Faller: Okay all you Logan fans get ready. I realize that I haven't focused that much at all on Logan, so now I'm writing a Logan centric fic. It will be in first person, a first for me. I generally don't like using first person, but I am anyways.

Logan: You're not going to make this pleasant for me, are you?

Faller: (pats Logan's head) Of course not, Logie. That would take the fun out of it.

Logan: (sighs) You really love picking on me, don't you?

Faller: Of course not! I wuvs my Wogie-bear! (hugs Logan)

Logan: Of course you do. That's why I'm always your test monkey.

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I Thought This Was Supposed To Be A Good Day?

Logan POV

Most people look at my life story, and they feel sorry for me; abandoned in the slums as an infant, raised in an orphanage for three years, then adopted by a family that I have no resemblance to with a son who hasn't even heard of the phrase "sit still and be quiet". I look at my life story, and all I can do is smile. I wasn't abandoned in the slums, I was lost. I wasn't in an orphanage; I was in a temporary home with a caring temporary Father. I wasn't adopted by a strange family; I was taken in by some of the most wonderful people in the world. My little brother isn't "overly hyper" he's "wonderfully energetic". I have so many good memories, if I have any bad ones they are buried deep in my subconscious.

And that day, I'd make even more happy memories. That day was my sixteenth birthday. Even though my parents tried keeping it a secret, I knew they were throwing me a party, and I knew they invited our entire family; all fifty eight of us. Each of my parents was one of ten, and all of their siblings had one kid and a spouse. That's twenty seven on each side, plus the four of us. Were family reunions hard to get ready for? Yes. Were they worth it? Heck Yes! See, each one of my parents sibling owned their own business, and their kids worked for their parents from the moment they were able. So, from around the age of five, all of my cousins had salaries. For birthdays, which comprised most of our family reunions, everybody was to buy a gift for whoever's birthday it was. So, every year, each one of us got fifty seven presents. Can you say awesome?

Oh, I'm sorry, I haven't introduced myself. My name's Logan, Logan Mitchell. I was adopted by the Garcia Family when I was three. Why didn't I take their name? Because the orphanage owner, Tom Mitchell, was my first Father figure. He found me abandoned on a sidewalk in the slums as a baby. He took me in at his orphanage with his husband, and raised me for the first three years of my life. Yes, I did say husband. Mike was just as kind as Tom, but he worked in an office most of the day, so I rarely saw him.

But anyways, back to my birthday. It was a Monday, and I couldn't wake up fast enough. My mom, Sylvia Garcia, always made me and my brother an amazing breakfast on our birthdays. The alarm went off at six o'clock exactly, and my eyes shot open. I took a minute to arrange my thought before I remembered it was my birthday. I smiled and jumped out of bed, racing over to my dresser. I pulled out my favorite black wife-beater and purple polo shirt. Just as I started pulling out my favorite pair of faded jeans, my door opened and I was promptly tackled to the floor.

"FELIZ CUMPLEAOS HERMANO!" I laughed and flipped over, looking up at my younger brother, Carlos. His black hair was messy and stuck up from bed head, and his eyes still had the little pieces of crust around the edges from sleep, but he looked wide awake and happy. His chocolate brown eyes sparkled with happiness and warmth. Something about his eyes always made me lose focus. It made my brain shut down for a minute before I was able to snap back into reality. I gently shoved him off of me.

"Good morning to you too, Hermanito. Sleep well?" He jumped up onto my bed, making me cringe. I had stopped saying something after the first twenty times, but every time he did that, I always worried the bed would collapse. It wasn't exactly the newest piece of furniture.

"Yeah! And I had a lot of dreams! In one of them, we had a pet giraffe named Herbert, and in another we were skydiving together, and in another one I ate a bunch of cookies and then I puked but you took care of me, and in the last one I was kissing-" He suddenly stopped, his cheeks turning bright red. I decided to tease him about it.

