.

A spike of killing intent flooded the room so completely that even Naruto staggered slightly, the next second he was pinned to the wall by a figure who drew a kunai and a second later slammed it down to the ring on the end through his wrist and into the wall behind him. Hissing in pain, Naruto tried to strike his attacker with his free hand but missed and hissed in pain at the resultant flare of pain in his wrist from the motion of his body.

A second later Hinata hand struck at his attacker and watched as the figure darted back to avoid the strike to the heart that would have no doubt destroyed the organ had the blow landed. Meanwhile Sasuke came up beside him and grabbed the kunai in his wrist.

"That's gonna hurt like a…" Naruto's words turned to guttural growl of pain as Sasuke wrenched the blade from his wrist, spraying blood from the severed artery over himself.

The wound began to slowly heal and Naruto thanked Acheron for that ability before he and Sasuke dashed forward to assist Hinata.

Even as her teammates joined her she could tell that their attacker was toying with them, she could tell that he could have taken them all out and been on his merry way without a second thought. That truly scared her, they had trained to the brink of utter exhaustion almost daily for months and this man managed to make them look like rooky genin going up against a Kage and he was doing it easily.

Kicking Sasuke and Hinata away from Naruto the two were suddenly bound by snakes that burst from the floor around them. "You should have just kept your ass hanging from the wall," the figure hissed in a cold tone. Meanwhile Naruto was panicking. He had a pretty good guess at who their attacker was now as there were only two people in the villages history still alive today that summoned snakes.

"Orochimaru," Naruto said his name like a curse, and the figure grinned darkly before launching forward again. Naruto growled before his body blurred, the furious combination of kicks and punches that held the speed that was Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken. Orochimaru was hard pressed to block the rain of blows as Naruto exerted himself as much as possible to push the snake Sannin back. Suddenly Hinata was behind the snake and launching her own attack striking and closing his Tenketsu as rapidly as possible. When she was done Naruto and Hinata leapt back as one. Orochimaru slumped to the floor.

The exploded into mud, while at the same time his cackle echoed around the room. "Well figured that would be too easy." Naruto mumbled while he and Sasuke regrouped with Hinata pressing their backs together in the center of the room. They knew they couldn't go toe to toe with a ninja of Orochimaru's caliber and they wouldn't attempt to all they would do was raise enough noise that someone would investigate. Preferably a proctor or an ANBU.

Suddenly an explosion of smoke erupted from where their open scrolls still lay and a familiar voice called out.

"What the hell Is going on here?!" at the same time the door from outside and the one leading into the tower proper opened and thee anbu entered the room. They saw Orochimaru and reacted instantly rushing the criminal.

Naruto and his teammates watched amazed at the skill level difference between the Anbu and themselves, it was downright astounding. Naruto was stunned to see just exactly how much further he had to go in order to exceed his current training. Kakashi appeared beside Naruto. "You three leave we will handle it from here." Naruto nodded and calling to Sasuke and Hinata bolted for the door that led into the tower proper. A chuunin was waiting for them just outside the door with a wave of his hand for them to follow he led them deeper into the tower.

The anbu led them to a moderately furnished room that the team could occupy for the remaining days of the exam, and reminded them that they have completed the second test and that fighting in the tower would not be permitted, before leaving them. Sasuke collapsed onto one of three beds and sighed groaned.

"We got worked over," the raven haired boy said his eyes closed as he lay on the bed. Hinata choosing a bed for herself nodded in agreement, though none of them were seriously injured from the fight, Naruto's rapidly fading scar being the only real injury any of them received, they knew that they had been completely outclassed by Orochimaru. There was no doubt why he along with his equally famous former teammates Jiraiya the toad sage and Tsunade the legendary medic were feared throughout the elemental nations. "If we had been caught in the forest by him we would be captured or dead right now."

"That's an understatement," Naruto said grimacing as his thoughts flashed through the initial seconds of Orochimaru's assault. "He could have taken whatever he wanted from us at any time but he didn't," Naruto said after a moment's pause. "He toyed with us; it was almost as though he was testing us."

"That doesn't sound any better," Sasuke replied, "If he was testing us why, it doesn't make sense for him to come after us what could we have that could threaten him."

"Or help him," Naruto threw in and receiving incredulous looks from his squires. "Think about it, Orochimaru is one of the most wanted criminals in the elemental nations not just Hi no Kuni, the man is pure evil in a way that's reminiscent of de…" Naruto dropped off suddenly, unable to speak that thought, "Fuck me," He said in one breath and in the next he was summoning Acheron.


