Kuri: Okay, welcome back to Truth or Dare With Cross Academy~! Now first, an announcement. I have... A slave who doesn't want to be here!

Rehana: I will kill you.

Kuri: Don't you dare try, slave. Haha, now let's get on with it! From DuctTapeQueen000: 'Okay Zero I dare you to kiss Kaname then after that go kiss Shiki again ((you know you liked it))' That is an awesome idea!

Zero: What, now a PUREBLOOD? OH, COME ON!

Kuri: *holds taser to his head* Kiss both or I taser you.

Zero: NO.

Kuri: GUAHAHAHAHA! *tasers him* Ohh, that was fun~. *plays with taser and accidently hits random Night Class students*...Whoops. Oh, Zero's back up! Kuran, just kiss him. You don't want the same fate as Zero, do you?

Kaname: I guess not. *kisses him on the cheek*

Kuri: Nooooo, on the lips.

Zero: *faints*

Kuri: See, Kuran, now it's easier. Now don't make me taser you...

Kaname: Fine. *kisses him on the lips*

Kuri: To the internet!

Kaname: Hey!

Rehana: That was gross.

Kuri: Oh, shush. You just have no taste in pairings. Now, as for Shiki... I'm going to add something. You need to take both your shirts off.

Shiki: Why...?

Kuri: Because I said so, now do it, or I do it for you.

Shiki: *takes shirt off*

Kuri: Oh ho ho... *stares at his open... everything on the top half* And I'm going to have to take off Zero's myself. Actually, never mind. Slave can do it.

Rehana: *is to busy staring at Shiki*

Kuri: Okay, I will. *takes off Zero's shirt* *V* Pwetty... Now kiss, you two! You've done it once, now again!

Shiki: *kisses him*

Kuri: *takes photo* To Deviantart. And Photobucket. And every other photo sharing site.

Rehana: Why do you people have to send in these dares...

Kuri: Shut up, they're tasteful! Next: 'Yuuki now you must tell the truth! Who do you like better Zero or Kaname? -inner thoughts-((!))

Yuuki: W-Well, I c-couldn't possibly choo-

Kuri: Zero. Will always be Zero. Though fangirls like them way more than you. Next: 'Now Ruka you stupid girl is it true that you stil dont realise after all this time of Kain friggen loving you you still dont have a tiny hint of him maybe just liking you?

Ruka: Kain notices me? I thought our only relation was friends?


Kuri: There, there, Kain-senpai. Don't cry Chairman tears. It makes you look unnatractive and makes it harder for you to murder Aidou with your fire.

Kain: *sniffle*

Kuri: Uh-huh... And comments are always added in this, so: 'Well thats it for now! Love you *bleep*! Sorry I mean Kuri!'

Well, I love all my reviewers.^^ In a not creepy way, though, 'cause that'd be creepy... And Y U NO MY NAEM?

Moving on to Mystique Madjik: 'Zero'

'Truth: Are you positive you lovee yuuki? IF SO THEN I KILL HER AND JOIN CRAZY FANGIRLS! Oh wait I'm even more crazy than them. *looks at raep fangirls and smirks with evil glint in eyes*'

'Comment: I l-love yo-you!'

I'm totally with you on everything there!

Zero: Wait, what? You're worse than fangirls...? Worse than raep fangirls...? MUMMY! SAVE ME!

Kuri: Uhh, Zero? Your mummy's not alive anymore.

Zero: RAWR SHIZUKA. I- wait, you'll kill her? Then... I don't love her... *looks away and fails at whistling* And as for that comment, thanks? Wait you're worse than a raep fangirl... I no liek humans OR vampiers... =^=

Kuri: She still has a question for you, Zero. Anyway, 'Truth/Dareish thing: can I have you? I'm taking you with me no matter what you say and you can one Become my servant or two be my boyfriend. Oh and I'm stalking you as we speak MWAHAHAHA! *Looks at pictures of Zero and giggles and right outside studio where vampires can hear me*

Zero: No. =^=

Kuri: Come with me, slave. We're taking him to the dungeon of giviness to fangirl that wanty him. Right now, that's Madjik.

Rehana: As long as I get Shiki for myself afterwards.

Kuri: Yeah, yeah, whatever. You can. Just help me for now. He's heavy, you know.


Shiki: O.O

Kuri: *gasps* Shiki, you have emotions?

Shiki: -.-

Kuri: I still think you did... Here you go. It's Zero.

Zero: Hello, stalker. I don't like stalkers. And I choose option B. Less whipping.

Yuuki: Well, you do like stalkers.

Kuri: xD Yuuki. That was hilarious. Okay, next. 'Shiki'

'Comment: I know this isn't a dare or truth but your so awsome'

Shiki: Thank you. -.-

Kuri: You are so bland... 'Truth: how do you control your emotions'

Shiki: What emotions?

Kuri: Some would say emotions. Har har. I'm so funny. But you can't lie, we saw it before. You have emotions.

Shiki: Sleeping tablets.

Kuri: No idea how that works, but okay... Now: 'Yuuki'

'Comment: You have kaname and I have Zero-chan'

Zero: '-CHAN'?

Kuri: Wow, my mum just woke up at 5:29AM. I'm the only nocturnal one in this family... Now, Yuuki?

Yuuki: Umm, if you give me parfait.

Kuri: Just go all incesty-ish on your brother and give her Zero. Or I use taser.

Yuuki: Okay, okay... ^^;

Kuri: Lastly: 'Kuri: Thanks so much for doing this!' No problem. You know, your review came in while I was writing this. It made me so happy. Oh, actually, one more thing. This is for Kuran and Zero. Zero: Do you know that I have a picture of you with your hair tied up? Kuran: Do you know I have a picture of you with you as a midwife?

Rehana: YOU DO? *checks my files on my laptop* It's true! Email them to me!

Kuri: I already have, but your email isn't working, remember? Now, you two? =3

Zero: WHAT?

Kuri: *shows him*

Zero: Yuuki... This is your fault... You shall pay...

Kuri: Yeah, kill her! Now, Kuran?

Kaname: Oh, yeah, I used to be a midwife... Just don't show them to Yuuki, okay?

Kuri: *shows them to her*

Well that's all, I'll see you next time I can... Yeah, just after I get more material to use on them. ) Okay, bye! *in the background: nooooooooooooooooo*

*cheesy elevator music*