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The First Father

Logan POV

After several long and grueling hours explaining everything to Kendall's family, we trudged back to my house, mentally drained beyond belief. I just wanted to lay back against Moya's chest with Kendall curled up into our sides and Carlos laying across my legs. I needed a cuddle. I shivered in the cold October air, only too easily reminded that it was less than a week until November. Minnesota winters were never easy. Kendall noticed my shivering, and being the Knight he is, took off his coat and wrapped it around my shoulders.

"Here. You need it more than I do." Thankfully, it covered me well, as I had tucked my wings tight against my back. I went to protest, but seeing as he was wearing a sweater and two shirts, whereas I only had a tee shirt, I not so defiantly acquiesced. As a reassurance he was alright, he gently took my hand, leading us closer to our home: to our Mates. I knew, technically that only James was my Mate, but it was the easiest term to use. I had used it earlier while we ate lunch, and James thought he needed to re-explain the proper term usage to me. It was a tedious conversation.

Upon walking back into the house, I was promptly tackled by a happy blur of tan skin and black hair.

"You're back! I missed you!" Carlos leaned up to kiss my cheek. I couldn't help but blush as I saw he still had no shirt on. "What took so long, you missed dessert! Mama made her special chocolate pie!"

"I missed the pie?!" Kendall shouted, running towards the kitchen. Chuckling at his childishness, I turned back to Carlos.

"His family needed a lot more explaining than ours. After all, they don't have an encyclopedia of Aviad knowledge like we do." I smiled, pulling him closer to me.

"We do? Where is it? Why didn't I know about it? Have you been holding out on me, Logie?" Moya suddenly embraced us from behind Carlos, laying his head down on mine.

"I believe our Prince was referring to you, Carlos. You are very knowledgeable about our people." I couldn't help but lean further into both of my Mates, enjoying their touch, their warmth.

"Oh…that makes me feel silly." He shrugged himself free of our embrace, blushing. "Well, while Kendall tries to find food, what do you guys wanna do?" I looked at him, then at Moya, then back at him. I could only smirk at my idea.

The remainder of the night was spent enjoying various board games, video games, and shenanigans. Of course, I picked out all the ones that I knew I could beat Carlos at, which only left him flustered and frustrated. Moya spent most of the time just trying to figure out how the controllers worked, fumbling with the buttons and killing his own character more often than not. More than once, Mama had to come take Javi out of the room because we were getting too violent with each other when we lost.

When I started to get hungry, Moya eagerly brought me some grapes and fed them to me like the Roman emperors of old. I felt so safe and loved in his arms. Suddenly, an intense sensation shot all through my body, making me jerk up.

"Ah! What was that?!" I looked back at Moya, who only smiled innocently.

"I was grooming your wings. There are a few bits of dried blood still in them that need to come out, or your feathers could grow together. And you also need to preen them regularly. Just relax, my love, and let me care for them." His explanation left me speechless, a blush spreading across my face.

"But then, what was that…feeling? My wings aren't usually that sensitive." I pulled said wings closer to me, wanting to check if something was wrong with them. I had quickly developed a good amount of control over them, although stretching them out all the way was still uncomfortable.

"Your oil glands." And with that, he had lost me. He must have seen the confused expression on my face, because he continued. "Every Aviad has oil glands at the base of our wings that secrete oil that keeps our feathers healthy and shiny. But they are very sensitive, and extremely private. Only members of a Mated Family can touch them. If even a parent were to touch them, they could be killed." I was in shock. "But worry not, my love. That has not happened in several thousand years. Come, let me groom you." In a sort of nervous trance, I leaned down and let him resume his treatment.

When his fingers first came into contact with my glands, I couldn't stop the moan that passed my lips. He really wasn't joking when he said they were sensitive. It felt like he was pressing an arousal button, and the reaction that followed couldn't exactly be helped. I was shaking as he kept rubbing them, never moving on to my wings.

"W-would you move on, please? Th-that's too intense!" He, thankfully, removed one of his hands, rubbing the small of my back to calm me.

"I have to coax the oil out, Akayo. It's in there, but it's like milking an animal, it needs a little direction." With that he continued with the rubbing, turning me into a withering mess. I swear, I would have finished right then, right there in my pants had a sudden wet heat started running down my back. "There we are. You can breathe easier now, my Prince. The oil is flowing out now."