"Kissing who? Was it Stephanie?" Stephanie had been one of our best friends since before Pre-K, seeing as she lived right next door. He shook his head. "Was it Camille?" Camille was another one of our longtime friends. She lived across the street. Once again, he shook his head. "Well then, which girl was it?" At this he turned even brighter red, mumbling something under his breath. "Who? I didn't catch what you-"

"It wasn't a girl." I was frozen for a few seconds. I knew that Carlos had been questioning his sexuality ever since we were twelve and an older guy had said that if Carlos was about five years older, he'd totally make out with him. At the time, we had no idea what that meant, but it made Carlos start noticing certain guys. Me, I had never questioned my sexuality. I was as gay as they came. I knew I wanted to marry a guy when I grew up from the time that I actually understood what dating and marriage was about. I wanted to be just like Tom, in that respect at least. My parents had been totally understanding and supportive. They didn't care who I liked, as long as I was happy.

"Oh….so, which guy was it? Anybody I know?" He slowly nodded.

"Yeah…you know them." I looked at him expectantly, waiting for an answer. We both knew I could get him to tell me if I stared long enough. Now it was just a matter of waiting. I could see him start to fidget after about two minutes, and then start to sweat and lick his lips after five. Finally, after seven and a half minutes, he gave in. "Okay! It was…Nio!" I was surprised. I thought Carlos would have picked someone more…..funny. I had nothing against him, but Nio could be a little humorless sometimes. Then again, he did have a hard life. It was hard for him to find humor in things.

"Oh, well…..at least you picked somebody cute. If you had said Jerry, I would have had to smack you." I was only trying to lighten the mood, but it seemed to make Carlos' mood worse. I hated seeing my brother sad, it absolutely broke my heart. "Hey, come on Carlos, I was only kidding." Carlos just gave me a weak smile. "So….you're gay, then?" Carlos nodded, looking lost, confused, and sad.

"Yeah…..the closer it's gotten to your birthday, the more and more sure I've been that I am. Weird, huh? We were both having a sort of count down. You for your birthday, me for my…..realization, I guess you could call it…what do you think Mama and Papi will say?" His eyes were full of despair and hopelessness. I pulled him into a hug, trying to convey all of my affection for him through our embrace.

"They didn't care that I was, why would you be any different?" He squirmed before finally breaking free, avoiding looking at me. I couldn't control the hurt look that spread across my face, trying to understand his odd behavior.

"Because….I don't know. I'm being really silly about it, aren't I?" He finally looked up, a smile on his face, but his eyes still filled with fear. I smiled back, trying to reassure him.

"No more silly than usual. So, yes, you are being silly." We both laughed at that, his worry vanishing as a wave of calm stole over him.

"You're right. They'll probably be wondering when wasn't I gay? I mean, I haven't exactly shown that much of an interest in that many girls." His smile just got bigger, making me smile in turn. For as long as I could remember, all I had ever wanted to do was make my little brother happy. Nothing seemed to bother me when he was in a good mood. Seeing as we looked nothing alike, and we had different last names, many people didn't know we were brothers, and thought our behavior towards each other was that of a couple. It was always an interesting experience clarifying the situation.

"Nah…you really haven't. Come on, Mr. Man's Man. Let's go get some of Mom's amazing birthday breakfast food." Grabbing his hand, we both headed downstairs. I'd get changed after breakfast, no big deal. Coming around the corner of the stairwell, the smell of pancakes, bacon, eggs, and various other delicious foods hit us. It was at this that we stopped being brothers and became hungry Alpha male lions, fighting each other for territory. We raced forward, each of us trying to reach the kitchen before the other. Seeing as it was my birthday, Carlos 'accidentally' tripped and fell at the last second. I helped him up after over-dramatically stepping over the threshold of the kitchen.

The island was absolutely covered in food; everything from hash browns to omelets, carrots to cookies, and ham to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Our mouths watered as our eyes went wide. Mom had really outdone herself. Just as Carlos started reaching for a cinnamon roll, a fly swatter came out of nowhere and smacked his hand away. Yelping ad rubbing his appendage, he looked over to see Mama, a smug look on her face.

"Carlos, you know the rules. Birthday boys get first pick." She crossed her arms, pretending to be mad. Carlos gave her his best pouty face, trying to soften her up, which worked, of course. She laughed and pulled him into a hug, kissing his forehead. "Good morning Mijo."

