Kuri: Since this is right after Halloween, CREEPY UPDATE! :D

Shiki: When she's excited it's a bad sign. A very bad sign...

Kuri: SHUT UP! *pulls out butcher's knife* :)

Shiki: Explain just why you have that with you.

Kuri: I always take it with me. The other day, two boys were teasing me for being female. I just cut off their arms, problem solved. (In case anyone was wondering, this actually did happen)

Shiki: So you killed people you didn't know, because they were annoying you...

Kuri: Pretty much. ^^

Shiki: Tha-

Kuri: On with the questions! Oh, just a sec... *plays creepy Vocaloids in background* Ooohhh, Circle You, Circle You! I love this song!

Ichijou: You know it's about kids having their heads cut off...?

Kuri: Yep! Cutest. Vocaloid. Ever. Now, from BeatYouWithaPipe, who used to be DuctTapeQueen000, "Hello there Im back urrr...yeah so"

"Yuuki I dare you to call the headmaster Father and give him a big do it he derserves it!"

Kaien: :D

Kuri: Creeper...

Yuuki: Umm... F... Fa... Fath... Can we just skip to the next part?

Kuri: Well, if you can't do it, you FAIL AT LIFE. Anyway, Zero calls you his daughter sometimes, so it can't be THAT hard... that's what she said...

Yuuki: *bleep*-


Yuuki: *sighs* Kuri, one, we all know your real name, so whay can't we use-

Kuri: Because I said so.

Yuuki: Two, that's what she said? You are so disgusting...

Kuri: *giggles* What? It was funny.

Yuuki: Yeah. Funny.

Kuri: Well, slave, what did you think?

Rehana: -.- I won't even... Wait, what does it mean?

Kuri: You're hopeless.

Yuuki: And Zero? You say that?

Zero: Yeah. -.-

Yuuki: Damn yo-

Kuri: Oh! Zero! That reminds me! I had a HUGE (that's what she said) fangirl moment while reading the latest chapter!

Zero: ...What was it...? Also, what's with so many "that's what she said"...s?

Kuri: It was when you and Shiki... talked! My OTP has a chance! *V*

Zero & Shiki: It was about the Kuran princess...

Kuri: ME NO CARE. About the other thing... I've been watching WAAAAYY too many Chuggaaconroy vids lately!

Zero: Who...?

Kuri: -.- He's bigger than Chuck Norris. Also, he's a YouTube partner. Though, he does a TERRIBLE Australian accent.

Zero: You know that how...?

Kuri: *Kaname pimp slaps Zero... AWWW YEAH* B) Idiot! I'm FROM Australia!

Yuuki: Can we get on with the dare? Father. -.-

Kuri: Once more. With feeling.

Yuuki: Father. Annoyed feeling.

Kuri: Right... Now, hug him!

Kaien: I'm coming, my daughter! *glomps Yuuki*

Kuri: Right... After we've seen that... disturbing scene between... father and daughter... "Rima if you had to choose between pokey or Shiki who would it be?"

Rima: Pocky. -.-

Shiki: Well, that's very considerate. -.-

Kuri: SHIKI! *bish slaps him* You need not dis your GIRLFRIEND!

Shiki & Rima: We're not together... -.-

Kuri: Uh-huh.

Rima: *thinking* Didn't Mother say that was a good flirting tip...

Shiki: Telepathy. -.-

Kuri: I know I'd choose Shiki. Cause I get the guy AND he loves pocky. So I'd still get pocky. YUM. "That's it for me for now!"

Kaname: And it was nessecary to read that, why?

Kuri: MYOB. Now, from The Pocky Machine. "I dare Senri (my step-son :D) to bitchslap Rido dah-ling. He cannot have orgys when he's married D:"

Shiki: Awww, but I wanted orgy... -.-

Kuri: Passed down from your dad, huh? Listen, if you do this, I'll let you have an orgy with Zero, Kaname and Ichijou, after the show. Deal?

Shiki: Deal. -.-

Kuri: :D

Kaname, Ichijou and Zero: O.O

Shiki: *bitchslaps Rido* -.-

Kuri: *grabs megaphone* And here's your last dating show... contender.. thing, Shiki Senri! He's 178cm tall... I think... and alway has sex-hair...

Shiki: ... -.-

Kuri: And just bitch slapped his father's big, fat, mouldy head! :D

Rido: SHUT UP!