"Thank God…" I breathed out. Feelings of arousal aside, when he started rubbing the oil into my wings, it had an instantaneous calming effect on me, almost like a tranquilizer. I willingly spread my wings under his practiced hands; letting out soft moans and sighs along the way. He took his time, working the oil between my feathers one at a time, smoothing them down before moving to the next. It was slow going, but I felt so much tension I didn't know I had being released.

Finally, after almost an hour, he was done, bringing me back to lie against his chest. "There. Do you feel better?" I nodded, half asleep from his massage.

"Yeah…so much better…" I could still feel oil seeping out, much slower than it had been, but flowing nonetheless. "The oil…it's getting all over you."

"I do not mind. It spreads your scent to me. It also works as a sort of aphrodisiac." Wait, was he saying what I thought he was saying? Shifting slightly, I could feel that he was. He suddenly gripped my hips, pushing me away slightly. "Please, do not tempt me. First Mating is sacred among our people, and should only be done with all members of our family. I have no wish to violate that." Turning around, I could see he was breathing a little heavier, his pupils were dilated, and his eyelids were turning a soft purple. Oil was dripping down his chest, running down the ravines between his muscles, making his skin shine. I could smell it, sweet and musky, mixing with a much heavier scent that wiped all thought from my head. I couldn't stop myself.

I threw myself onto him, smashing our lips together in a frenzy. I had never felt so horny in my entire life! The sight of him, shiny from my oil, chest heaving with breath in an attempt to calm himself, would have been enough to push me over the edge. But that smell! It was just unfair! I wound my fingers into his gorgeous locks, pulling him as close to me as possible. He was kissing me back furiously, flipping us over so that he was hovering above me. It felt right for him to be there, dominating me, showing me my place. I was almost far gone enough to just start ripping off my clothes when, of course, we were interrupted.

James POV

After getting over the embarrassment of being found kissing by Akayo's human father, we quickly retired to his bedroom. The both of us were chagrinned enough by what had happened that any desire for sexual activities was erased. He sat awkwardly on his bed, avoiding eye contact with me. I remained standing, looking around his room for the first time. It was very neat, not a thing out of place. There wasn't a speck of dust on any of the surfaces, showing he took cleanliness very seriously.

"Akayo, please be reassured, what you felt-" He cut me off, a blush spreading across his face.

"Can we please, just, not talk about that? I've never acted like that before, and to be caught like that by my dad? I'm mortified." I nodded, standing uncomfortably by the bed.

"Do you desire me to take my leave? I would not wish for you to feel ill at ease while I am around." I made to walk towards the door when I felt his arms wrap around me.

"Please don't go. I….I want you to stay." I raised an eyebrow.

"Would that be wise? I would not want to tempt you inadvertently." I could feel him nod while tightening his grip. "Very well, my love. But allow me to clean up. I don't want to ruin your sheets by being covered in sweat and oil." He slowly let me go. I flashed him a quick smile before I walked into the bathroom.

"Hey, don't you knock?!" I looked up, seeing Kendall trying to cover himself with a towel. His hair was dripping water, small beads of it glistening on his skin. It was clear he had just cleaned himself.

"My apologies, Kendall. I was unaware anyone was in here. I only meant to clean myself before bed." I could see his blush spreading.

"Yeah, I can see you need it. Going a little heavy on the tanning lotion there, aren't you?" I was confused.

"I live in a city in the sky where we are very exposed to the sun. Why would I need a lotion to speed the tanning process?" He just shook his head, laughing.

"Never mind. Just, get cleaned up." I nodded, quickly removing my jeans, not caring if my Mark saw me naked. Ignoring his indignant sputtering, I stepped into the shower, turning the warm water on high, reveling in the feeling. I pulled my wings in, personally not enjoying getting them wet. I washed myself quickly, not wanting to keep Akayo waiting for me longer than necessary.

Hopping out, I took care to dry myself completely before noticing a pair of cotton lounge pants on the counter. Judging by their length, I assumed they were left for me by Kendall. I gratefully pulled them on before walking back to my prince's room. I stopped at the sight that I was met with. Carlos, Kendall, and Akayo were all asleep on the bed, holding each other.

