: A Beast Weeping
: Vampire Knight
: Kaito Takamiya / Maria Kurenai
/ : based after chapter 75
A / N : No, it's not canon, but I like it anyway. :p Also, I was just toying with this one-shot idea. It's very general. I didn't want too much interest from Kaito. I wanted him to be more of an observer that slowly acknowledges Maria as more than a beast in human form. He's still a bit in denial, though. ;)

.: A Beast Weeping :.

It's not like I'd expected it. There are many things in life that I'd been expecting, but this isn't one of them. She isn't one of them.

She's following him again, following like a little lovesick puppy. Her silvery eyes are two flickering orbs in the darkness. I'd not even thought to pay her any mind at first. She is one of them, a beast masquerading as one of us.

I don't know when my eyes started to find her of their own accord, when my thoughts would occasionally stray to her doll-like features and moon-colored hair. I would ignore it at first; I'd blame it on the boring scenery, or even my need to hunt her kind. That's why my eyes found her. Yes. I wanted to hunt her. That is what I am, a hunter.

She's talking to him again, her lilting voice humming her desires for him. I watch from a short distance, my arms folded over my chest and my dark eyes veiled by my mother's ash blonde hair. He remains silent, his expression masked and aloof. I can see the sadness behind the thin straight line of his lips and the remembrance of another face dancing in his eyes.

I shouldn't care. I don't care. Yeah. I don't care.A vampire hunter shouldn't care for a beast's feelings. Beasts like her don't feel. And yet, I can see the awareness twist her expression into one of bitter pain. The dull sting of realization, realization that her feelings are not returned… that in his eyes, he sees another face.

She stands rooted, her hands balled into fists at her sides. He watches her for a moment, his words low and almost inaudible. "I'm sorry." He's walking away, his shoulders drooped in exhaustion.

She does not speak. Her skin is smooth porcelain by the moonlight and her eyes are the glint of a blade. Alone. If her kind don't feel, then what is that dripping shyly from her eyes now? Saline sorrow.I bite my tongue. They are beasts… but somehow… the beast before me is weeping.

Suddenly, her head jerks in my direction. She hadn't known I was nearby. We stare at one another for an instant, moonlight slowly losing itself in the deep depths of emerald. Can a beast truly weep like that?Then, like the shattering clap of thunder, she breaks the spell and runs off into the shadows.

I exhale a breath I didn't realize I'd been holding. The memory of pain in her watery eyes burns into my mind, scarring. Can a beast truly weep like that? I violently push the thought away. I need to take a walk to clear my head. That's how this night started anyway…

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