St Trinians: The Heist

Chapter 1

Great just great 2 years ago my parents transfer me from Hogwarts School Of WitchCraft And Wizardry to St Trinians School For Young Ladies, and now Hogwarts is coming to St Trinians.

I haven't spoken to anyone from the magical world since I left and no one at St Trinians know's about magic. Hogwarts are arriving tomorrow and boy are they in for a supprise.

Kelly Jones is our head girl and has never one belonged to a group but if St Trinians was in troubble she would be the girl to sort it out.

" Alright girls lissen up, as you know we got isiters coming 2 moz and were going 2 give them a welcome they'll never forget" Says Kelly

Now St Trinians isn't like your normal ll girls school were a boarding school and we also havrr cliques.

First up is the Posh Totties, they run their own chat line and have spoken to a member of the royal family.

Chavs, also know as rude girls, they are the cocky girls and arnt affraid of getting their hands dirty.

Goths, Well that world just sums them up anything you want to know anout death go to them.


First years, can really say much about them.

The Geeks, you want extra credit you go to them.

Then theres the Eco Freos they are obsessed with going global nutural.

Your probably wondaring what clique i belong to well i don't when i came here 2 years ago i was given a make over ( what annabelle was wearing in the first film) i look more closer to the posh totties but I hang around with all the cliques. When Hogwarts comes they are going to get the shock of their lives.

" So heres the plan

Posh Totties there are lots of boys at this school pick three and do what ever you want to them.

First Years your explosives set them off.

Geeks make sure this is all filmed live and broadcasted on youtube.

Monie me and you are responsible for the teachers.

Meet in the stairwell 11:30 prompt with all memberrs of the school and we then on my command unleash holy hell on Hogwarts".

Next chapter Hogwarts arrive and they see hermione for the first time in 2 years.

Question Should i bring annabelle into it or not .

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