Pairing → Kaito•Maria

Word Count → 116


Moonlight veiled by eventide silk—

She was waiting, quiet, doll-like,

Her silver hair caught in the wind

And her ocean eyes distant.


A vision of fairytale grandeur—

She looked as if some princess,

Her wandering gaze longing and wistful,

Those delicate digits clenching,

White-knuckled at her sides.

The words, ugly scars on her expression,



My words—my indifference, sharp and hateful.

It burns her, searing her supple cheeks,

I'd scarred that rosy flesh, that tender heart.

I can hear it, a steady drumming in the night,

A whispering song of confusion and hurt.

I was wrong.

Sweet doll…

Fairytale angel…

I was wrong.