"Morning, Mama. When did Papi get home last night? We tried staying up to meet him." By that time, the both of us were piling our plates high with as much food as possible. Between the two of us, we could eat enough food for eight.

"I'd say it was around two thirty. The government has been assembling all of the police forces and the Coast Guard. They're supposed to announce why this morning. Actually, you're just in time for the speech. Want to watch?" We both nodded eagerly, our mouths too full to speak. Neither of us was very fond of politics or the workings of government, however, we were very interested in anything concerning the police force. Papi was the chief of police for our town, Sherwood. If there was something so big that all of the police and Coast Guard were being called in, it must be big. Were the tensions in the Middle East flaring again? Was the country in danger? I don't know about Carlos, but fear started coiling in my stomach as we watched President Obama walk onto the stage.

"Good morning. Today, I'm pleased to inform our nation, as are several other world leaders with their own countries, that after sixteen years, the Aviads are finally returning to us." The three of us gasped, Carlos starting to choke on the Smokey Link he had been chewing. The Aviads were a group of….bird-men, for lack of a better term. They looked human, except for the wings on their backs, and various other parts of their bodies which had feathers on them. They were a benevolent people that lived on a sky city built onto a super-dense cloud. Supposedly, the cloud was made of the purest of water mixed with super-fine diamond dust. Physically, it shouldn't be able to stay in the air, yet some force kept it floating. It was higher than most clouds, the Aviads being able to breathe with less oxygen and resist the extremely low pressure.

"Sixteen years ago, the Avian people retreated into their city in the sky, cutting off all contact with the outside world for the better part of a year. Just before the first anniversary of their disappearance, they requested an audience with the world's leaders, to which many responded. During our meeting with their king and queen, we were informed of the reason behind their disappearance, but were asked to refrain from releasing this information until further notice. Last night, another meeting was held, and we were given the okay to release the information. So here it is: Just under sixteen years ago, the Avian crown-prince, Akayo, was stolen from their home and brought down to the Human world. For the better part of the following month, the Aviad people, as a whole, searched endlessly for their missing Prince. Eventually, the kidnapper was found, but the baby was gone, and his location unknown. Now, seeing as today would be his sixteenth birthday, the Aviads have asked that everyone search for the Prince. Their only hope of finding him is if you all help. Now, I realize that this may be asking a lot of the people of the world-" Mom turned the TV off, knowing nothing else important would happen. We were all in shock.

"Wow….this is so cool!" To say that wasn't the reaction we expected…would be a filthy lie. Carlos had always been fascinated by the Aviads. "Maybe an Aviad will show up at our school! Ooh, or maybe they'll stop the school bus and ask all of the sixteen year old guys to step out! Oh, I know, maybe-"

"Carlos!" I interrupted. When he got going on something he liked, it was either stop him early or endure hours of ranting. "Look, if you keep talking about it, we won't even be on time for school. Let's go get ready." With a short nod and a kiss to Mom's cheek, Carlos was off, sprinting up the stairs to our bathroom. "God, that boy can talk, can't he Mom?" She had a weird look on her face, like she was lost so deeply in thought that she forgot about everything else around her. I put a hand on her shoulder and gave her a gentle shake. "Mooom, you in there?" She shook her head and looked over at me.

"Of course, Honey. I was just thinking about the times before the Aviads left. They were so kind and generous. They devoted their time to helping people. And they were smart, very smart. They had an explanation for every single phenomenon that always made sense. You remind me of one that I met once, when I was in high school. He was quite the charmer, but of course, like all of the other Aviads, he was gay." She shook her head. "He certainly broke a lot of hearts." I was bewildered.

"Wait, Aviads are gay? Then how do they procreate? What about the females?" She laughed at my reaction.

"Logan, the Aviad race is an hermaphroditic one. They're all gay because they're all males, granted the fact that they can have children. How didn't you know that? Carlos is always going on about them." I blushed, realizing maybe I shouldn't have blocked Carlos out all those times he talked about them.

