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"So…" Zim began slowly, "you're telling me that this 'countdown' has only a few months left on it?"

Dib nodded. "I don't know what it's for, I was hoping you would."

Zim still looked suspicious. Why wasn't he destroying this human? "And you found this in my base?"

Dib nodded again. Zim was undeniably curious… it wasn't like they hadn't worked together before, besides, he could always destroy the human later... After another moment or two of contemplation, Zim decided he would allow the human to work with him, just one more time.

"Follow me," he turned and walked towards the toilet, strangely located in the kitchen.

"Err… yeah, I think I'll take the garbage bin this time…" Dib rolled his eyes. The garbage chute was much more pleasant than the toilet bowl, which was a little sad to admit. Considering how many times he'd snuck in here, he of all people would know firsthand.

Zim had already disappeared down the stupidly located toilet.

Dib dropped down the chute and quickly met up with Zim on the lower levels. Now that the base was powered on the air was thick with static and the low hum of alien machinery could be heard. Of course neither noticed this. Zim motioned for the paranormal investigator to follow, he began walking down one of the corridors that made up the under part of the base. It was like a maze, Dib had never actually mapped out the whole place, though he had planned on doing it once.

The two walked in silence for a while. It was odd to both of them; usually they'd be screaming threats at each other right about now.

"The two Irkens," Zim said suddenly, "What happened to those two other Irkens?"

"You mean the ones that were completely owning your ship?" Dib raised an eyebrow, "I lost them."

Zim bristled in anger, he didn't completely understand what Dib meant by 'owning his ship' but he didn't like it. Stupid Earth-creatures and their stupid sayings. "I hope you know that after I discover what this countdown is, I'm going to destroy you."

The big headed boy shook his head, not even remotely surprised that nothing had changed between them.

They finally reached a room. It was the room Zim usually used for contacting his leaders or accessing the super computer. Again, Dib couldn't help but be amazed by the extent of Irken technology. On the control panel of the computer, lay a small metallic heap, one all that was too familiar. Zim reached into its cup shaped head and flicked a switch, immediately it came to life, its eyes taking on a bright cyan hue. The little droid sat up sharply, and then slowly turned its head to look at him. A huge grin spread across its face as it recognized its master.

"MASTAH, YOU CAME BACK!" Gir shrieked, Dib winced at its' high pitched voice. Zim on the other hand, was used to it. He grabbed Gir by the shoulders, and spoke very clearly, "Alright Gir, this is very important. I need you to go around and make sure that all security systems are running properly. Can you do that for me?"

Gir nodded furiously, then took off, eyes glowing red, he scampered down the hallway screaming, "IMMA MAKE US SOME 'SPLODIN' TAQUITOS!"

Zim sighed in annoyance, while Dib just stared after the thing in utter confusion. This was regular behavior for Gir.

"I still don't get why you keep that robot around, it seems like it does more harm than help for you." Dib remarked.

"Why I keep Gir around is none of your concern." Zim growled, not looking at his rival, he began typing codes into the computer. "Now, you will show me this 'countdown' at once. What sector did you find it in?"

Dib shrugged, "I don't know, it was in some random room in the base orbiting Earth."

"You're useless. Computer!"

"Sector 7." The computer grumbled.

A flurry of windows and Irken text shot by on the screen as Zim typed, way too fast for Dib to follow. "It is strange." He said suddenly. The numbers appeared again, a few hours had been knocked off the clock.

The young paranormal investigator looked over at him. "Hm?"

"I was never notified of this, and why it's in such an obscure part of the system doesn't make any sense! What's more is that there is no record of when it started or what it is, it simply appeared without warning." He slammed his fists down on the control panel, "I will get to the bottom of this! No one invades Zim's system, no one!"

Shortly after saying that he winced a bit, Dib didn't miss this however. Zim looked at him with narrowed eyes, "What are you looking at? You think I am weak? HA! In case you were wondering, Irken's recover much quicker from injuries than hyoo-mans do."

"No, not at all. I hate to admit it, but surviving a crash and a forest fire with only a few bruises is actually…quite impressive…" Before the Irken could stick his ego further up his ass, Dib continued, "Though you could show a little more gratitude, I was the one who pulled you from the crash site, you would've died otherwise."

Zim scoffed, but eyed Dib suspiciously "You? I don't believe that. Why would you save me?"

"Like I said, I want answers, Zim. No other reason."

"And why should I give them to you? Oh right, because your Earth's savior," His words dripped with sarcasm, "well believe it or not, my absence didn't concern this dirtball at all." Zim frowned slightly.

