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Chap. 20: Five- Loved

I couldn't stop staring at Two…all along she was…Blossom Utonium. The girl I killed…the girl of my dreams (literally)…she was both the little confident heroine and the fearless rebel.

I was dumbfounded and awestruck.

"Arrest the redhead rogue!" the Mistress shouted at the demons that began closing in on Two. She narrowed her eyes and took out knives. She wasn't going down without a fight but she paled as she realized that she wasn't in the best situation.

"NO!" I yelled and began kicking the demon that held me. He groaned and I quickly grabbed my gun and shoot him. He fell and disappeared. The evil leader girl, Berserk looked at me as if she wanted to kill me. I began shooting the demons that were surrounding Two (I still couldn't think of her as Blossom Utonium) yet we being surrounded by an army of demons and the Mistress and her group. I began shooting at the demons that were holding Three, Four, Six and Seven. I looked around but Ace was nowhere to be found.

"Why you want me?" I heard Two growl at the Mistress as she held her hands. The Mistress's eyes twinkled.

"Because you belong with us, Blossom Utonium." She said as she pointed at Berserk, Brute and Brat.

"They are the children of Chemical X as well."

"I do not belong with you." Two said dangerously. "If you forgot I use to fight for good." She said and winced as she remembered. I swallowed nervously but I could tell the demons weren't attacking any time soon. Three and Four looked at each other nervously. Something about them seemed familiar too…

"But you failed miserably." The Mistress said with a sly grin. "You were forced to call yourself another name,"

"Shut-" Two began but the Mistress cut her off.

"You were forced to hide in the Red Region which,"


"Belonged to your defeater…Brick Jojo." She said and I narrowed my eyes. The Mistress didn't know how much I suffered, how much I gave up, how I lost my best friend in the entire world but she knew with too much clarity how I hurt (or destroyed) Blossom.

"Two," I began but she was staring (dumbfounded) at the Mistress. "TWO!" I yelled and she looked at me. "You don't belong with her," I began and her eyes started to tear. "You belong with us, with Three, Four…"

"Do all of you have numbers?" Brute snapped. I saw Three roll her eyes.

"What about me?" I asked and she swallowed. The Mistress took up on her hesitation.

"Come with us Blossom, and together we can hunt down the Rowdy Ruff boys and make them pay, especially what Brick Jojo did to you." The Mistress said. I paled, if there was something Two wanted more than stay with her rebels was to make Brick Jojo (or me) pay for what he nearly did.

I had to make an end to it. Berserk narrowed her eyes at Blossom and I got the idea that she wasn't too happy with the idea of Blossom joining.

"Two," I said and she turned at me. "I love you, I always did." I said and her eyes began to tear.

"Five…" she whispered softly. Three and Four looked at her like they were hit with a hot frying pan. Six and Seven looked at me, their expressions shocked. "You know who I really am now…how can you love me?"

"I-I…" I stammered. "…because I am Brick Jojo." I confessed. Suddenly I saw Berserk coming towards Two as she looked at me, her expressions changing from pure hate to sadness. I quickly made a laser beam and Berserk cried in agony as the heat burnt her. I felt my contacts melting and my crimson red eyes supported my claim.

"You…" Two began and then her eyes looked like pink flames. "You are Brick Jojo?" she growled dangerously. I stood my ground and nodded. She cried out in anger and she began punching me. She began cursing at me but then she fell into my arms. "I can't hate you," she cried defeated. "I never could."

"Touching," the Mistress sneered as blood drip my mouth (Two did had a strong fist in case you didn't know). "But I am still here." She said and turned towards Brute and Brat. "You may have taken down my demons and Berserk but you forgot about…"

Suddenly there were three shots.

"I wouldn't say that." Three growled as the Mistress looked at her bleeding abdomen. Brute fell and Brat fallowed.

"Pay back," Six and Seven growled as the Mistress, Berserk, Brute and Brat died.

"Finally," Four grumbled as she closed her eyes. When she opened them I saw a pair of baby blue eyes. Bubbles, I realized. Three grunted in agreement and her eyes were no longer violet but clear green. Buttercup, I thought. Six and Seven grinned as they took out their contacts and they became my brothers once again.

"We're back together," I said softly as I helped Blossom stand. She laughed.

"At last." she agreed as I kissed her and held her tight next to me where I vowed she was never going to leave.

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