OK! First chapter of my rewritten story! Hope this all goes well…

Irish makes a slight chocking sound as he gets shot through the chest, falling right in front of Conan.

"IRISH!" Conan runs up to the wounded B.O agent. "Don't worry, the injury isn't that serious, I'll treat you as soon as we get away!"

Irish smirks, "No wonder." Irish pauses, "No wonder Vermoth is keeping her eye on you."

"Don't talk!" Conan all but hisses. "You have to tell me everything as soon as your wounds heal, be prepared for that."

Suddenly, the helicopter came up behind them, aiming to shoot at Conan, when Gin suddenly stops Chianti's shot.

"Aniki?" Vodka asked worriedly, he follows Gin line of sight to what he was seeing, he didn't see anything particularly odd about the scene. But something did strike him as odd about it, he just couldn't figure out what. Korn leaned into the front a bit, looking at the screen.

"Child" was all he said. Vodka knew right away what he meant. The odd part of the scene they were witnessing was that it was a child of no more than 8 years old, trying, and failing, to carry Irish.

But what was even more odd was that the brat looked oddly familiar... but as bad luck would have it for the kid, Gin had already thought this over and gave the signal for Chianti to make the shot.

It struck Conan as odd for why the helicopter hadn't done anything yet, thinking this was his chance to escape, he started to try and move Irish, But Conan could all but move the man a couple inches before he had to stop. Just as he was about to start moving again, Irish suddenly covered him, hearing the grunt from Irish, Conan could only hope he was wrong for what just happened, but the blood coming out of Irish's mouth said otherwise.

"Shinichi Kudo, keep coming after us." was all Irish said before he slumped. "Irish!" Conan said, moving out from under him, not even thinking for a moment about the helicopter still hovering behind them.

"Did Irish just cover the kid?" was all Vodka could say, watching the scene playout infront of him.

Just as Chianti was about to take the kid out, Gin raised his hand again, ordering Chianti from firing yet again, and this was something Chianti did not enjoy. "Gin! Why aren't you letting me take the shot! I have him in my sights!"

Gin continued to ignore him her, as he zoomed in and took a picture with the helicopters camera. "I don't like that brat." Was all Gin said. "Then let me shoot the brat!" Chianti said, still trying to convince Gin.

This little dispute gave Conan the time he needed to come back to his senses, taking cover behind a metal box.

Gin seeing this leaned over to Vodka slightly, "Use that." he said. Vodka complied with a nod before flying quickly to the other side of the tower, were he could have a shot at Conan.

Following their movements, Conan changed his positions from one side of the box to the other, keeping his back pressed against it. Conan only had a split second to do this before shots from the helicopters machine gun sounded, not only putting dents in and taking chunks out of his metal box, but also shattering some of the down stairs windows.

"Damn it, Ran is downstairs!" He had to make his choice and he had to make it fast, he jumped from his hiding spot and started running for dear life up the stairs, hoping to draw their gun fire away from Ran.

Thankfully, it appeared they were following him, but that also meant they were aiming to kill.

As Conan ran up the stairs, he was desperately trying to think of away out of this, but having a helicopter following you while it's shooting at you, not mention the people who you fear most are in it, made it near impossible to think.

As he was rounding one of the last corners, he came into perfect view of the helicopter, a bullet clipped his left arm, leaving a nice cut there. As he came to the last platform to the tower, all he could do at this point was duck behind a wall. As they were still trying to shoot him, the head of a spot light broke off the wall and landed just a few feet from him. Inside the helicopter, Gin smirked. "Fly up, there won't be a blind spot from above."

Meanwhile on the tower, Conan was still trying to think of away out of this. 'Damn what should I do? I'm trapped!' He winces as he notices the pain in his arm, looking at the cut, he also sees his suspenders, which the Professor recently made so they could extend to 300m. He looks over at the broken spotlight head, and gets an idea. A dangerous and suicidal idea. He glares over the side of the tower, putting his plan into action.

Overhead, Gin is starting to hover closer to the towers roof, 'Now, let me see your face.' But all they see is Conan jumping over the edge, holding onto the spotlight head, but what they don't see are his suspenders looped over the spotlights head and connected to the towers edge.

"He jumped!" Vodka says, surprised to see such an act from a young child.

Gin humphs, "He's going to kill himself because there's no hope."

Conan rapidly descending, a ledge coming into sight as his decent is slowed, the suspenders running out of room to stretch. Just as he nears the ledge, he flips over and aims carefully, he knee's the button on the suspenders so they will retract. "GO!" Conan yelled, falling the last 2 meters to the ledge as he lets go of his make-shift projectile, watching as it takes its flight.

Gin could only watch wide eyed as the spotlight head borrows itself into the helicopters tail, making a series of explosions trigger. "We're hit!" "Great! How's that possible?" "I - I can't control it any more!"

As panic strikes everyone, Gin just says calmly, "There's nothing we can do, retreat." "Got it." is Vodkas shaky reply.

Vodka maneuvers the helicopter near a buildings roof, with Gin looking back thinking, 'What - Who is that?'

Just as they are about to exit the helicopter, Gin takes the cameras memory card with him, taking with him the only picture they have of Conan. 'I don't know who you are, but you will die, and some day soon.'

Ok I didn't really do much to the first chapter, accept changed some words and made shorter paragraphs. Some of my chapters will be like this, others will be different.

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