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Warnings: References to abuse, Dumbledore bashing, Semi-intelligent Harry.

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Summary: After the timer turner episode in POA, Harry gets fed up with Dumbledore's lack of action. He spends the summer doing a little research.

Chapter 4: Justice or Vengeance

Everything had fallen into place over the last 10 days. Madam Bones after not being able to find the transcripts had actually asked for the file; she had used the fact that he was now listed as Kiss On Sight and wanted to update the file. There was no file. After having an apprentice level law clerk search the Wizengamot transcripts during the two years after his capture it became obvious that there was no trial. She'd managed to keep that clerk quiet with the promise of being allowed to talk to a reporter after the trial and she would be credited with her research efforts.

Sirius had returned to Little Whinging as Padfoot and was currently living in the Dursleys shed. Harry was feeding him and he had a nest of blankets. It certainly wasn't the worst situation he'd been in during the last year. The next session of the Wizengamot was scheduled for next Monday 18 July 1994. The 17th would be his last nutrient potion and by Monday night, Sirius would be free and Dumbledore would most likely be without his magic, there was a chance that given the number and nature of his crimes against magic that he would die during the ceremony. But even if the Outcasting only sealed his magic, it would due to his age, be a death sentence. Muggles rarely lived to be 120, let alone 139. It was only his magic keeping him going. In 24 hours Harry and Sirius would be free of him and his manipulations.

Tonight the plan was to sneak Siri in the house after dark and get him showered and cleaned up. Harry had already had Dobby get him a robe with the Black Crest on it from number 12. Tomorrow Harry would take the knight bus to the MOM with his guard dog, Madam Bones would escort him into the chambers and the games would begin.


Harry was getting a little nervous. Everything was going too smoothly. There were no problems yet, and they were entering Room 10 with one minute until the start of the session. As they slipped in the door, Padfoot ducked into the corner where he wouldn't be seen until the time was right.

They walked into the room and Harry stopped in the center of the room, standing next to the chair. Madam Bones continued on to her place on the dais next to Albus Dumbledore. As the clock rolled to 9 AM the meeting was called to order by the Chief Warlock.

As the doors shut Dumbledore noticed Harry standing there, "Harry my boy, what are you doing here. You shouldn't have left your house. You'll have to wait outside. I'll take you home as soon as I'm finished."

"I'm here to address the Wizengamot." Harry replied.

"You are a child, you can't address the Wizengamot yourself. I'll discuss your business with you after I take you home."

Harry turned the address the membership, "As a victim attacked by the killing curse on 31 October 1981 due to the betrayal by their secret keeper, the same act which made me an orphan, I claim Rite of Retribution. No trial was ever held for Sirius Black, this was verified by the DMLE. I want to know why, I want to know what personal gain caused this act. I demand the facts so I can claim my Retribution."

"My boy, this isn't the correct path to take." Dumbledore started to reply.

Madam Bones interrupted him, "It is your right as victim. It is your right as Heir. Call forth the Accused."

As Madam Bones began her ritualistic reply, Padfoot trotted out from the back corner. When he was standing next to Harry, he replied, "Sirius Orion Black, I demand you present your self for trial by veritaserum as victim and Heir."

As Padfoot transformed into Sirius, there were gasps from the gallery. Dumbledore turned white, seeing all his plans tumbling down. Fudge turned red, and began calling for the Dementors.

"Minister Fudge, this man has never been given a trial despite 12 years in Azkaban, he has never been found guilty of a crime. Your sentence of Kiss On Sight could be considered a murder attempt. Do you still wish for Auror Gamp to summon a Dementor?" Bones asked while looking directly at Fudge.

Fudge's ranting tapered off. He had the horrible feeling that he was about to be humiliated. He didn't believe that Black never had a trial. In hindsight he should have reviewed the file when Black escaped from Azkaban instead of blindly following Albus' advice on the situation.

Sirius sat down in the chair and didn't even wince when the chains were animated to lock him down. When the Auror stepped forward to administer the veritaserum, he opened his mouth to co-operate fully. Harry began the questioning when he saw Sirius' eyes achieve a glassy countenance.

"What is your full name?"

"Sirius Orion Black."

"Are you now and have you ever in the past been a follower of Tom Marvolo Riddle, also known as The Dark Lord, you-know-who, he-who-must-not-be-named or Voldemort?"


"Were you the secret keeper for James and Lily Potter on the 31st of October 1981?"

"No, Peter Pettigrew was the secret keeper for James and Lily."

"After the destruction of the house at Godric's Hollow, when you searched out Peter Pettigrew did you cast the spell that killed him along with those muggles?"

"No, when I confronted Peter in that street, he yelled out that it was all my fault, and while I was distracted listening to him, he cast a blasting hex that hit the muggle gas line. He then cut off his own finger and transformed into his animagus form of a rat and escaped into the sewer tunnels."

"Do you know why he betrayed my parents?"

"When I confronted him at Hogwarts last year, he stated that he felt it was a hopeless fight, that there was no way to defeat Voldemort. He was afraid of Voldemort and was trying to buy membership and leniency."

"Who cast the fidelius charm with Peter Pettigrew as the secret keeper?"

"Albus Dumbledore cast the spell for James and Lily."

