North of the Leaf Village and near the Snow Village, a tiny but strong village is hidden among the forests. Because of their unique connection with the wolves around them the village has been named the Village Hidden with Wolves. Because of how secretive the villagers are and how very little is seen from its shinobi, the village is thought to be a simple myth by all countries and has never been called to war. This does not mean that is does not share tales of bloodshed, the young of this village have heard tales of the Great War and once when the wolves turned against them.

A tale of an animal spirit that fought another but very different from the nine-tailed fox. In the beginning, the village was defended by two wolf spirits, the Protector and the Destroyer. The Protector was gifted with eleven tails that shown as bright as the sun and cherry trees grew wherever they touched. Her words could chance an enemy's alliance or turn criminals into followers. The Destroyer (her brother) had ten tails. His gift of tactics in battle made him emerge victorious every time. They were as different as sword and shield.

After the Protector was named leader of the village, the Destroyer's emotions snapped. He left the village claiming to return stronger than his sister. It did not take a long time for him to return with thirteen tails that poisoned the air and froze the earth and challenged the Protector for the title of leader of the wolf ninja. The Protector cried out for her brother's cold heart.

The battle started at noon and continued for three days. On the third day, the Protector was weakening and she knew the bloodshed that her brother would bring to the village if he won. To save her people, the Protector sealed the Destroyer into the mountain above the village, but the sealing came with a price. As her body burned away the village priest sealed her spirit in a new born child. Regardless, the village treated the new born as any other. Legend tells of someone releasing the Destroyer's spirit in the future and receiving his mark while the Protector's mark remained on the child that carried her spirit. And this is where our story begins…