"My dearest Harry", the letter began.

"Knowing you the way I do, you are blaming yourself to no end about my death. Know that it was not your fault".

A tear rolled down one Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived-to Save-the World's cheek. 'You have no idea' was the first thing that ran through his mind. 'But it WAS my fault! It should have been me not you, my love' Harry continued to read as he curled himself into an even tighter ball.

"I had a split second to make a choice and I know it was the right one. Do I regret the decision that I made? If it saved you then no, I have no regrets whatsoever; my only regret was that I had to make that decision at all". The boy wizard sobbed brokenly to himself, clutching his precious letter as his mind flashbacked to the last time he'd seen his love alive.

The final battle was here. In the distance you could see a damaged Hogwarts, the Divination tower on the north side of the castle had collapsed in on itself; the front gates were hanging off their hinges; bodies both wounded and dead littered the ground. Hermione had been behind Harry as they were running to help a wounded Order member, when she'd looked over her shoulder as she ran. Her eyes widened to see one of Voldemort's biggest supporters, Bellatrix Lestrange, pointing her wand at Harry's partially unprotected back, her mouth pronouncing those most feared words: "AVADA KEDAVRA!" As the jet of sickly green light raced towards her oblivious boyfriend's back, Hermione didn't think, she only acted. She dashed forward and threw herself into his muscular back, knocking him out of the curse's way. Harry, having no idea what was wrong, turned back towards his girlfriend concern instantly turning to panic as he took in the scene.

"I wish it hadn't happened. I wish it with all my heart. Ever since the day you first told me you loved me, I've had dreams of getting married and growing old with you. We would have two kids: one boy we would have named James Sirius with his father's messy black hair and electric green eyes and a little girl we might've named Lily Jane, with black hair and hazel eyes. She would've definitely have been daddy's little girl".

Harry smiled through his tears at his girlfriend's description of what she had dreamed their children would have been like. 'If only it could've happened that way. I would have given anything and everything I had in order to be able to take her place. WHY couldn't it had been me!'

"Also knowing you, in addition to blaming yourself, you'll withdraw from everyone and not let anyone in too close, not letting yourself love again. But here's the thing: I'm letting you have the chance to love again. We were each other's first love and first relationship; you will always be my first but I'm giving you permission- when you feel able- to go out and find love again. Maybe it won't happen right away but I do hope that you end up with someone who loves you, just as much as I do. I love you Harry James Potter, until the end of time. Always remember that. Until we meet again someday.

Love, Hermione"

Suddenly a gentle and comforting hand landed on Harry's right shoulder. "Harry? Are you alright?" Harry recognized Ginny's voice. He turned slowly to face her causing her hand to fall from his shoulder. Looking past her, Harry saw his other best friend and Ginny's older brother, Ron. "Alright mate?" Harry looked at them both and smiling sadly, tears still falling gently down his face, and nodded. "Let's go home guys".