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Umm… okay then, this will be my first fanfiction with an actual story line to it (my two other fanfics are just drabble thingy piles of shit). My writing style is pretty rough at the moment so… feel free to make suggestions (ex. more detail here, blah blah blah), I'm hoping to improve it so it won't be as choppy as this prologue feels to me. Anyways, about the actual fanfic, it'll eventually be ZaDf (that means no fucking xD) but the story isn't just Zim and Dib centric, you'll see what I mean later IF I actually decide to continue this thing. I've got about 3 chapters planned out already, let's just see how it goes…

Enough of my shit, let's do this.

A slow smile spread across Dib's face. This was it! All systems were online, engines working at full capacity, everything was up and running. It had taken some time but he was sure Tak's ship was finally ready to make the jump into space!

Dib disconnected the power cord hooked up to the spittle and climbed into the cockpit, quickly pressing a few buttons, sending power to the jets.

"Gaz!" He called over his shoulder to the purple haired girl leaning against the far wall of the garage, "Can you raise the door for me?"

Gaz looked up from her Game Slave with a glare and grumbled, but never the less complied. She slammed her fist on the button that raised the garage door before turning her attention back to her game. Dib lowered the spittle runner's windshield as the ship began to levitate, "Alright," he said to himself, "let's put this thing to the test."

The garage door shutter lifted and the quiet night greeted Dib, the ship barely made any noise as it slowly drifted forwards out onto the driveway. Dib took a deep breath and gripped the controls tight, the next second the ship shot into the sky. It never failed to amaze, his house disappeared in mere moments, along with the neighbourhood, the city, and soon he was over the Pacific Ocean.

He piloted the spittle higher and higher into the atmosphere, beginning to get nervous. Because the main power source was destroyed when the ship first crash landed in front of his house, it had to constantly be recharged through a replacement power source. But human and Irken technology didn't mix well, so the ship could only be used for short periods of time.

Dib had never before tested its ability to go into space.

The spittle's frame began to rattle as it flew above the clouds. Dib clenched his teeth and pressed a few buttons on the screen, forcing more power into the engines, "Come on just a little higher…!"

Then at once the shaking abruptly stopped.

Dib looked up in surprise to see the empty vastness of space in front of him, his face lit up with realization, "YES, I can't believe it! I actually made it out of the Earth's atmosphere!" he piloted the ship further away from the Earth, his home, before doing a quick 180 to face the blue and green planet. "All I need to do now is find a sufficient power source for Tak's ship…" he was talking to himself in his usual manner, watching the Earth spin slowly below, it looked so much more beautiful from up where he was than down on the surface…

The people on Earth were stupid, blind and primitive; at least that's how Dib saw them. They ignored the truth, even when it was shoved in their faces, Dib frowned. He had tried to show them that an alien was living amongst them, planning on bringing the downfall of the human race, he'd been trying for 3 years now. It was almost like they didn't want to be helped.

And maybe that would be the cause of their demise, their obliviousness. They thought they could just live perfectly isolated, when so many other things in the galaxy existed, maybe they could be the next planet conquered by an alien race. Maybe Zim had gone to fetch the armada and they really were all doomed.

That raised another question: where exactly was Zim? About a year ago he went missing, and Dib of course was the only one to notice. His base was shut down; Dib couldn't get into the lower labs to collect evidence that the alien even existed. Was he dead? Was he coming back?

He should be relieved that the alien was gone but somehow it just made him more uneasy.

"I have to show them what's out there," Dib mumbled, "and with this ship I can find proof." He glanced at the energy level readings on the control panel: 73%. The ship will be good for another few hours he estimated, when it got down in the 30's he would have to go back. Until then he could do what he wanted as long as he didn't stray too far from the Earth's orbit.

For the longest time Dib just stared at the Earth spinning slowly below, he was amazed at the possibilities! He could choose any destination in the world and be there in seconds because the ship was so incredibly fast. And it was his.

Something in the distance caught his eye, a satellite maybe? He steered Tak's ship in that direction, no, the thing was too oddly shaped to be a satellite. Dib's excitement grew as he drew closer to it, it was huge, and it looked like some sort of base… familiar somehow…

Then he noticed the Irken symbol on it and broke into a full out grin.

Of course, it's one of Zim's bases! From that one time when Gaz really wanted to go out for Pizza… How could he have forgotten about this? He slapped himself in the forhead. This was exactly the kind of evidence he needed!

Using Tak's ship, Dib sped towards the base.

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