I took a few moments to enjoy it before joining them, climbing in behind Kendall, wrapping my arms around the three of them as best I could, settling in for the night. I counted myself fortunate that I had found my entire Family all in one go, not having to wait years in between finding each of them. And each of them was so wonderful. Akayo, every bit the beautiful, intelligent prince I had expected. Kendall, the stubborn, proud, hockey player that secretly wanted to not have to be in control of things. And Carlos, what a ball of energy he was. So innocent and sweet, but a voracious, sexual beast lurked beneath the surface of his skin, just waiting to be unleashed. Each one of them was a piece of me that I had been missing for so long. Finally being with them, finally being complete…it was the greatest gift I could ever think to ask for.

I awoke early the next morning, well before any of the rest of my Family, and walked across the hall to Carlos' room, where my little Javi was sleeping. Scooping him gently into my arms, I made sure he stayed asleep before I walked downstairs. He felt so light in my arms, I knew I was going to have to follow a strict feeding regime with him to help him put on the needed weight. Children his age should have pudgy little stomachs, round cheeks, and a healthy shine to them. Javi was sickly thin, had sunken cheeks, and was the kind of pale that hinted at serious medical problems. I still had to restrain my rage at the thought of all that he had been through. But I couldn't let it consume me, especially around my son.

I set him down in his special high chair, which had a head rest attached to the back so he could continue to doze while I prepared breakfast. I knew everyone would be hungry when they woke up, and Sra. Garcia had enough on her plate without having to worry about little things like breakfast. He put some eggs in a skillet, cooking them in various styles, still unfamiliar with everyone's eating habits. Loading the toaster, he got out butter, cream cheese, and jelly. Several minutes later, everything from omelets, to sandwiches, to fruit salads were ready; a full, well-balanced breakfast for everyone. But first…

"Javi-Bo. Wake up, sweetheart. It's time for breakfast." Javi slowly blinked his big, owl-eyes open, a yawn slipping past his plump little lips.

"Hungwy, Daddy…" He let out, sleepily rubbing his eyes. "I wanna bagoe." I was unfamiliar with what he was asking for.

"What do you want, baby?" I asked, kneeling next to him. He turned big teary eyes to me, the shock making me completely freeze.

"Pwease, Daddy, I-I wanna bagoe wif cheese. I-I'm so hungwy." A few fat tears leaked out, and I realized he probably hadn't eaten since breakfast or lunch yesterday. There had been so much excitement lately that he couldn't sit still long enough to eat anything. Puzzling over his word for a moment, I finally figured out what he was saying. Picking a Bagel with cream cheese off of the tray I had made, I quickly found a slice of American cheddar in the refrigerator and warmed it in the microwave just enough to melt it.

"Here you go, baby. Do you want anything else?" He nodded around the bite he had already taken. He picked up his sippy cup and shook it.

"Moke!" Guessing that he meant milk, I pulled the gallon out and filled his cup. Some might say that three years old is too old for a sippy cup, but he was mine. If I wanted to spoil him rotten, that was entirely up to me. Technically speaking, because I had taken him in, he was just as much Akayo's, Kendall's, and Carlos' child as mine, but we had a sort of silent understanding that, for the time being, decisions about Javi and his well-being would be left solely to me.

"Here you go, Javi-Bo. Just for you." I ran my fingers through his soft black hair, watching as he devoured his bagel before moving on to his milk. Halfway through the cup, he started nodding off again. Pulling the cup out of his mouth, I picked him up and carried him to the couch in the living room. There, I pulled off his pajama top and bottoms, leaving him in his underwear, and proceeded to cuddle him into my chest.

Aviads are extremely tactile creatures. We bond and show love through physical touch. It was one reason we rarely wore shirts, besides the obvious. Because of the claim I had staked on Javi, I needed to cover him in my scent, let everyone know just who he belonged to. And just who would be the one to kill them if they tried to take him away. Wrapping my wings around us, I let myself doze off, thoughts of returning home with my family filling my head.

Carlos POV

We had all of us woken to the pleasant surprise of breakfast being ready for us. I had, naturally, smelled it in my sleep, and it woke me up. In my haste to get to the food, I crawled over Logan and Kendall, waking them up. And when they had complained about me climbing over them, it had woken my parents up. So, naturally, we all ended up going downstairs at the same time. Logan, who wasn't fully awake yet, had gone to cuddle with James on the couch, curling up into his side. Kendall and I on the other hand, we attacked our food with gusto. Papi ate his usual, a bacon and onion omelet, before putting on his uniform and going off to work. Sudden Aviad inheritance or not, a cop was a cop.