Dib was mildly surprised, "What?"

"It is… hard to explain." Zim looked away with a grimace. An awkward silence hung in the air for a while.

Then Girs' little head poked around the corner.

"Mastah? Big head boy?"

The two looked at the droid. Dib's protest of 'my head's not big' was ignored. "What is it, Gir?" Zim asked. A toy octopus sat on the robot's head.

"There are some green people at the door who want to see you."

Alarm flashed across Zim and Dib's faces as they exchanged a quick glance. With a brush of the hand, Zim made a window pop up on the gigantic screen, it showed a camera view of the bizarre living room.

"That's… not good." Dib murmured as he stared up at the screen. The two Irken's from before stood in the living room, the female with green eyes seemed to be surveying her surroundings. She had one hand placed on her hip, and seemed to regard the living room as something beneath her interest. The other Irken appeared to be male, he had bright yellow eyes and jagged antennae.

Both Irkens wore uniforms different from the Invader one Zim wore, with a dark blue and cyan colour scheme and higher collars.

"I thought you said you lost them!" Zim shouted angrily.

"I thought I did! What do these two want anyway?"

"I'm not sure…" Zim admitted, "But we have to get rid of them; they could mean trouble for my plans… and your planet as well!"

"What do you mean?"

"Argh… I'll tell you later, but only if we work together now and get rid of them!" Zim ran to the door of the room, he looked back, expecting Dib to follow.

"Deal," Dib nodded after some consideration, "but you better keep your word!"

The duo proceeded down the corridor.

"…massacre at Membrane Labs, sixty two scientists confirmed dead…"

Gaz couldn't help but stare at the television screen in complete shock. He wasn't lying. Nny's escape had completely blown up the local news channel, the camera view showed the lab closed up with caution tape, many police and paramedics hovered around the front of it.

"…ranged from heavy mutilation to burns to…"

She hated to admit, but a small part of her was impressed, a small sick part of her. She threatened many people, but had really only killed one before, and that was only because he had gotten in her way. Nny wasn't all talk as she had suspected; not a poor soul at the lab was left alive. This made her realize that whatever that monster was downstairs posed a threat, and a very real one. She kept watching.

"…Proffessor Membrane has issued a public warning to avoid the escaped subject at all costs…"

The screen cut to an image of her father standing in front of a podium, many microphones shoved towards him, and cameras flashing everywhere. He spoke, "I hurried to return from my very important business trip as soon as I heard of this disaster! No one has any reason to panic!"

Anger surged through Gaz, I haven't heard a word from you that hasn't come from that stupid robot in years, and the minute something goes wrong in your science work and you come running back? Very typical of you, dad. She cast a hateful look at the trashed robot lying in the corner of the living room. The thing was useless, all it could do was serve beans and play pre-recorded voice clips and videos of the Professor. It couldn't substitute for a father, hell, it couldn't even substitute for a babysitter.

A picture of Johnny popped up on the screen as Prof. Membrane continued. "I advise that you do not approach this man if you see him, he is incredibly dangerous, but do not fear! We'll have the situation under control soon." The image of Johnny stared at her from the screen, eyes burning with intense malice and hate for everything and everyone it seemed. She clicked off the TV. Now there remained the question of what to do. The police were idiots, four hours later and they still hadn't arrived, and she knew that they weren't going to. It was obvious then, she had to call her dad.

Gaz dialed, on the third ring it just went straight to voicemail. And THAT was never getting answered, not with the Professor's busy schedule. She tried again, then again.

"Fuck." She hissed in annoyance and slammed the phone down. What was happening? It was like no one actually wanted to find Nny.

"This is so stupid, I just want him gone." She crossed her arms and sighed. And why isn't Dib home yet?

She glanced at the clock, 8:47. Skool started in around 10 minutes. Normally she wouldn't care what Dib was doing but if there was one thing he insisted on, it was that they both attend skool. He would rarely let her miss a day and he himself kept a near perfect attendance record. If whatever he was doing was so important then he should've at least told her.

Irritated, she raised her wrist and activated the two way com. device on her wrist, contacting Dib. A few moments passed before his face appeared on the tiny screen, he was running. From what or to what she didn't know.

"Gaz!" He exclaimed.

"Me." She replied dryly, "Where are you? Skool's about to start, are you not going today or what?"

Dib shook his head, "No, you're not gonna believe this but Zim is back!"

Gaz was genuinely surprised. She raised an eyebrow, "Really? I thought he was gone for good."