"I guess I just forgot. That certainly would be considered strange by some, but fascinating to others." She covered her mouth, trying to stifle a laugh.

"You're just happy that you have a chance with one. They're all extremely handsome." I blushed again, for an entirely different reason.

"Mom! You know I have a boyfriend!"

"I know….I just don't know why he has to be your boyfriend. I mean, he can be so mean." She put her hands on her hips, frustrated as ever over my choice of men.

"Only to people who are mean first! He sticks up for everybody that gets picked on. He's like a hero to most of the school. And he doesn't even bully the bullies, he just makes them stop bullying by getting them away and down to the principal's office!" This was an extremely long argument between us. I had started dating my boyfriend in eighth grade, and we were now sophomores. At least once a week, we had this argument. I think her real problem with him was that he played hockey. Of course, seeing as we lived in Minnesota, everyone played hockey, so that was a really weak argument on her part.

"Fine, fine. Just…please be careful, Logan. I don't want some stupid jock breaking my son's heart." She smiled softly before pulling me into a hug. "Now, help me clean some of this mess up, you obviously can't take a shower yet." Chuckling, I pulled back and grabbed some dishes off of the counter.

"Now for the worst part of anyone's birthday; the dishes."

Carlos POV

I wiped away my tears as I stood underneath the running water. 'Why me? Why did I have to be the one stuck falling in love with my brother?' I continued crying softly, cursing the day my parents adopted Logan. If they hadn't, I might have had a chance with him. To be honest, I had lied to Logan earlier. I hadn't just realized I was gay, I've always known. I just realized today that I was in love with Logan.

Now, I had always felt some sort of…connection, you could say, to Logan. As kids, it felt like we were meant to be brothers, so that's what we acted like. When we hit puberty, it felt like we were supposed to be best friends, so that's what we acted like. But now, it feels like I'm supposed to kiss him, but he doesn't feel the same way. He's too busy kissing that stupid boyfriend of his.

Don't get me wrong, I was ecstatic that Logan was happy. I just wanted him to be happy with me! Was that so wrong? Oh, wait, we're brothers, of course it's wrong! My wallowing was interrupted by a knock on the bathroom door.

"Carlos, are you done yet? I need a shower too!" Of course it was Logan. My heart gave an excited lurch at the sound of his voice, but broke once again knowing he was taken.

"Yeah, just a minute Logie!" I shut off the water, jumping out and wrapping a towel around my waist. I opened the door for Logan, who immediately walked in with his clothes under one arm and his towel under the other. After I shut the door, he quickly stripped and hopped into the shower, turning the water back on. We had this system going for us. I'd take a shower before letting Logan in for his shower. While he showered, I'd get ready, and by then, he'd be done in the shower and could get ready himself. It always went smoothly, even if I had to hide a certain problem every time he got naked.

"So, Nio, huh?" He poked his head out, shampoo in his beautiful brown hair.

"Yeah…" It hurt to hear him talk about this. I hated lying to him, but how could I ever tell him the truth?

"Well, not my first choice-"

"We all know who your first choice would be." He flicked me with some water before continuing.

"But he's not that bad, I suppose. But if he hurts you, I can get the entire hockey team on him." I forced out a laugh, doing my best to hide the pain I was truly feeling.

"Logan, please, I'm not even dating him. I don't even want to. It was just a dream." Yeah, a dream about me kissing Logan.

"Oh. Well, alright then." He pulled his head back into the shower, continuing to wash himself. I finished combing my hair before pulling on my light pink V-neck, purple hoodie, SpongeBob boxer-shorts, and my best jeans.

"See you downstairs, Logie." I left before he could answer. I couldn't be around him if he was going to keep talking about relationships. I walked into my room, which was directly across from Logan's, and grabbed my purple shoulder bag, filled with my school books, my copy of "Aviads: A World Above", my iPod, and my wallet. "Okay, what am I forgetting…oh! I need my lunch." I ran downstairs, turning the corner into the kitchen and almost ran into my Mom. "Whoa! Sorry, Mama."

