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The book she's been searching for is up on the second shelf down from the top. With an aggravated huff, Lily rises to the tip of her tippy toes and extends her arm as far as it will go. The tips of her slim fingers barely brush the spine and she sighs. A warm body is suddenly behind her and Lily's breath catches dramatically. He bends down so that his lips kiss her ear and whispers, "I've got that Freckles." Without lifting his head, he plucks the book from the shelf and delivers it into her hands. Lily spins, her heart punching holes into her chest. "James," she gasps as dramatically as a wife welcoming home a long lost husband.

"Oh Lily," he breathes. He's so close and it's intoxicating. His smell and the warmth of his body set her head spinning.

"James, I love you," she says boldly. Without hesitation his lips slam into hers. She moans and their kissing so passionately her knees want to collapse. He grabs her waist and lifts her onto one of the library tables.

"James," she freezes and looks up at him, "we're in a library… someone could walk in and…"

He grins cockily and she's reminded of how arrogant he can be, "take some risks Lil." Without waiting for a response, he pulls her skirt up to reveal black lace panties. His rough fingers circle her silky thighs just too far from the spot she really wants touched. She bucks a little, but he holds her firmly down. Enticingly slow, he grabs one side of her underwear and she hears the fabric rip and everything in her tightens.

He circles her sensitive bud slowly and then slips one finger inside of her wetness, pumping slowly and then fast. He adds another finger and she moans and grabs the edges of the table. Her fingers trace down the lines of his chest towards his pants. She unbuttons them and reaches inside. She feels herself becoming more aroused wrapping her hand around his cock. He's hard and smooth and big. Slowly stroking him from base to tip, she occupies her mouth with pecking his neck. His resulting groan vibrates to her core. In one swift movement, he removes his fingers, raises her up and enters her. She wraps her legs around his waist and he captures her cry of ecstasy with a kiss. He starts to move within her and she feels herself losing control. She cries out, repeating his name as his thrusts come faster. She could feel the blissful release coming. It was so close—

"LILY!" the voice startles her awake and she sits straight up. A rush of cold morning air invades her burning skin. James is standing by the foot of her bed, a big goofy grin planted on his ever handsome face. "Having a nice dream there Evans?"

The crimson blush explodes all over her face and she chucks a pillow at his smirking head. She huffs in aggravation and drops her head back down.

"Yes I actually fucking was. Merlin, why do you always have to ruin everything James?"

"Awww, I'm sorry Lil. If you're sex dreams aren't satisfying you, might I suggest the actual thing?" his voice was so sarcastic that Lily throws her only remaining pillow at him, "go fuck yourself Potter."

"Someone's in a bad mood," he laughs a throaty morning sound. She throws her legs over the side of the bed and stomps towards the connecting bathroom.

"Someone interrupted a nice dream," she snaps.

"Aww I'm sorry Lily," he actually does sound a little bad and she stops to look at him. His innocent expression morphs into one of childish mischief, "do you need some help relieving tension? I'd be more than willing to offer up my services."

Rather than allow the heat of her anger to overcome her, Lily smiles sweetly, "thanks for the offer James. I think I'll take care of it myself though." She watches with satisfaction as the smile drops from his face and he stares at her. His mouth is hanging slightly open and his eyes are clouded over. She slams the bathroom door in victory and chuckles evilly. Think about that Potter…

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