Zoro in wonderland

Zoro: WHA? I'm too young to die!—and I don't want to stay here forever!(Sees cards about to attack him) Well, this is sad…to watch!(Sticks hands in pockets and looks down in surprise when he notices something in his pockets) What is this in my pockets?... Hey, it's the pieces of mushroom I saved when I was smaller…Now, if I remember correctly… this side should be the side to get me bigger…(eats one side in hopes that he gets bigger)(to self)I can't believe I am doing this!

Sanji: Agh, he's starting to grow again! Make a barrier so he won't escape!

Zoro: (immediate action as cards covers him. He hits hard due to the speed of his change of size!) Ouch! That's sooner than I thought! (Outside the barrier, we see the cards throbbing because of Zoro's still changing size.) heh, so they are making a barrier so that I won't grow any more… well that won't last long.

Sanji: heheh

Zoro: (suddenly bursts out) why you little…(really mad face)(cards fly uncontrollably)

Sanji: ah! He broke through!

Zoro: (gets in sanji's face, like really close. And MAD.)WELL DUH! (to narrator) So, how do I get out of here?

Narrator: um… well once you're big enough, you can go through that door.

Zoro: (looks around) What door—(sees a huge door) oh THAT door!(feeling strange) I feel as if I'm over my limit in size!(stretching strangly)

Narrator: well maybe you are growing back to your original hight zoro!

Zoro: Wha? So I've been tiny all this time?

Narrator: seems that way…(cards pile up to zoro's size)

Zoro: It seems as if the cards are making another barrier. Now, where is that door?(sees it) AH! There it is, just the right size! OUTTA MY WAY!(stomps to door pushing cards easily out of the way) I'm so out of here! (takes swords out) ONI-…


Sanji's washing dishes

Robin:Hm.. I wonder where bushido san is?

Sanji: oh he's most likely lifting weights somewhere…(to self) in wonderland!

Zoro: (crashing in) GIRI! (huffing and puffing)

Sanji: so how was it? I see you've survived!

Zoro:(Really MAD) I'm going to hurt you REAL bad, CURLYFACE!

Robin: What happened now?

Zoro: He sent me to a weird place!

Sanji: I wanted to see how he liked the ability to change sizes!

Zoro: I hated all of it!

Sanji: At least you kept your personality, mostly…

Zoro: When was I not?

Sanji: Painting with cards?

Zoro: it was required…


Zoro: The book was my 'ticket' out! You did it on purpose!

Sanji: I had my fun…

Zoro: grrr…

The end…

Spoilers: next is Sanji in Wonderland… the idea of Zoro Travels might be available, review this and all others… this was my first one…