Mama finished her fruit salad before going off to the store, saying that we were already running low on groceries. I guess that's what happens when you have three extra people in the house. I didn't know about the others, but I wanted to work out. I had always had a problem sitting still, so when I had pent up energy, I worked out. I went back upstairs after I cleaned off my plate and pulled down the trapdoor to the attic. Climbing up, I pulled off my shirt, turned on my phone to my workout mix, and got to it.

Endless reps of sit ups, pull ups, crunches, lunges, and pushups later, I collapsed to the ground, wiping the sweat off of my brow. I took a minute to observe my progress in the mirror I had hung up by a rafter. In the course of just a few months, I had gotten rid of my pudginess, and had clearly developed abdominals, pectorals, biceps, triceps, and pretty much any other muscles you could think of. I flexed a few times to see if any particular area needed work, but it looked like I had done fine separating the workouts myself.

"Not bad, kid." I spun quickly, blushing when I saw James' second standing at the top of the ladder, arms crossed. "I can tell you work hard at this. Any particular motivation?" I blushed and ducked my head, rubbing my neck. "Perhaps trying to garner the Prince's attention?"

"No, it's just a good way to burn off energy. I can't sit still very long unless I work out earlier in the day. So I figured now would probably be the best time." I picked up the towel I kept up here and wiped my face and chest. "You think maybe you could move so I can get down and get cleaned up?" He nodded and stepped aside.

"I recommend you do so quickly. We're expecting new arrivals between now and noon. Best try to look presentable." I hardly paid him any mind; I felt too gross to think on anything. Running into my room to grab clothes, I was brought to a halt by my sight suddenly clouding over. Was this another vision?

And with that, I collapsed to the floor in a dead faint.

Sebastian POV

It had been five months. Five agonizing months since our prezioso was stolen. I could still picture his brown hair, the exact same shade as Huren's, and his brown eyes, mirrors of Yakolam's. I swear there were pieces of Jiu and I as well: the slant of Jiu's eyes, and my cheekbones and jaw. I still had dreams of holding him close, chuckling as he tried to latch onto my nipples with his hungry little mouth, whimpering in hunger. The boy barely ever stopped eating. He was truly Yakolam's son.

"You think of him, Sei-ba-xiang. I sense your thought." I turned to see Jiu, shirtless as usual, proudly displaying his many tattoos. How I loved to trace them with my tongue….

"Can you blame me, amore? Is it possible not to think of him? He was yet so small." I sighed and stepped forward, embracing him. "Would you show him to me again, amore? I long to see his face." He tilted my face to his, staring straight into my eyes.

"You no can grow dependent on memories, Sei-ba-xiang. It ruin your heart. Make your heart like Huren heart." I pulled my head out of his grasp and walked to the railing of my balcony.

"I'm not growing dependent on your Gift, amore. It's been more than two weeks since I last asked, you know this." I heard him sigh. "You would never deny Huren this. Why me? Do I not deserve to see our-" I was cut off by a harsh smack to the face.

"You insinuate dangerous idea, Sei-ba-xiang. I not betray you, not ever. You wound me deeply." I had no idea how he was able to hold himself together. He had cried only once during this entire ordeal, about a week after the theft. He had yet to show any emotion since then. Of course, I knew of his life before he met Yakolam; a small village boy raised by monks after his mother passed, deep in the mountains of China, almost 420 years ago. But had their training truly been so effective? But that wasn't my primary concern at the moment.

"Forgive my foolishness, amore." I embraced him from behind. "I was wrong to speak ill of you But ever since prezioso was taken…my mind has been shaken. To think that someone would take an infant is nothing short of horrifying." I leaned down, kissing his neck, licking over the mark, tasting his skin. "If you will not show me memories, then make me forget for a while. Let me explore your body, my love. Let me loosen those walls around you." I could feel him growing more and more pliant with my ministrations. He could never resist me.

"…be quick. We meet with Huren in hour." What more motivation did I need?

I woke up with a gasp on the floor of my room, sporting an unfortunate erection. What were these visions? What exactly was I seeing? I dragged myself to my dresser, pulling out some jeans and a purple and grey striped, hooded shirt before heading to the shower. I quickly relieved myself of my problem, washing as quickly as possible after I was done. I didn't know how long I had been out, but I really wasn't willing to irk Dana.

By the time I was done and going down the stairs, I could tell the tensions had risen somehow. Kendall and Dana looked ready to start throwing punches, Logan and James stood off to the side, shielding Javi behind them.