Rehana: That was... random.

Kuri: I know, good servant. Next time you say random, something good will happen.

Rehana: Random.

Kuri: *brings in the Hitachiin twins* Hikaru, Kaoru... If you don't want to get hurt, stay bystanders.

Hitachiin Twins: We'll do anything for you. *sparkles*

Kuri: Oh, shut it with the Host Club crap and stop pretending you're in Twilight. Now, put your lazy asses down, behind the soundproof screen, so I don't somehow get sued for not making this a crossover.

Twins: Yes, ma'am.

Kuri: SHUT UP! Now, "I dare Zero to get married to Shizuka."

Zero & Shizuka: No.

Kuri: Aww, you talked at the same time~! You're MEANT for each other~! :3

Zero & Shizuka: ...

Kuri: Congratulations, your now husband and wife, all that crap, KISS THE BRIDE, ALREADY! Or she becomes the corpse bride...

Zero: Nu. =^=

Kuri: *forces them to kiss* :D "Congratulations, Zeroin-Chan, you officially married to your "Mom"."

Zero: Don't rub it in...

Kuri: Uh-huh. "And I dare Hanabusa to video tape their honeymoon..."


Aidou: Yay! My first dare!

Kuri: Shut up, Temple Face.

Aidou: You mean my temples look good? I'm glad you thi-

Kuri: Not that, idiot! I'm refering to the fact your name means 'Indigo Temple'! That, and you look like... the oppisite of a spider.

Aidou: Thank you.

Kuri: Huuuh? But spiders are cute! 3 I'm getting a pet Turantula~!

Aidou: And this isn't a Halloween act...?

Kuri: Nope! Along with wolves, dogs and snakes, spiders are my favourite animal. Even though they're technically arachnids...

Aidou: What's an arachnid?

Kuri: Just video tape the damn honeymoon...

Aidou: *tapes the honeymoon* ...They were just hitting each other over and over for a few weeks.

Kuri: Perfect! *uploads to YouTube*

Kain: Does this person have proof she's not mentally ill?

Kuri: SHUT UP! Just because my brother has autism, doesn't mean I have it, too.

Kain: Then what are you listening to?

Kuri: People getting skinned and creepy Vocaloids. ^^

Everyone except Kuri: O.O

Kuri: Right, "I apologize for the un-creative ideas, my brain is not working right now... :D" It's fine~! I liked the one where Zero married his 'Mummy'.

Zero: HEY!

Kuri: Moving on, we have Mystique Madjik. ^^

Kaname & Zero: Oh, joy. -.-

Kuri: You've come to expect hers, haven't you? "Kanabaka: WHY U GAY AND PERVERT TO ZERO-CHAN!"

Zero: DON'T SAY "-CHAN"!

Kaname: I'm not.

Kuri: It was your idea for the blood drinking sessions, though.

Kaname: ... *kaname's very un-epic stoic face*

Kuri: *snickers... YUM* Fail... Okay, "Kanabaka: I dare you to kill Yuki."

Kaname: NU! MY WIAF!


Kuri: Uh-huh... You two aren't even married, yet... Anyway, we all know you like either Rido, Zero, Ichijou or Aidou, so ditch the bitch.

Kaname: ...*RAWR EPIC TROLL FACE... or Rido face... whichever you prefer...*


Kaname: *kills Yuuki*

Everyone watching Yuuki blowing up: *0*

Kaname: Meh.

Kuri: "Zero-chan: Do you still shower naked? I you don't I dare you to take a shower right now!*Pulls out camra and walks into bathroom closet too watch* XD"

Zero: Not anymore...

Kuri: *follows Madjik*

Zero: Oh, boy. Two stalkers.


Zero: *takes a shower*

Kuri: *drools* SO HAPPY. You are so awesome if you actually understand that... Okay, "Kuri: I have been listening to the theme songs and right now its on the Vampire hunters theme and now my family can't say I'm listening to japanese because they won't know."

Zero: Vampire hunters theme?

Kuri: I love that one. The viloins in it are so EPIC! On the subject of Japanese music, my mum downloaded backing tracks for three of them. I'm going on Australia's Got Talent with them~! Two by Kanon-san. Guess one of them. :) (Shouldn't be too hard, considering this is VK we're talking about...)