"Yeah, he's here! I'm at his base right now, and we're being attacked by these-"

"Stop there. All I wanted to know is if you were going to skool because if you're not, I'm not. Just be home...whenever." With that, she shut off the device. Well, that was just great. Now Dib would be back to his usual 'trying to prove Zim's an alien' phase in no time…

Dib stared at the blank screen, vaguely disappointed in his sister's usual lack of interest. Whatever, it was better she not get involved anyways.

"Who was that?" Zim asked, glancing back at Dib. They rounded a corner, the elevator leading to the top floor was dead ahead.

"My sister," Dib answered.

"Ah, the scary Gaz-beast." Dib rolled his eyes. "Computer!" Zim suddenly said, "Try and drive the two Irkens out of the base! I want them out!"

"I'll see what I can do."

The duo stepped onto the circular elevator and soon ended up on the top floor in the kitchen. The first thing they saw when they arrived was metal; loads of the metal tubes had detached themselves from the ceiling and now attacked the two intruders in an attempt to drive them out. The Irkens fought back, PAK legs out, they effortlessly dodged, ducked and occasionally slashed at the mechanical tentacles. Then the Irken with yellow eyes took something out of his PAK, it looked like a small silver disk. He tossed it up to the ceiling where it disappeared into the sea of machinery.

A few seconds later, a burst of green electricity rippled outwards, paralyzing all of the tentacles it came in contact with. The base's defence easily fell, the tentacles going lax before slowly retracting to the ceiling.

Dib cast a sideways glance at Zim, who growled and narrowed his ruby eyes at the two Irkens.

The female with green eyes just took notice of the two standing there, she turned to face them. "Defect," she said with a scowl, "that was pathetic! Did you really expect your base's weak defence to hold us off?"

"Who are you? Why are you following me?" Zim clenched his fists and yelled at her.

"We've been tracking you for a while, Zim. My name is Kez," she gestured to her silent partner, "this is Relek. It's about time you come with us."


Dib facepalmed.

The Irken known as Kez just stared blankly at him for a few moments, eyes half-lidded. "I expected as much from you…" she said, "No matter, we don't need you specifically…" She rose up on her PAK legs, getting in a crouching position, "Just your PAK!"

With that she lunged at Zim, whose own mechanical limbs were out in a flash. He sprang backwards and, using two PAK legs, hooked onto the ceiling, using the metal tubes for holds. Kez pursued, "Relek!" she yelled to her partner, "Eliminate the hyoo-man, we have no use for it."

Oh, crap that's me, Dib thought. Relek turned his gaze towards him and charged at Dib, using his PAK legs for momentum, he reached Dib in a few bounds. The Irken now towered over him, a spider like limb came stabbing down. He rolled forwards and under Relek, quickly jumping back to his feet on the other side of him.

The Irken turned his head slowly before a PAK leg slashed horizontally at Dib, who staggered backwards in surprise, the deadly point just barely missing his face. He continued to back up into the living room.

Zim and Kez fought above, racing around the steel cables, slashing and stabbing at one another. Zim was holding his own pretty well, but Kez's attacks were far quicker and more precise, Zim was on the defensive for the most part.

Dib stole a glance at them, only to regret it as Relek rushed forwards. He had no time to avoid the leg as it swiped him to the side, knocking him down and sending him skidding across the floor. He landed on his back and pushed himself up onto his elbows, but Relek was already over him, two PAK legs planted on either side of Dib. He raised one, the deadly point poised to strike downwards and end the human. Reacting fast, Dib turned and kicked one of the PAK legs holding Relek up to the side as hard as he could, momentarily catching the Irken off guard and off balance. He took this opportunity to land a hit of his own, driving his fist upwards into the Irkens' jaw.

Dib was never one for physical strength, but it seemed to do the trick. Relek staggered backwards from the blow, taking a moment to steady himself. He looked at Dib, not with hatred but with something akin to amusement.

He charged once again at the human, yellow eyes narrowed to a glare; he was no longer playing around. Dib realized if he kept fighting like this in the open, he would most likely get himself killed. He had to catch the Irken off guard… but how? He ran to the side, narrowly avoiding more slashes from the PAK legs.

His eyes were drawn back to the kitchen… maybe…

It was his best chance at the moment. Zim would be fine.

Without a second thought Dib raced into the kitchen and jumped into the trash can, sending him back to the lower levels of the house.