"For the last 12 years you were rotting in Azkaban, Albus Dumbledore, Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot knew you were innocent of at least half the charges. And as the Godfather and Guardian of the victim and Heir, should you have actually killed Pettigrew you would have been within your rights as long as the paperwork was filed."

"Yes, the only question would have been who killed the muggles, but I was never given a trial, and my wand was snapped on site so no Prior Incantatem could be cast on it."

At this point Harry turned to look at Madam Bones. Who addressed the membership of the Wizengamot herself, "All who find Sirius Black innocent of all pending murder charges raise your hand." After a moment she called for the guilty votes. There weren't any. With a wave of the wand the chains released Sirius.

She then addressed him, "Lord Black while you were being held illegally, please inform the court how you escaped from Azkaban so we can correct this security breach in the prision."

Sirius smiled at her, the veritaserum having worn off, "Pettigrew was not the only unregistered animagus, James was a stag, I as you saw at the beginning of this session am a dog. The Dementors do not affect the animal mind as strongly as the human consciousness. The smaller size of my form allowed me to slip between the bars of my cell and the fur insulated me during my swim. I recommend that all of the high security and long term cells be warded for holding animagus. Hopefully they will soon be holding a rat."

The sentence for an unregistered Animagus is 1000 galleons and one year in Azkaban. You are hereby required to register you form, the 1000 galleons and the prison sentence will be credited against your time served. You will receive 10,000 galleons per year compensation for each year of wrongful imprisonment. You served 11 years beyond your sentence, less the 1000 galleon fine; This leaves a balance of 109,000 galleons to be deposited into your vault.

Sirius stepped into the Wizengamot seat for the House of Black, and addressed the membership, "Lords and Ladies of the Wizengamot, I call for a suspension and trial regarding the corruption of the Chief Warlock, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. He has abused his power, ignored the custom he swore to uphold and turned his heart towards darkness."

Lucius Malfoy jumped at the chance to knock Dumbldore down and seconded the motion.

Harry called for his parents will, "I Herve Jameson Potter, son of James Charlus Potter and Lily Evans Potter, Heir of the house of Potter; call for my parents will."

The will appeared in his hand and the seal broke when he placed his palm over it.

He quickly scrolled through it to the custody section and then glanced at the witnesses at the end. It was exactly as they had expected. Standing tall, he addressed the membership; "Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore signed as a witness to my parents will. The custody arrangements listed in the will were:

1. Sirius Orion Black (godfather)

2. Alice Longbottom (godmother)

3. Amelia Bones

4. Minerva McGonagal

We hold to wizarding tradition, if these four persons can not raise our son we wish him to be placed with wizarding kin as listed in the family tapestry. If no kin are alive and physically able place him in fosterage with a wizarding family and allow an adoption as long as the Potter legacy is continued. Under no circumstances whatsoever place our son with Lily's muggle reletives.

Lords and ladies of the Wizengamot, as a witness of this document, Mr. Dumbledore was explicitly aware of their wishes. But his actions were to kidnap me as a 15 month old infant, abandon me on the doorstep of a muggle residence in the middle of the night, seal my parents will, and send an innocent man to prison without a trial. He did not provide any maintenance funds for my upkeep causing hardship to my family and no small about of resentment towards me resulting in abuse and neglect, including the spilling of my blood.

Many of you do not want to believe that Albus Dumbledore, Icon of Light, could deliberately plan these immoral acts. Others of you pride yourselves in staying neutral in the Dumbledore/ Riddle conflict. You focus on the long term welfare of our society and will not change your path here today. The populous will not accept a verdict only voted on by 1/3 the membership, even if all others abstain. To receive a true and equitable judgment I offer up my complaint to Magic herself."

"Oathbreaker I name him, Oathbreaker and all who stand by him. Oathbreaker once, by the lines of his tongue. Oathbreaker twice, by the perversion of his heart. Oathbreaker three times by willingly giving his soul to darkness.

I Herve Jameson Potter was forced to shed unwilling blood by the perversion of his heart. I Herve Jameson Potter was sacrificed, money, knowledge and family by the lies of his tongue. I Herve Jameson Potter and all who stand beside me were deliberately led astray by his willing descent into darkness.

I call upon magic to right this wrong and claim retribution."

As Harry completed the incantation magic began swirling around Albus Dumbledore. When the magic cleared Dumbledore collapsed where he stood. Harry stepped forward and gave a stack of documents to Madam Bones.

"These are the papers that document the wrongs Albus Dumbledore committed to me and my family. Please file them as required by the Rite of Retribution."

"Please correct my guardian information to read Sirius Black as both physical and magical guardian; as both of my parents indended."

Harry and Sirius turned and walked out of the courtroom.

"So Prongslet, anything else you want for your birthday?"

"Can I have a basilisk? I promise it won't kill anybody."



Takes Place 18-7-94

A/N : This was a plot bunny that got in the way of some other stories I'm working on. The responses from the members of the Wizengamot are completely irrelevant by the end of the story becuase Harry uses the Oath Breaking Ceremony instead of wizarding Law.

Yes it ends abruptly. It was a plot bunny, Dumbledore is Dead! Long Live Harry! When I get a few of my other story idea's written and posted I might write a sequal dealing with the fall out of his actions. But this little bunny now shut up in it's hutch.