Chapter 9

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Hermione POV

Why, why did they have to come here of all the school it had to be St Trinians!, and not just the school but parents as well WTF are they thinking. I hate them I really do, my parents were right to take me away I'm more like myself than before. St Trinians helps people to find themselves, just like Annabelle will whilst she is here; she may even be head girl next year. These girls are my family and I will do anything to protect them and I'm glad that I'm here for another 3 years.

"Mione" Kel says walking up to me

"Yea Kel"

"Are you alright" she says looking concerned

"Kel I'm fin-"she cuts me of with her stare

"Don't lie to me I know you to well"
I sigh "No Kel I'm not alright" why is it that I be the second in command but still break with Kel

"What's wrong Mione"
"I miss them"
"Miss wh- Oh your old friends"
"Who do you think I meant my invisible friends"
"Don't get like that with me"
"Sorry Kel"

"Mione remember what they did to you, what you went through"

"I know, but they were my friends, my first friends, the people who took time to see past my looks" I say looking a Kel, I feel my eyes starting to tear up

"Mione" Kel says "Look at me" I turn my head towards Kel "They may have been your friends but remember why your parents transferred you, why you didn't talk to them, and why all these pranks were your idea. I'm going down to the hall you need to go an collect our guests".

As I start walking to Hogwarts rooms I cast my mind back to the week I left Hogwarts.


3rd year

I was walking through the halls of Hogwarts thinking back to last night when me and Harry helped Sirius break out of the tower and fly away on Buckbeak and I could help but smile, that was one of the most rewarding things. As I walk down the halls I start to head voices and head towards them.

"Why are we still friends with her" I hear Ron ask somebody

"Because if I want to stay alive and beat Voldemort than I need her on my side" I hear Harry respond

Wait WHAT there pretending to be my friends, all of this time the times I've risked by life for them, helped them with homework and it was all just a ploy.

I back away from the door slowly I can't believe that they were playing me all of this time, the things that we've been through, none of it was real. As I keep walking I wack into something and go flying to the floor.

"Who the hell- Mudblood"

Great Malfoy just what I need, I get up to start walking away.

"Hey, Mudblood I'm talking to you" I turn around

"Malfoy bugger off"

"No" he grabs my arm

"Let go of my arm, you pompous blonde idiot" as I try to get away I don't realise that were right next to the stairs.

"No granger I don't think I will" Why will he not let go, I just want to get out of here and the a though sprigs to mind

"What would daddy dearest say to his son dating a mudblood I wonder?"

"He would believe you" Malfoy scoffs

"Really who do you think people will believe" I say stepping closer to him, looking from his eyes to his lips and back again.

"Ugh" He says pushing me away, the next thing I know I'm falling down the stairs.

I feel myself land on my back, my head and back hurt and all I can see are stars in front of my eyes.

End of flashback

"RONALD BILLIUS WEASLEY" I hear as I snap back out of my trip down memory lane

Right let's get Hogwarts to the hall.