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Warnings: References to abuse, Dumbledore bashing, Semi-intelligent Harry.

Ships: None.


Summary: After the timer turner episode in POA, Harry gets fed up with Dumbledore's lack of action. He spends the summer doing a little research.


"Why so miserable, Harry?" he asked quietly. "You should be very proud of yourself after last night."

"It didn't make any difference," said Harry bitterly. "Pettigrew got away."

"Didn't make any difference?" said Dumbledore quietly. "It made all the difference in the world, Harry. You helped uncover the truth. You saved an innocent man from a terrible fate." (POA, USA soft cover, pg 425)

After Dumbledore left Harry sat in Lupin's old office thinking. He had come to realize that Dumbles was either;

A) Senile,

B) a total fraud, or

C) the dark lord himself.

When Harry originally received his Hogwarts letter there were a boat load of titles after Dumbledore's name, yet the old man still wasn't even trying to get a proper trial for Sirius. Lupin, Ron, Hermione, and Harry had all seen and spoken to Pettigrew. Between magic and potions there were not only ways to know if someone was telling the truth; there were ways to force the truth out of them. Why couldn't Sirius get a proper trial?

He needed to learn more about wizarding law. He'd been a part of this world for three years now, but he realized, he had not tried to learn any information that was not directly class related. Time to talk to Hermione; well, maybe he'd wait until morning to give her more time to decompress after the exams.

The next morning was the first Saturday after exams, they had a few more days to wait before they would receive the results and Ron was using the reprieve for a nice lay-in in the dorms. Harry decided to risk getting between Hermione and her current book at the breakfast table.

"Hermione, how does the wizarding legal system compare to the muggle one?" Harry asked.

"It's quite similar," she replied. "The prosecution is usually someone high up in the DMLE. You can hire a solicitor or be assigned an advocate. Why do you ask?"

"I'm just trying to figure out why Sirius never had a proper trial. What laws do they have about the trials?"

"I'm not sure. The book I read was actually on wizarding culture and government. It covered the Ministry of Magic and Wizengamot. You see smaller cased are tried by a tribunal of three members. Capital crimes are tried in front of the full membership. They never pull a jury of average witches and wizards." She paused for a moment, "I'm sure that with the number of deatheaters rounded up at the end of the war, Sirius trial probably fell through the cracks. I'm sure Professor Dumbledore will fix it now that he knows the truth. You just need to give him a little time."

"Hermione, can I borrow that book on wizarding culture and government from you for the summer?"

"I don't have it Harry, I borrowed it from the library," she replied.

"Bugger it, I was going to read it this summer after I finished my summer assignments. I wish we could check books out for the hols."

"Language, Harry! I didn't get it from the school library; I checked it out of the wizarding public library. Most Ancient and Noble Houses have family libraries, but your average family checks out and returns books to the public library, just like in the muggle library."

"Where is it located?" Harry asked.

"That's the beauty of magic Harry, there is a closet in almost all local muggle branches. They don't have many books, but with the index they can get you any book with-in a day. And you don't even have to worry about getting back to Diagon Alley to return it, you just take it back to the local magical branch."

"I'm going to have a busy summer, thanks Hermione."

Hermione turned her attention back to her book while Harry started making a mental list of everything he needed to follow up on this summer.

Takes place 10-6-94 thru 11-6-94