Crime is passion
Gallagher girls heist society crossover

A/N this story is set after Uncommon criminals and Kat is now 16 and every one else in her team is 17. Italics is Russian bold is letter's or notes unless in brackets then Author's Notes.

Chapter 2

You can't wash away fears like you can blood sweat and tears.

Katarina Bishop P.O.V

Venice Italy

Three days before the heist.

opening my eyes and looked at the clock besides me it's 6:00 am. Moving the covers off me shivering slightly as I do so. I look over at Gabrielle who looks like sleeping beauty sighing at the sight as I probably look like Frankenstein's bride. Walking in to the bathroom I see that my assumption had been correct. hopping in the shower I attempt to wash away the fears that consume me away the key word in my sentence being attempt as in I failed Because you can't wash away fears like you can wash away blood sweat and tears. Heading out of my room my hair in a pony tail in a black tank top and denim shorts that where far too short. Now I obviously wouldn't normally where this but Gabby had packed for me. I walked into the kitchen and Hale was looking in the fridge. He looked up at me.
"Morning Kitty Kat."
"Morning" I said walking into the pantry as I said it Hale grabbed me from behind. Gently pulling me towards him. kissing the crook of my neck.
Whispering in my ear "What no good morning kiss" I quickly turn around kissing him on gently on both cheeks and finally kissing him on the lips passionately combing my fingers threw his hair as I did so.
"That a good enough good morning for you." I said in an obviously sarcastic tone.
"Better than I ever could have hoped for" I blushed gently as he put his thumbs in my back pockets

"there's nothing good in the fridge do you want to go out get some breakfast, we can act like to ordinary teenagers in Venice even though we will never be ordinary as we are international art thieves."
"yea I'd love to" Hale looked so happy when I said this
"you look beautiful by the way" blushing even more than I already was I smiled
"Thanks, Gabby packed for me so yea"
"Come on Kitty Kat lets go"
"wait we have to leave the others a note so they know why we are gone"
I left them a note

hey guys Hale and I gone out to get some breakfast

will be back when ever

signed Kat

Hale grabbed my hand and ran with me out of the hotel and into the empty street (it was only 7 am) we grabbed some coffee and pastry's from a local bakery and shocked everyone who thought we were American when we spoke in Italian with accents from Florence got a small lecture from the owners mother about how I was dressed like an American and should dress like and Italian. Me and hale went everywhere he got a fancy ass camera that you could adjust shutter speed and all that crap. He took about a million photos of me and important buildings me in front of important buildings us in front of buildings we laughed and joked and smiled Hales arm was around me 98% of the time it was so nice knowing he would catch me if I fall (not that I would) I felt safe and at home I had never had someone that was there for me. I mean sure I have dad and Uncle Eddie but with them there was always some job they needed help on but Hale just wanted to be there for me. To make me smile. To make me happy and he asked for nothing in return it was so sweet and with his arm around me I knew no one would hurt me he wouldn't let them I was safe.

When we walked into the hotel room that awkward silence filled the room that happens whenever me and Hale do something together(I wonder if that will happen with Simon and Gabs)
"okay now mommy and daddy are back we should get to work" Simon said saving us I silently thanked him. Hales arm was still wrapped around my waist together we walked over to the spare sofa and sat down. What happened next was slightly shocking I still don't know what came over me I Lent on Hale and whipped my feet swiftly onto the sofa in a Gabriella like move. Now you may say what's the big deal as I have been making-out with him all morning but remember yesterday I moved a mile away from him in front of my family and I hadn't seen him in 3 weeks everyone knew we were going out but we weren't exactly publicly showing affection or any affection being shown in front of the family so leaning on him with his hand resting gently on my stomach was shocking. Hamish and Angus looked like they were about to fall out of there seat Simon just looked like he was not expecting it Gabriella just smiled brightly.

