Halo Version of Battlestar Galactica

Pre-Covenant War Era-

Standard Armament: Fifty-oversized Archer missile pods, Two cruiser-level MAC cannons, One Hundred Point-defense guns, Ten-Shiva Nuclear Warheads. Five meters of Titanium-A armor plating.

Crew/Marine Compliment: 500 normal Navy personnel, Two battalions of Marines, one regular, one ODST.

Fighter/Auxiliary Ships: Fighters/Bombers stowed in port-side flight pod Ten Squadrons. Shuttles, Pelican dropships in starboard pod, Ten Squadrons.

Post-Covenant War Era

Standard Armament: Twenty-five oversized Archer II Missile Pods, One Super MAC cannon, One Energy projector, four plasma torpedo turrets. Pulse lasers, shields, fifty point defense guns. 5.5 Meters of Titanium-A armor plating.

Crew/Marine Compliment: Same as Pre-War version with the addition of one squad of SPARTAN IVs and one squad Sangheili SpecOps.

Fighter/Auxiliary ships: Unchanged, but fighters/dropships now have shields and limited plasma weapons.