Third chapter…I am screaming with excitement! XD


Chap 3: Remembered

I couldn't tell how far we ran, the tunnels seemed to go on forever but she didn't seem tired. She was running like she was trying to win a marathon! After I while I stopped.

"Five?" Two asked. She sprinted towards me.

"Perhaps we should stop?" I asked her. She raised her red eyebrow.

"I thought you were doing well but as you wish." She said and sat. I sighed with relief. She took out a flashlight and pointed it towards the ceiling. She sighed and lay down.

"I thought you weren't tired." I mumbled as I lay down too. She chuckled.

"I am human." She said but I heard a soft wince. "I am human." She whispered. I detected sadness in her voice. I didn't want to ask her (in case she puts that knife in my throat again) so I stayed silent. After a while I fell in a deep sleep.

"Give it back!" I heard her cry. I laughed.

"No way Pinky!" I said as she chased me on foot. Why fly when we could act normal for a change? She finally caught up to me and kicked me.

"Ow!" I faked to fall. She rolled her pink eyes but laughed.

"Why are you boys so stupid?" she teased as she took her red bow away from me.

"Why are girls icky?" I said in my five-year old voice.

"You're icky!" she shot back in her high pitched five-year old voice.

"No, you!"

"You." She said and managed to take my favorite red cap from head.

"Hey!" I cried as she took off. At first we were running but then she started to fly.

"You got to catch me!" she mocked as she flew towards the sky.

"Count on it Pinky." I said as I fallowed her. She laughed.

I woke up with a start. It wasn't possible…I haven't thought in Pin- Blossom for years. Suddenly I remember her…the way she had her chin up whenever I annoyed her, or when she rolled her pink eyes or when she used to mock me. It was all coming back. Even when we defeated them (or kill them)

"Wake up." Two whispered. I looked at her and she grinned a bit. I got to say she was so beautiful and amazing! She was mysterious but caring well to my knowledge she was (wasn't I the living proof of that?) "Stop drooling." She grumbled. "You are messing up my pillow." I don't know why but my face went red. Thankfully she pointed the flashlight in the opposite way. "So this is the plan," she began as she took out a map revealing a whole network of tunnels. "We have to leave the Red Region since a little boy I know couldn't mislead a couple of monsters…"

"I am not little!" I complained and for some reason she laughed. "And I am not boy."

"Fine whatever." She said as she showed me the map. "I was thinking to either go to the Green Region or the Blue Region. Which one should we go to?" she asked me.

"Blue Region," I said and she nodded. Boomer hardly ever sent guards there unlike me (mostly me) and Butch. But then I remember why I was here and not in my penthouse…we didn't rule anymore. So the Mistress must have changed things. She got up and took her bag. "You need any help Two?" I asked. She rolled her eyes and it made me remember Blossom again.

"I been on my own for 11 years and now I have help." She grumbled as she began walking. I rolled my eyes…she was so annoying. I wonder why she was so mysterious and then what she told me, your one of us, really got to me. What others? Was there more rebels?

"How many of you-"

"Rebels?" she asked and I nodded. "Not many I know 2 at least but they live in different Regions. We separated a long time ago." She mumbled and by the bitter edge of her tone I think I was the cause of that.

"That's it?" I asked. Two rolled her eyes. (When did she not do that?)

"Perhaps they had better luck in finding others…it is hard though, with all those robots and now the demons."

"You know about them?" I asked.

"Of course I know, where you think I get my supplies?" she asked. I shrugged and she sighed. "I been hiding of course," she said in a low voice as if hiding from shame itself. "But I trained…I learned how to run quickly and quietly," she said and then I realize that's why I didn't notice her until she killed the demon. "I learned how to fight on my own but I did have some practice with those demon things that get a little too close to my hideout or to me."

"You did a good job then." I said but she growled.

"I will have my revenge though."