"You've got a lot of nerve saying crap like that, you pest! You have a Hell of a lot less of a right to be here than me! This is my boyfriend's house! Not yours! Just what's your problem?!" I knew I'd have to get an explanation sooner or later, but it didn't seem like that was happening anytime soon.

"It's not my fault the prince's Mour'pare is a rude, insecure, brash, stupid human like you!" Dana growled at Kendall. I knew we were all feeling really nervous, James looking too shocked to try to stop Dana from saying anything else. I knew that if somebody didn't diffuse the situation, and quickly, Kendall would blow his top, probably try to fight Dana, and possibly get maimed in the process.

"You twerpy, jumped-up, little midget! I oughta kill you!" Most people say that in a joking manner, or if they're angry, they just say it to intimidate. With the way Kendall's shoulders were quivering, I wasn't going to put it past him to actually try to kill him.

"I'd like to see you try, eyebrows! You couldn't touch me if you-" He was cut off by a sudden voice from the doorway, shouting around both James and Logan.

"Quentus! That's enough outta you, I mean it!" The change was immediate. Dana went from taught as a bowstring to looking like he might need help supporting himself if he tried to move. He got a dreamy, wondrous look in his eye, turning around and, much to nobody's surprise (because honestly, there wasn't much left that could surprise us), he bowled his way through the crowd and jumped onto the Aviad that had just arrived.

"Baby! I missed you! I don't care if I saw you two days ago, it's been too long!" He started nuzzling his Mate. The boy, for he did look fairly young, had a part annoyed, part reluctantly accepting look on his face, as if he was used to this and had resigned himself to it.

"Quentus, you do realize that you were just insulting one of your future Kings, don't you?" Dana, instead of looking shocked or fearful at the revelation, simply looked awed.

"You're so smart, Babe! I hadn't even considered that!" The other Aviad groaned.

Kendall POV

I couldn't stop my eye from twitching. Just what exactly was Dana's problem? Did he suffer from bipolar disorder? One second he and I are fine, sitting across from each other at the table, and the next thing I know, he's going on and on about how unworthy I was of being part of Logan's Family. When I, completely calmly, asked what crawled up his ass and died, he started asking me to leave, saying I really didn't need to be here. Just what gave him the right? Suddenly his Mate shows up, and he's acting like some sort of star-struck fangirl who was half puppy!

"Quentus, please, you can show me just how much you missed me later at the hotel room, but right now we need to focus on business. The Laistro couldn't get away to come here, but he sent me in his stead. I tried to be discreet, but just as I was about to take off, I saw someone had followed me." He rubbed the back of his neck nervously. James stepped forward, suddenly looking concerned.

"Who followed you?" A man stepped into the doorway behind Dana's Mate, pushing his way through.

"I followed." He was short, just barely coming up to Carlos' eyebrows. His lightly tanned skin, black hair, and slanted eyes clued me in to his Asian ancestry, but that was really all I could figure out about him. But obviously he was important, because James and Dana immediately fell to their knees.

"My Lord! I was unaware of your intentions to come down from the city!" James said, not looking up. The man scoffed, pulling James and Dana to their feet.

"I go where I want, Moya. No one tell me otherwise. Now, where is he? Where my son?" His son? No way, this couldn't be who I thought it was. James stopped for a moment before turning to Logan, who had pressed himself and Javi into a corner. The man turned, gasping. He took a few hesitant steps forward before finally speaking. "Akayo. My son."

Logan POV

I had often thought of what it would be like when I met my biological Fathers. Would it feel awkward? Would everything go smoothly? Would they be angry? A whole plethora of scenarios had played through my head since I had changed, but none of them were what happened next. I felt something inside me, a loose piece suddenly snapping into place. A door I hadn't even known I was there opened. My eyes were taken out of the dark for the first time. I suddenly felt right, and I couldn't help myself.

I started to cry.

"Baba…" We moved at the same time, me flinging myself into his arms while he pulled me down to him. He held me close, murmuring sweet nothings into my ear in Chinese, which I could inexplicably understand.

"Norun, you and Quentus can go back to the hotel. We'll be alright." I heard Moya tell them. I could tell they left, but I was too emotional to care. I vaguely registered Moya picking up Javi, and leading the others out of the room, letting me be alone with my Father. I didn't know his name, what he was like, or anything about him really. But I knew he was my Father, and some instinctual part of me wanted to just curl up on his chest and sleep. And boy did I try.

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