Garbed in black from head to toe Acheron was what it meant to wield power he was what it was to control both creation and destruction and woe to anyone stupid enough to come at him, they wouldn't live long enough to regret it. "No need to shout Naruto you know that."

"Stryker is working with humans." Naruto said without preamble. Acheron shrugged.

"Not anything new, it's happened before and will happen again, whether we know or not." Acheron replied but then he knew that Naruto and his squires knew that, so what was the point of calling him.

"If it were almost anyone else I wouldn't bother calling you to report but this is different, the man is obsessed with gaining immortality no matter what the cost and with the experiments that he's wanted for working with Stryker and now dealing with preternatural beings he may be very close to achieving his goal. That would mean disaster."

"Orochimaru is not a man to be underestimated," Sasuke put in, "He attacked us when we arrived here and made us look like whelps, he fought like he was testing us, and that should worry you."

Acheron's eyes narrowed, Sasuke was right, if this Orochimaru…even as he thought the name his powers kicked in his saw the man's whole past but since his future involved someone he was close to he was as always blind to it. "I'll look into it," Acheron said, "In the mean time I want you to lay low with your Dark-Hunter status around Daimons; don't flaunt your power and exercise restraint."

"And if I'm pitted against them in the exams?" Naruto asked, "Or they're against Sasuke or Hinata?"

Acheron sighed and removed his glasses revealing swirling silver eyes that seemed to pierce the three genin's souls before he stated in an almost demonic tone. "Eviscerate them."

The three genin saluted Acheron before the man flashed away.

"Well we have our running orders," Sasuke said looking at the others, "We've had a hard two days, I say we get some rest there's still I few days left in the second phase of the exam we should take the time we have now to rest and scout out the other teams as they arrive."

Naruto and Hinata nodded in agreement, before they began to discuss methods to spy on their fellow chuunin hopefuls, before they relaxed and took a few hours to rest.

Elsewhere another Hunter hesitated as she spotted a group of Daimons stalking a girl that while she had been alive was around her age. She already had orders directly from Acheron to complete her assignment of finding out exactly where the main base of Oto was located however that was proving to be harder than anticipated. Oto shinobi were very distrusting of any and everyone including their teammates.

How goes the search? The question preceded Acheron as he flashed into the room. "From the looks of things Anarchy, not good,"

Anarchy nodded her agreement to her leader. "They aren't trusting here, not even with their teammates, any information that they have is going to be very hard to find. Makes me almost wish I had Samia's power."

"You can search in your own way, Anarchy you just haven't perfected that power." Acheron said. "You have the power to transcend the barrier between the dream world and waking world. Learn to manipulate the dream world as well as one of the oneroi and you will find what we need." Acheron was gone as silently as he had appeared but his words reverberated through Anarchy. The young Dark-Huntress had already drawn the plan together in mere seconds, now she just needed to act.

Back in the tower at the center of the Forest of Death Naruto, Sasuke, and Hinata were joined by the remaining teams as they were gathered in a large arena. For them the rest of the teams had mostly come in only a few hours ago, with the exception of Team 10 who had arrived the day after they had, and the Suna team.

"Congratulations," Sarutobi began when everyone was present. "You have all passed the second part of the Chuunin exam," Smiles broke out on some of the genin's faces. "However due to the number of dignitaries from other nations who will be present for the final exam there are still too many of you."

A jounin stepped forward clearing his throat. "If you don't mind Hokage-sama, I'll take it from here." Sarutobi nodded stepping back.

"My name is Hayate Gekko. We will be holding a series of preliminary matches immediately." Almost instantly the protests began, mostly from those who had recently arrived saying that it wasn't fair as some had clearly been at the tower for days. "I don't know if maybe you are all exceptionally good or if the exam thus far has been too easy, but there are too many of you to hold a tournament that shows off the best each of your respective villages have to offer." Hayate continued after the protests died off.

"If you feel that you shouldn't or can't continue feel free to step down from the exam now." A few seconds passed before several people raised their hands and were escorted from the room. One of which was Kabuto.

When it was clear that no one else was going to back down from the exam Hayate gave a nod and a panel slid aside revealing a screen. "The screen will randomly display two names. From here on out there will only be one on one battle. The winner of each match will advance to the final stage of the Exam. Fights will last until your opponent submits is rendered unconscious or dies. If I see a match has a clear winner I will step in. Any questions." Hayate's question was met with silence and resolved stares. "Then let's select the first combatants."

The screen came to life and cycled through names for a few seconds.

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