"It's alright, Mijo….Carlos, is something on your mind? It looks like you were crying." She slowly reached out and cupped my face in both hands, staring me down. She knew I'd tell her, I've never exactly had the sturdiest of wills. I just loved giving people what they wanted, otherwise I felt selfish. I was determined not to give in that time. First two minutes….then five….then seven….finally, after ten minutes of a near silent stare-down, I caved.

"Okay! I'm….gay." I mumbled the last part so softly that I didn't think she would hear me, but apparently she did.

"Okay, that's old news, but what's wrong, Mijo?" I was flabbergasted, to say the least.

"Wait, old news? How the heck did you kn-"

"Carlos, did you really think I didn't notice your internet history?" My face must have lit on fire at that moment, I was so embarrassed. I never told anyone, and I thought I did a good job of hiding it, but apparently my Mom had found out…I liked to watch chick flicks online when I thought everyone was asleep. What's so wrong about that?

"B-but there's no way you could guess just from th-"

"I also saw you drooling over that picture of the shirtless Aviad in your book. Mijo, did you really think your Father and I would care that you love men? Look at Logan, he's as far from straight as you can be, and we don't love him any less. Sure, I was kind of hoping one of you would be straight, but only so we could have some grandkids!" She looked at me like I just said the most random thing in the world, and she had just stopped laughing about it. "Of course, if you end up dating an Aviad, maybe we could still-"

"MOM!" I found it hard to believe that I blushed even harder. "I haven't even kissed anyone, don't go jumping the gun!" She just laughed.

Logan POV

Carlos and I stepped off the bus in front of the school. We attended Sherwood High School, along with every other kid of high school age in our little rinky-dink town. I breathed in the fresh October air. I loved that it was only five days until Halloween, excited about the Halloween Hockey match we had Halloween night, and the party that followed. Even though I was only a sophomore, I was somehow on our school varsity hockey team, along with my boyfriend. Just thinking about him made me smile. Carlos obviously noticed.

"What are you so happy about? It's only school." I looked at his slightly irritated expression, still smiling like a madman.

"I'm just excited to see-" All of a sudden, two hands were placed over my eyes, and I felt warm breath on my neck.

"Guess who, beautiful?" I smiled even wider, knowing exactly who it was.

"Hey babe." I turned around, pressing my forehead to my boyfriend's. "How was your weekend, Kendall?" He smiled back before kissing me gently.

"It was boring because you weren't there. But just seeing you makes it all better." I giggled.

"And seeing you makes my already amazing day much better." Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw a pained look on Carlos' face, but when I turned to look, he seemed fine. I decided to shrug it off. "So, wanna walk me to my locker, my Knight in shining armor?" He scoffed at my overused joke.

"You are so stupid sometimes. How is it that you have a 4.0 GPA?" I laughed as he wrapped an arm around my waist as we walked off, leaving Carlos back in the front of the school.

Carlos POV

The first part of the school day passed without too many interesting things happening. As usual, I sat in the Fine Arts Office to eat lunch. I really didn't have any friends, though I tried very hard to get some. Mrs. Beanie was one of the nicest women I'd ever met, besides my Mom. On my first day of school as a freshman, she had seen me getting picked on by some bullies and invited me into her office for lunch. I'd been going in there ever since. She asked me about my weekend, if I was excited about the upcoming Halloween dance, whether or not I had somebody to go with. I answered as normal as possible to every question until the last one. I started choking on tears.

"No….I don't have anyone to go with. And the only guy that I'd want to go with, I can't go with." I wiped at my tears with the sleeve of my hoodie. Mrs. Beanie just pulled me into a hug.

"Hey, it's alright sweetie. You don't have to go with somebody; you could go with some friends." I just cried a little harder.

"I don't have any! Everyone thinks I'm so weird because I'm just about obsessed with Aviads. But I know for a fact that everyone else at this school thinks they're just as cool as I do. So, why won't they just talk to me? Why do they have to shove me around and call me names?" I started crying even harder as Mrs. Beanie just held me. "Why can't he just love me back…."

Logan POV

I remember noticing that I hadn't seen Carlos since that morning. I usually ran into him in the hallways, or outside the lunchroom, but I hadn't seen him at all. If I didn't know better, I might have thought he had gone home sick. Giving Kendall a quick peck on the cheek, I told him I needed to go do something really quick. He got up to follow me, but I assured him it wouldn't take long.