Red and amber were locked in an intense battle of endurance and strength. It appeared to be a close match; and just as it seemed neither was going to win…

"ARGH, SHIT, feels like my eyes are gonna fall out of my head!" Nny blinked rapidly and rubbed his eyes. He sat cross legged on the floor of the chamber. Across from him on the other side of the glass was one of Gaz's puppets, staring at him intently. For the past hour they'd been playing this game. Nny, having been an insomniac, was rather good at keeping his eyes open for long periods of time. However, puppets didn't have saliva and therefor, didn't need to blink at all.

"One of these days…" He glared at the puppet, "I'm going to beat you in a staring contest."

The snake-like puppet flicked out its tongue.

"I see." Nny's eye twitched.

He sighed, he really wanted out, being caged like an animal just wasn't his thing. What would he do once he got out? Well, Gaz is certainly going to be the first to go…

'You don't really want to kill her do you?'

He nearly jumped in surprise; it had been a while since one of his inner voices spoke, which wasn't exactly a bad thing. For some reason, those goddamn scientists hadn't tampered with his memory. He remembered all his voices, the Doughboys, Nailbunny, Meat… The latter hadn't spoken at all since being captured by the scientists. How exactly he got captured was a little fuzzy though…

"Who are you?" Nny said out loud. "And yeah, I'm pretty sure I do." The voice definitely didn't sound like Meat, yet it felt familiar somehow…

'She was only defending herself, Nny.' It pointed out. 'I'm something you've always been deprived of.'

"What the hell does that mean?" He demanded angrily. "Where did you come from?"

'Questions, questions… You'll figure out soon, after all it should be fairly obvious.'

Without thinking, only acting on a sudden impulse, Nny's hand reached up to the side of his head and touched the metal tubes. He suddenly understood. "You're from this thing aren't you?" He scowled.

'Correct. It's good to know that I've finally made contact with you, which means that the implant is starting to take effect. Progress…'

Nny's eyes narrowed to a dark glare, "I'm not some lab rat. Whatever those damn scientists and that egotistical bastard, Membrane, did to me, I want it gone. So what are you then? I didn't expect them to actually be able to imitate one of my voices."

'You've basically figured it out yourself. Like you said, I'm an imitation of something you've always been deprived of. I'll give you three guesses as to what that is.'

He had to admit, he was stumped.

I'll give you a hint: the closest thing that's ever been even remotely like it came in the form of a dead rabbit.

"…What are you talking about?"

If the voice had a form, Nny was sure it would've rolled its eyes.

"Talking to yourself?" A nonchalant voice said from the doorway. Nny looked over to see Gaz leaning against the doorframe with her arms crossed over her chest.

Nny shrugged, "If you knew me, you wouldn't be surprised. It happens a lot." He slowly got up from his previous sitting position, "However, very few people have known who I really am, and lived." He met her stare with a dangerous glare. "So how about you let me out before we really get to know each other."

Gaz gave a little uninterested 'hmph', she gestured with her chin upwards, "They're looking for you, you know. It's only a matter of time before they capture you and take you back to the lab." She examined her nails with boredom. "But… I'm feeling nice today so how about I make you a deal?"

"A deal?" Nny looked at her as if she'd suddenly started speaking Chinese.

"Yeah, I'm willing to forgive and forget if you are. Just… get out of my house." As an afterthought she added, "…WITHOUT harming any of my stuff or me."

'Seems like a good deal, Nny, do as she says.'

"Shut up, don't tell me what to do!" He snapped. It was Gaz's turn to give him a scathing 'what is your problem?' look.

"Not you, the voice in my head." He said with slight chagrin. "So… why the sudden change of heart? You do know I am quite horrendously insane right?" He cocked his head to the side sceptically.

"I never noticed." Gaz deadpanned. She shrugged, "I really don't care either way. You staying here and the scientists coming and finding you or you getting caught out there doesn't make a difference to me." She snapped her fingers and the snake-like doll slithered over to the control panel that operated the chamber. It pressed a button and then a hissing sound filled the air as the frame of the chamber lifted. Nny looked up in surprise.

"Just like that?"

"Just like that." Gaz confirmed. "Leave."

Nny strode across the room towards the stairs and stopped right in front of Gaz. It would be so easy, strangle her, knock her head in, kill her right now. They stared at each other for a few moments. Nny was still confused as to why she would just decide to let him go like this, knowing how dangerous he was- oh, that was why. A low growl came from behind, he didn't need to turn to see the half dozen or so demon puppets looming behind him.

Now he understood: make a move to kill her, they would make a move to kill him.

A slow smirk crept onto Gaz's face. Nny felt the edges of his lips tug upwards as well, "Nice."

She moved aside without a word to let him pass, with one last look at her he turned and disappeared up the stairs.

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