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The Liefs of the Forest

Jasmine swung from her branch, landing lightly on her feet. She grinned and lifted her head to the sky. She sighed 'This would be much better, if HE were here' she thought. Kree flew over-head and squawked loudly. Jasmine's smile faded, and she shouted up to Kree, "What's the matter Kree? Who's there?"

Kree's reply was muffled as he flew away. Jasmine sighed again, and ran after him. She stopped by the edge the road, seeing a black form coming in the distance. She waited a little bit, and saw the crest of Deltora on the doors of the huge carriage in the distance. She grinned and jumped out of the bushes waving at the coach.

Suddenly, the coach stopped and a blonde boy stepped out. He was wearing the blue cloak that had hidden them so well, years ago. Lief smiled and strode over. Jasmine walked over to meet him. The two looked each other over, then hugged. Barda climbed out of the coach, smiling when he saw the two's embrace. Jasmine and Lief broke apart and Jasmine ran to hug the big man who had just climbed out of the coach.

"Lief! Barda! Why are you guys here?" she cried out, joyfully.

The two men looked at each other nervously, and said, "Rumors have been flying around about an Ol that showed up on the Western bank of the Broad River. We need your help to investigate."

Jasmine frowned and said, "But, that's impossible! The Ols have been missing for years! Ever since we got rid of the Shadow Lord. How can they be back now?"

Lief and Barda exchanged a glance and Barda said, "We're not sure, that's why we were sent to investigate."

Jasmine smiled, "Just like the old days, huh?" She said with a sad little smile. 'Except Dain isn't here', she thought. The fact that he had been an Ol all that time, the fact that he betrayed them was still a shock to her.

Lief noticed her sad smile, but ignored it. "Yup, just like the old days! You in?" he asked smiling.

Jasmine's emerald eyes, met his sapphire, and she grinned. "What do you think?"


Jasmine sat in the coach, looking out the window. She hated being in small, confined spaces. Her irritation showed plainly. Lief looked at her expression, and instantly a sharp pang of guilt struck his heart. 'She's the one we were sent to get rid of, so why do I feel so bad about it?'

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