The first place I thought to look was the art room. Carlos was taking two art classes, and could often be found in there working on his newest masterpiece. When I couldn't find him there, I looked in the auditorium. Students were allowed in there during their lunch period if they didn't want to be in the crowded lunch room, or if they needed to rehearse something. Next, I checked the quad. When it was nice out, a lot of kids could be found eating out there, enjoying the sunshine. Seeing that he wasn't there, I was just about ready to give up until I remembered that he said something last year about eating lunch in the Fine Arts Office.

As I approached the door to the office, I heard soft sniffling and sobs. I wasn't sure who would be crying, so I decided to just take a peek, to preserve their dignity. I slowly and silently opened the door, just enough to look in with one eye. What I saw shocked me.

Carlos was sobbing his eyes out, while our Fine Arts Coordinator, Mrs. Beanie was hugging him.

"I don't have any! Everyone thinks I'm so weird because I'm just about obsessed with Aviads. But I know for a fact that everyone else at this school thinks they're just as cool as I do. So, why won't they just talk to me? Why do they have to shove me around and call me names? Why can't he just love me back…." My eyes went wide to the point that I was sure they would fall right out of my head. Carlos was in love with somebody? They didn't love him back? Did they hurt him? I was about ready to go pound the snot out of them when I heard Mrs. Beanie start to speak.

"Why doesn't who love you back, sweetie?" Carlos just choked.

"Logan. I'm in love with Logan." I gasped, letting go of the door and staggering back. Before I knew what I was doing, I was sprinting down the hallways towards the lunchroom. Carlos, in love with me? How? Why? Was he talking about somebody else? No, I was the only Logan in the school. But, me? His brother? Sure, we weren't blood related, but, God. Not that I was disgusted with him, I was just shocked. You never expected to hear that your brother was in love with you. Now, am I saying that I had never imagined it? No. I'll openly admit that there were a couple of times I had pictured us kissing, but come on! Carlos was pretty good looking!

"Whoa! Logan, Babe, what's wrong?" I don't quite remember how it happened, but I was somehow in Kendall's arms, shaking and panicking. "Logan, please talk to me, you're scaring me! Logie, please!" I finally shook myself out of it. I knew there was no way I could possibly tell Kendall what had happened, but I needed to tell him something.

"I-I think I saw an Aviad in the sky above the quad." It was the first thing that popped into my head, and there was a good chance that it could happen. Thankfully, Kendall believed me.

"Seriously? Awesome! Come on, let's go look!" Kendall grabbed my hand and started leading me towards the quad. I was starting to get nervous. From what I could remember about them, Aviads usually only flew low enough to be seen when they were about to land. If there wasn't one there, I would seem like a total idiot. "This is going to be so cool! Nobody's seen one in sixteen years! Oh man, can you believe our luck, Logie? And on your birthday too!"

"Yeah. That's…great." I couldn't work up enough enthusiasm to even make it seem like I was excited at all. I mean, would you be able to, given my situation?

"Isn't it? Oh man, I'm so…excited." We came around the corner into the quad as he finished his sentence. There was just one problem: there was no Aviad. "Huh. That's weird. Are you sure you saw one, Logie?" I nodded.

"I'm pretty sure I saw one. I guess there wasn't-"

"Guys, come quickly! There's an Aviad about to land in front of the school!" Turning around, we saw our friend Jenny Tinkler standing in the hallway, completely breathless. "Hurry, all of the students are supposed to attend!" We looked back and forth between each other quickly before sprinting towards the front doors. Thank God there was an Aviad otherwise I would have looked so stupid. Just as we were about to step out the front door, we were slammed into from behind.

"Ouch. I'm sorry, I heard there was an Aviad and- Oh, hey Logie!" I froze. Looking up slowly, who else should run into us but Carlos? I gulped before shaking myself out of it and standing up.