Zero: Wait, you're going on TV?

Kuri: It depends. They actually have you perform in front of a director, then the judges let you into the stage auditions if they liked it.

Zero: Then why are so many crappy ones?

Kuri: They just let them through for the comedy factor. There are only around 40 crappy auditions in each state.

Zero: Right...


Zero: All right, all right. Just don't stalk me forever.

Kuri: Okay... Eww. Apparently an old queen drank pus. *is watching tv as well X3* Now, she's done. From Onyx Flame Night, who used to be ScarletSands110. "zero, kaname, rido dare"

"Zero: uke the others seme," Just so you know, I absolutely love this idea.


Kaname: You need so much mental help, it's not even funny...

Kuri: And this is when you know I'm obsessed with YouTube. You already have your neko suit, now UKE, FOR GOD'S SAKE!

Zero: ...

Kuri: By the way, if you don't, I'll steal all your ramen AND make everyone a vampire. ^^

Zero: ...Fine... *walks over to the other two*

Kuri: I don't think I'll go into detail... I mean, I want you guys to miss out. ^^ Now, "Have a threesome with kana-chan and riri-san, then tell everyone your pregnant with kitten hybrids, and piss on yuukis grave"

Everyone but Kuri: NU!

Kuri: FUCK YEAH! ...I'm alone on that?

Zero: I'm pregnant with kitten hybrids. (x46) (A/N: I actually could count 46 VK characters off the top of my head. Hooray for obsessions?)

Yuuki: Hi guys, what're you doing?


Yuuki: Oh, that. Kaname-senpai revived me.

Kuri: Did the thing he use to revive you look ANYTHING like a Star Piece? And did he use a Revive or a Max Revive?

Yuuki & Kaname: o.O

Kuri: I guess I'm alone on the nerd status...

Zero: I'm pregnant with kitten hybrids.

Yuuki: But... Zero getting pregnant is as impossible as Kaname-senpai... being a pervert! (A/N: Can I just point out something here? This idea was taken fram canon events. It was in the LaLa Kirameki Drama CD. Here's what it was. Basically, there was a Yuuki pantyshot pic in the Chairman's office. Yuuki said at one point "Could one of them have taken it...? Nah, they wouldn't." Then Zero was like "You thought for a second it could've been Kuran." Then Yuuki was all like "Zero! Kaname-senpai doing something like this would be as impossible as Zero getting pregnant!" Oh, the mind images I had that night. Also, remember, Drama CDs are scripted by Hino, herself. The idea is purely canon)

Kuri: Not as impossible as you'd think... Yuuki, is your grave still there?

Yuuki: Yeah, why?

Kuri: Oh, Zero!

Zero: I don't need to pee.

Kuri: *brings out 15 litres of red cordial* Drink this. You'll be hyper, on helium and need to go.

Zero: ...*drinks cordial*

Kuri: And your puberty goes away...

Zero: *hiccups*

Kuri: Pretty much now.

Zero: *has a high, squeaky voice* I need to go pee-pee. :B

Kuri: It worked! You know... do you know your name?

Zero: I have a name?

Kuri: It's Bakabusa.

Aidou: HEY!

Kuri: Bakabusa, did you know there's a graveyard around here? Apparently one's with the Kanji for 'Kind', 'Princess', 'Nine' and 'Orchid' are the best toilets ever~! ^^

Yuuki: O.O Wait, isn't that the Kanji in my name?

Kuri: Exactly! Read this dare.

Zero: *pees on Yuuki's grave*

Kuri: ...Hey, look. His... un-puberting... spell... It's worn off!

Zero: I'm done.

Kuri: Good... *kicks Zero in the nuts*


Kuri: For fun.

Zero: ...

Kuri: Anyway, I think that's it for now. Creepy ending? Actually just gory. Or, in my mind, incredibly cute.

*plays Fear Garden*

*after show*

Kuri: *sighs* I'm bored...

Shiki: When do I get my orgy?

Kuri: When I feel like it, now go away and... play your dating sims, or whatever.

Shiki: Do they have orgy?

Kuri: You're the one who's actually PLAYED them, so I'd guess so...

Shiki: *goes to play gaems*

Kuri: ...*laughs evilly* Now, VK DS, while watching GG and playing Madworld... I'm suddenly happy! And I get a Cross Academy uniform! Ufufu~...