"So when who how and why, Gabriella go"
"When three days time Monday 4Th 11:05. This gives us plenty of time to plan and two days after it goes to a museum. It also has the easiest guards and an hour to get in and get out .
Who Simon and i suggest you we need someone smaller than Simon Me and You with good Martial arts skills which means you. How you already know. Why it's the HOPE DIAMOND and rightfully belongs to Norman Ross."
"What equipment do we need, Bagshaws Go."
"Turtle Dove Cutters, Military grade Cord, Abseiling equipment, jumbler wheels, Neapolitan patches, Fix it Send, mini concrete, wood, paint and wallpaper"
"Price Simon Go"
"1.2 million but we can re-use allot of it"
"Hale wallet"
"Sure" hale handed me his wallet and pointed to a card up the "The top one has the right amount on it."
"Thanks" I took out the card and handed it to the boys "Only buy equipment and of good quality"
"of course Kat we wouldn't do anything else"
"You know where to get the stuff"
"of course we do who do you think we are?"
"Fine Simon do everything you can now. Gabriella you can do whatever till the boys get back. Boys go shopping then come back the second you get them. Go" The Bagshaws walked out Simon grabbed a laptop and started working
"I'm going shopping " Gabriella said walking out
"do you want to watch T.V in the other room?"Hale asked
"Sure" We got up and left waking into the other rooms we put Castle on Hale loves his castle I sat between his legs leaning against his chest It was surprisingly comfortable
Hale pressed pause we were in the middle of the third episode of the first series and it was in the middle of a good bit.
"What's wrong Kitty Kat?"
"Nothing Hale I'm Fine" I managed to say it fine the lie was easy but I couldn't stop the tears building up in my eyes. Hale picked me up and lifted me on to his waist and spun me around so he could look me in the eye's i smiled lightly but a tear still rolled down my cheek.
"Kitty Kat you are on the brink of tears you are not fine" I leaned into his chest. "Where have you been the last few weeks"
"I heard a rumour and I went to investigate it." I said between sobs hales shirt was slightly wet now.
"What was the rumour?"
"That Taccone was out" Hale held me tightly to his chest
"Is it true" I lifted my head and looked into his eyes nodding
"and he has already put a 100 million dollar bounty on my head wanted alive.I don't want to know what will happen if he gets me."
"Kitty Kat you're not safe you need guards protection I want you to be safe enough so no one can get to you is that clear. Kitty Kat please tell me uncle Eddie knows your Dad They're protecting you aren't they?" Hale was pleading with me but all I could do was shake my head and sob
"You are the only one that knows Hale" and lean into his chest again he just held me tighter.
"OK you know what you are going to call your dad and Uncle Eddie after this job and you are going to come and stay at my home you already practically live there anyway then we are going to add even more security you are going to stay there and the family will sort out the problem you understand"
"I'm scared Hale and being scared scares me even more."
"I will protect you Kitty Kat and there is nothing you can do to stop that."
"Good" Hale lifted up my face and wiped the tears out of my eye's
"Why didn't you tell me sooner?"
"I didn't want to hurt you I didn't want to worry you"
"I love you Kitty Kat so next time worry"
"I love you to Hale and you know what i just might" Hale's had pulled me closer to him and we kissed for what seemed like seconds but in reality was two minutes and 35 seconds until we broke apart to the sound of Gabriella walking in.
"Hey guys sorry to interrupt this little love fest but Simon finished his work so we are going out. I bought you a beautiful dress and it's with your stuff Kat."
"thanks Gabby and go and enjoy yourself."
"I'm not finished yet. Get some cucumber to put on your eye's it will make it look like you haven't been crying considering you and Hale were just making out I'm guessing it wasn't him but be warned Uncle Bobby won't be the only one that beats you to a pulp if you hurt Kat."
"I'll remember that Gabriella." Hale said
" Good. Uncle Eddie called it has been decided you are second in command Kat so yes your are the boss and you already were even if you denied it. Finally the Bagshaws will be here in 20 minutes so here is some cucumber. Bye." then she walked to the fridge a grabbed a bowl of freshly cut cucumbers and passed it to me. Then she walked out.
"I'm second in command wow" Hale grabbed two piece of cucumber and laid me down on his chest and put them on my eyes.
"Well done you totally deserve it."
"thanks" we sat there in silence thinking through everything we knew.
Exactly 18 minutes and 25 seconds later i heard the boys so i removed the cucumber from my eyes and ate them just in time for the boys not to notice.
"Hey Kat Hale we are done shopping the stuffs on the table and well done second in command."
"OK you can go out if you want."
"cool bye"

"card." Hale said
"Damn it" Angus said as he handed Hale the card and walked out. Hale got up and grabbed the phone
"What do you want for tea?"
"I don't know you choose."
"Room service?-Good -yea I'll have one Pizza misfiled one spaghetti Bologna's and one of every dessert you have. So it will be up in an hour cool."
"So room service."
"You didn't think I was going to let you out for dinner when your wanted now did you?"
"No but still you didn't have to stay in."
"Please tell me you didn't expect me to go out."
"Oh I thought I'd have to force you but I still think you should have fun."
"Oh I will be having plenty of fun just with you."
"OK then put Castle back on." he instantly did as he was told. Putting Castle back on. I must have fallen asleep because an hour later I woke up to. Hale trying to get up without waking me very difficult considering my head was on his chest and I was wrapped in his arms.
"Hello sleepy head."
"Hello what's happening?"
"I heard a knock at the door so stay here." Hale got up and soon came in followed by 3 ladies in traditional maids outfits Pushing food carts they put them on the table while flirting with Hale I felt slightly threatened considering they were in their early 20's and beautiful.

Then Hales said " Room service is served Kitty Kat" and pulled me up and into his arms he knew I felt threatened and wanted to show me he wasn't going anywhere. The maids instantly looked disappointed and I giggled slightly I couldn't help it.
"well Kitty Kat let's eat" I did as I was told grabbed a slice of Pizza and a glass of Chardonnay and ate and ate when we finally got to dessert all I saw was chocolate cakes and chocolate fondue cheesecakes more chocolate. I was in heaven." Hale fed me piece of chocolate case and it was so sweet. we ate we laughed we watched T.V and I fell asleep(again) in Hales arms. I was woken up by a whisper scream.
"Hale put her in her bed now. I'll be in there in ten so you better be gone by then." I felt Hales strong arms pick me up bridal style. I opened my eyes and saw Hales beautiful smile.
"You really are tired Kitty Kat."
"Jet lag" I said wrapping me up around his neck
"Yea what country where you in?"
"Nice this time of year?"
"Not really."
"You look so peaceful when you sleep you know?"
"no I didn't." we got to my room and hale put me down
"Goodnight Kitty Kat."
"Night hale" I said wrapping my arms around his neck kissing him. He smiled and walked out.

I got changed in my pyjama's brushed my teeth and had a shower. This time my fears where less but still didn't wash away like blood sweat and tears' went back into the room where Gabriella was in a small little night dress gliding into the bathroom. I brushed my hair like my mom used to and thought of what she used to say. Blood sweat and tears are because of fears but fears unlike blood sweat and tears don't wash away they slowly eat you from the inside out until you do something to stop them. Katarina my darling don't let them eat you tell me and your father and we will help take them away. Telling Hale had really helped. I hoped into bed and began to hope my mother would be proud of me she would wouldn't she doing what was right? I hope. Being second in command. really I need to talk to my Dad."