I reached forward, a clear determined thought the only thing pushing me forward. I grasped Emma's hand firmly within my own, "don't worry Em. James'll be hear soon."

"But.. Lily.. he's out with that skank. I know he is."

"no Em, he's not. He's probably with Sirius."

"fantastic," Emma said dryly, "because Black is such an amazing influence."

I sighed and bit my lip thoughtfully. What could I say? No your boyfriend isn't off cheating because it's a full moon and Remus Lupin is a werewolf. Emma sniffled again and I rolled my eyes.
"It's simple Emma. You either trust him or you don't. James isn't the sort to cheat on a girl he's so obviously..." I choked out the next three words, "in love with."

Emma's crystal blue eyes looked up at me with unshed tears. She sniffed and forced a weak smile onto her pretty face.

"thankyou lily. I don't know what i'd do without you."

"die.. probably." Emma rolled her eyes.

"No actually, you would." I assured her smiling face as she slapped my arm.

"thanks again lil. I think i'm going to go for a shower. Tell me when he gets here yeah?"

"ofcourse," I smiled and gave my bestmate a hug.

She was small. Very small actually. And very short. Her caramel brown hair, glossy and full of life, fell to her shoulders in little curls and when she walked they bounced around her face happily. With a final look of thanks she darted out of the common room. The only trace that she had ever been here was her lingering vanilla perfume hanging in the air.

I exhaled loudly and fell on the couch with a huff. James owed me one. That was so much harder than the last time I had to cover for them. I curled into a ball, the cold wind sending little goosebumps jumping all over my pale body. After snuggling into a huge red blanket that smelled suspiciously like a certain male I shared this dorm with, I stared out the window at the moon. It was bright and beautiful tonight. I shivered again but this time not from the cold. A sense of dread always spread over me on these nights. Four boys that I cared for dearly, one more than the others, was out there. How could that beautiful moon cause me so much worry once every month? How could sweet Remus Lupin ever turn into a monster? It was more unthinkable than James not playing quidditch. Than Sirius not eating three 'horses' every morning for breakfast. Than Peter liking Slytherins. It was quite simply, impossible. . .

and yet it was.

I sighed again and tried not to let the worry take over. And like every full moon night I fell asleep staring out the window and waiting for the creak of the wood. The sound of his feet sneaking back into the dorm.

I woke up in my own white covers in my room. I sighed and sat up grouchily. How did he always manage to move me without waking me? I tiptoed out the door and straight to his room.

"James?" I whispered hoarsely, my throat was scratchy from last night and felt sore from the cold. Slowly, I pushed the door open and found the man of my undying affection rubbing soothing cream onto his blue and purple ribs.
"James," I sighed worriedly and rushed forward, "are you alright?"

He grinned down at me as I grabbed the jar of ointment from him and started to put it on myself.
"never better Freckles.. Enjoy your sleep downstairs last night?" His eyes were sparkling in amusement and I pushed a little harder on his rib. He winced.

"oh hush, I was worried about you." I mutter, my cheeks turning pink, "How was it?"

"Fine," James shrugged. He turned to put on a shirt and I kept my gaze firmly away from his strong golden shoulders rippling with muscle. Or at least I tried too.
"it was one of the better nights," he assured me as he buttoned up his expensive black shirt.

"Emma came over," I fold my arms and lean against the door.

"oh shit," he muttered, "Is she pissed at me?"

"No, I convinced her to 'trust' you," I rolled my eyes.

He sighed in relief and grabbed my shoulders. My heart took off a thousand miles a minute. Thudding against my chest so loud I was scared he could hear it. He lifted me like I weighed nearly nothing and planted a kiss on my cheek.

"thankyou Lily. I don't know what I'd do without her."

"yeah," I croaked and forced a smile, "Ofcourse. She's my bestfriend too Potter."

He grinned his cocky, self assured Potter grin and winked once before striding out the room in all his attention seeking glory.

The door slammed shut and I crumbled against the wall. My head buried in my hands. My heart shattering into thousands of pieces.