"Hey, buddy. C'mon, let's go see that Aviad." I wrapped an arm around his shoulder, doing my best to act like I hadn't heard him. I could see that he had been crying, but I didn't want to embarrass him, so I didn't bring it up. As we walked onto the front lawn, we stared up into the sky like the rest of the kids. Instantly, we saw what we were looking for.

Carlos POV

I couldn't believe it. I was looking at an Aviad with my own eyes. There was a shocked silence going around the school. Grabbing my brother's hand, I slowly pulled him through the stunned crowd to the front. I knew Kendall was following, as much as I didn't want him to. Still, he was almost as much of an Aviad enthusiast as I was, and he never bullied me. My only problem with him was that he was dating my brother. He was honestly a really nice guy….the jerk.

Finally, we squeezed our way to the front of the crowd, just as the mighty creature landed. He was magnificent. His wings were wide, at least twenty feet across, and were a dark brown color that matched his hair. He had very pretty hazel eyes, and a bright, happy smile. His skin, though naturally pale, had a beautiful tan that nearly matched my own skin. He was very tall, around six feet five inches. He didn't wear a shirt or shoes, but his pants were simple jeans. His chest was finely sculpted, his muscles clearly defined. But his most dominant features were the feathers. One very long feather grew backwards off of each elbow. His hair changed into feathers in random places on his head, reminding me of pictures of Native Americans. A long feather grew down from his neck, almost like a ponytail. He also had a crest that grew backwards on his head starting at the crown. Then, most shocking of all, were the many feathers that grew out like a hawk's tail from his lower spine, just above his beautiful, rounded butt. He commanded authority just by standing. His very posture gave off an aura of confidence. He looked around, happily taking in all of our faces before clapping his hands once.

"Alright! Can all males of the age of sixteen please come to the front of the group?" We were all stunned for a good five seconds. His voice was even more beautiful than he was. Slowly, all of the sixteen year old guys came forward, including Logan and Kendall. I was a little upset I couldn't get any closer. "Good, good. Nice to meet all of you! My name's Moya. You can call me James. Anyways, you probably all know that we're looking for the Prince of my people. We're flying around, checking every school, workplace, orphanage, everything, trying to find him. So, of all of you sixteen year old males, how many of you were orphans at one point in your life?" About seven of them raised their hands, including Logan. "Okay, the ones that didn't raise their hands move back. Now, how many of you never met your birth parents?" All but Logan and one other boy put their hands down. "So, it's between you and y-" Suddenly, he froze, looking straight down at Logan. Logan, being the socially awkward boy he was, froze up and nervously looked back at me for help. I just shrugged.

James slowly walked towards Logan, folding up his wings so they literally melted into his back. He continued walking, not stopping until he was directly in front of Logan. He slowly reached up and stroked Logan's cheek before bending down and kissing him full on the lips. Everybody gasped. As much as I wanted to go kill the guy myself, I was too busy holding an infuriated Kendall back. Things were not going well today.

Logan POV

I was stunned. One second, the Aviad man was explaining why he was there, and the next, he was kissing me! What the heck was going on? He slowly pulled back, as if he expected me to feel something from the kiss. Frankly, all I felt was his skin. There was no spark.

"Well, I only expected to find possible Princes, not a Mark. But, I'll take it." He smiled widely, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me against him. Suddenly, there was a shocked yell from the crowd.

"What did you call him?" Looking back, I saw Kendall and Carlos running forward, both looking severely ticked off. I gulped, knowing this wasn't going anywhere nice. Carlos stepped forward first.

"What did you just call my brother?" His face was dark and angry. Obviously, he knew something about "Marks" that I didn't.

"A Mark. My Human soul ma-" He froze again, just as he looked over at Kendall. Kendall froze too, the anger disappearing from his face to be replaced with confusion. James, without letting go of me, reached over and pulled Kendall against his other side. "Well, this is unusual." All of us looked up at him, confusion and doubt in our eyes.

"What's unusual?" Kendall asked, starting to breath faster. I looked at him, wondering what could be going through his head.

"That I have a second Mark." And with that, James kissed Kendall, who, to my horror and heartbreak, kissed back just as passionately. Another gasp rang through the crowd.

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